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January Month

Nature Club In-House Camp

Nature club in-house camp was held on 25th& 26th January2020. Children from VI to IX participated.

Insect Hunt

The first session was by Mr. Poochi Venkat, a well known insect lover fondly known as Poochi Venkat.

He started the session on how the color of clothes affected the environment..He suggested children to wear dark green or brown dress next time while trecking or during insect hunt. He briefed us on what we should do while hunting insects. Insect hunt started around 8.15 pm. The area selected for insect hunt was the KG block. Everyone started to delve deep into the fascinating world of creatures. We located different types of spiders, dome web spider, fibanoacci spider, crab spider both male and female, locusts, praying mantis, wasps and bugs, African snail, garden lizard, so many tiny insects and the list was endless. He also said that the ecosystem is well maintained which attract lots of insects.

He also explained the why, what and how of the behavior of insects. Insect hunt came to a halt around 9.15pm though their hearts urged them to stay on for some more time. He did a review of the entire hunt and asked children to draw and colour the insects which they had seen and had asked them to explore the word 'Bio pose'.

The session not only taught us about insects, but also fearlessness, patience and understanding of the sensitivity of insects. The entire insect hunt instilled a respect for small creatures and built curiosity to gain more knowledge and learn values from them.

Nature Club In-House Camp Nature Club In-House Camp
Nature Club In-House Camp Nature Club In-House Camp

Collage on nature

Students were divided into ten teams, each team consisting of five members. Students actively participated in making a collage on nature on Saturday 25/01/2020. The collage prepared by the students explained nature and the importance of conserving nature.

On 26/01/2020, all the ten teams presented the collage and explained about the collage in detail.

A short speech was given by Ms. Sree Vidya about nature and how to conserve nature.

Resin moulding(Bio lab)

All the students of class VI to IX participated in this game.

Teacher participants of this game: GA, VE, KSN,KP,SK, Students were guided to collect samples of flowers, leaves and insects. Later they are divided into ten teams, each team consisting of five members and they were given materials and solution to cast/mould the samples and kept it for drying. Students enjoyed this activity and happy to see their moulded sample which can be useful for any purpose(showpiece, paper weight, etc…)

Bird Watching

Teacher participants of the activity: GA, UM, DD, KSN, KP, SK On 26.01.2020 at 6.00 am, Mr. Ravishankar was invited to the camp to brief the students about Bird watching. He initiated the session with various thought provoking question and share his experience in Bird watching. He shared facts about 'Sambar lake' and also explained how bird watching could contribute for scientific studies. He briefed the students on how and when students could do bird watching, and then students were accompanied by Mr. Ravishankar and our teachers for bird watching. During the session students clarified their doubts regarding few birds which they spotted in the campus.

Treasure hunt

All the students of class VI to IX participated in this game.

Teacher participants of this game: G. Arun, Mr. Shankar, Sree Vidya. Swetha (president of nature club), Vino Christy of XII B and Senthil Nathan of class IX A –helped to organize this game in a successful manner.

The game started from the AV Hall, teachers had the clues with them and they were located in different places within the school. The teachers had the twisty clues and task which will help the participants of this game to reach the treasure. The participants had to locate the place where the teachers were standing with the clues. Students enjoyed this game as it was very interesting and the clues were very twisty and difficult for the participants to locate.

Scouts and Guides – 'Backwoods Cooking'

Backwoods cooking is a life skill activity conducted in Scouts and Guides movement. On completing this activity scouts and guides will become eligible to earn 'Cook Badge' - one of the most proficiency badges to qualify themselves in order to take up the Rajyapuraskar (Governor Award) test.

On 21st January 2020, Backwoods Cooking activity was conducted by our Scout Masters (Mr. K. Ravikumar and Mrs. N. Durgadevi) and Guide Captain (Mrs. S. Kamakshi) for the Scouts and guides of classes VI to VIII. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and prepared delicious dishes without the use of fire. They showcased their creative and cookery skills by plating the food in an attractive manner. The joy of sharing and caring for each other was evident during the activity.

Report on Little Drops

Little drops hygiene for health trust conducted an Inter School Competition for different levels (classes IV- IX) at Kailash Mahal in Ambattur on 10.01.2020 in various events like Drawing, Oratorical competition in Tamil and English, Power point presentation and Skit .The following students were escorted by two teachers, Mrs. Mrs. Kamatchi and Ms. Bagiya Lakshmi for the competition in various events.

Name Class & Sec Competition
Kishaanth S IV - B Drawing
Sujitha S V - B Drawing
Aparna Raghavan V - B English Oration
Jananee K VI- B English Oration
Krishna Alagappan K IV - A Tamil Oration
Sharvy Shree S VII - A Tamil Oration
Gitanjali R VII - A Tamil Oration
Pranav A V IX - B Power Point Presentation
Ahamed Aahil IX - B Power Point Presentation
Thiyagarajaa P K VIII - B Skit
Thirusarabesh S S VIII - B Skit
Sandeep Prince VIII - B Skit
Mithra S VII - A Skit
Mohnish Priyan VI - B Skit
Anjana S VI - A Skit

Our students participated with full enthusiasm and secured many prizes.Kishaanth of IV – A received second place in Drawing, Krishna Alagappan K of IV- B secured Second Prize in Tamil oration, Gitanjali of VII A received Third Prize in Tamil Oration and Thiyagarajaa P K of VIII- B, Thirusarabesh S S of VIII- B, Sandeep Prince of VIII- B, Mithra S of VII- A, Mohnish Priyan of VI- B and Anjana S of VI- A won the Third prize in Skit performance and brought laurels to our school.

Participants were encouraged and motivated and received special gifts along with participation certificates and Saplings.

G.K Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya Competition

G.K Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya conducted inter school competitions in commemoration of Swami Vivekananda Jayanthi on 10.01.2020. Students from classes 2nd to 11th participated in various events and bagged many prizes.

Vivekananda Vidyalaya Competition Vivekananda Vidyalaya Competition

'Open House' Project - Latest Technology At Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Thandalam

"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow"

The students of class IX had an opportunity to explore the project 'OPEN HOUSE' an exposition on using latest technology at Rajalakshmi Engineering College on 06/01/2020.

They visited various departments like ECE, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering Mechatronics and Food Department and gained knowledge on Blood sampling, removal of toxic dyes from effluents, DNA finger printing, Mechanism of Enzyme action, Automated Railway gates, usage of IR sensors to prevent accidents, future robotic citizens, production of hydrogen, Sunscreen soap, Sewage treatment plant, simple distillation, Kjeldahl apparatus, pH meter, photo electric colourimeter.

The students were enthralled about the logic behind the complex machinery used in various projects.

At the end of the day, children returned with the thought "Exploration is the engine that drives innovation".

The knowledge and inspiration acquired by the students will help them think better and come up with innovative ideas in future.

Open House Project Open House Project