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October Month

IIT - Workshop

A two day workshop was conducted by IIT Madras on 19/10 and 20/10/2019. Fifteen students participated.

Day 1: The workshop conducted a quiz and there was a model making competition.

Day 2: Students learnt the concept of 6 Hats Explained by Prof Shiv Subramaniam which threw light on 'analyzing' and 'creativity.' This was followed by a show on usage of Drones created by the IItians. They had the opportunity of meeting TI alumni Master Hariprasad doing his 3rd engineering and this motivated the students.

IIT Workshop IIT Workshop

Water - The Story So Far

A two-day symposium was organized by 'The School' Krishnamoorthy Foundation India on topic – Water - The story so far. The symposium was organized on 30.10.2019 and 31.10.2019.

Water is the most important resource on this planet. World over, this resource has slowly been depleting due to various reasons, most of them, caused by man.

In this symposium, the focus was on the water situation closer home, in our own city- Chennai. For the past few years, we have seen and experienced how water has increasingly become a precious commodity. Our own water bodies have slowly disappeared over time, or have gone dry or become landfills for the ever growing garbage due to the increasing population of the city. The quality of surface as well as ground water has also deteriorated. Indiscriminate construction over land that was once a lake or a marshland have brought to fore associated problems of flooding and water stagnation in these low-lying areas.

It is the truth of today's times that our city, that had a number of fresh water bodies a few decades ago, now finds them abandoned or on the verge of abandonment. We all use this resource in our daily lives in various ways, and therefore it is important to acknowledge this critical situation by examining its presence in our immediate environment. This symposium was organized as a step towards understanding this 'story.' Several other schools participated.

As part of the symposium 10 students from class IX had undertaken a study of Korattur lake.

The study included its geographical extent, encroachments, usability of water, exploitation of lake dumping of garbage and letting in sewage and untreated chemical effluents from industries. The students included the history of the lake, the ecosystem around the lake - animals, plants, birds and human presence. The same was presented during the symposium on day 1.

Around 10 schools participated in the symposium and their[presentation centred on' water bodies' in Chennai. Following the presentation there was a screening of a film on water shortage in the city of Peru and a group discussion ensued on the film.

On day 2 there was a session by a freelance journalist and a social activist Mr. NityanandJayaram on water crisis followed by a small group discussion on articles based on water- conservation, resources and related issues. The students also made a collage on water crisis. The collage works were displayed and discussed.

Photos: Visit to Korattur lake. Students explore and interact with locals to understand better.

Water - The Story So Far Water - The Story So Far
Water - The Story So Far Water - The Story So Far

Ignite 3 : Workshop By IIT

Fifteen children of class IX to XII from our school participated in 'Ignite 3', a science workshop and quiz competition organized by IIT – Madras.

Day1 (19.10.19):

Day 1 started with registration and inauguration. Class 9, 10 and 11, 12 were grouped separately. The students participated in quiz competition, LogicX sessions which kindled their logical thinking skills. Post lunch they had 'junior makeathon' to bring out their creativity. Students were grouped with other school participants which encouraged the students to share knowledge and ideas. The students found the session very useful and informative.

Day2 (20.10.19):

Day 2 started with a lecture on 6 hats to analyze, to research, to collect information on any issue or topic. Mr. Shiv Subramaninan enlightened the children with 6 hats denoting 6 different colors which oriented towards creative thinking and mind mapping. A volunteer was called from the group to re-call the learning of the day which was done by a TI student Shreedevi Govindharajan. This was followed by a session on supply chain management through a simple game by M.E. students of IIT. After the lunch break it was followed by an aero drone show. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session as it was very interactive.

Fruit Salad Activity

Fruits are important source of many nutrients. Hence the fruit salad activity was done to highlight the importance of consuming fruits as part of a regular diet to live a healthy life. The fruit salad activity was held on 10th October 2019, Thursday for LKG. The teacher demonstrated the method of preparing fruit salad and spoke about the benefits of eating fruits. Our tiny tots showed eagerness in involving themselves in the activity and helped the teacher in mixing the fruits. They were able to identify the fruits, their colour and texture and were encouraged to talk about their favourite fruit in turns. There was much excitement as they ate the fruit salad along with their friends and teachers.

Fruit Salad Activity Fruit Salad Activity
Fruit Salad Activity