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September Month


The Sandwich Activity for Upper Kindergarten was conducted on 24.09.21 through Microsoft Teams. Eighty students of UKG participated in the activity.

Development of Life Skills that help in enhancement of self confidence and self esteem within a child was the objective of this activity and students participated with interest and enthusiasm.

Students prepared a vegetable sandwich by following the instructions given by the teacher. They were introduced to a range of basic cooking skills like peeling, chopping vegetables, spreading butter, sprinkling salt and pepper. Parents extended support and co operation through out the session.

Sandwich Activity

Nature Club Activity

The students of nature club from class VI to IX participated in preparing compost from kitchen wastes and creating awareness regarding importance of segregation of wastes. Teachers demonstrated the preparation of compost from kitchen wastes which could be utilised as manure for plants. Raja Vignesh of class VII shared a video on preparation of kitchen compost and how he used the same as manure for the plants in his garden. Students were motivated to collect data of dry and wet wastes produced in their neighbourhood.

Students understood the importance of segregation of wastes, manage the kitchen wastes and to prepare kitchen compost.

Nature Club Activity Nature Club Activity
Nature Club Activity Nature Club Activity

Fruit Salad Activity - LKG

The Fruit Salad activity for Lower Kindergarten was conducted on 17.09.21 through Microsoft Teams.

The activity started with a brief talk by the class teachers about fruits (colour, taste, texture, nutrients) and the health benefits of consuming fruits. A game 'Guess the fruit' was conducted. The children identified fruits using clues given by the teachers. Teachers demonstrated washing, cutting and mixing of fruits to make a salad. Simple and step by step instructions were given to children to do the activity along with the teacher. A song (This is the way I wash the fruits…) was sung by the teachers while making the salad.

Pasting pictures of fruits in the scrapbook was assigned as Home work.

Fruit Salad Activity - LKG Fruit Salad Activity - LKG
Fruit Salad Activity - LKG

A Report on Junior Art Club

The Junior Art Club was conducted on 2/9/2021 and 7/9/21 from 2:30 pm. to 3:15pm. for Grades 5 & 4 under the topic 'Making Pom Pom'.

The sessions began with the introduction of the Objectives of the day's activity and the ways to make a Pom Pom. A Video was shared on making a Pom Pom and teachers demonstrated the making of the same and ideas were discussed on the usage of the decorative item made. Links to videos showing various other ways to make a Pom Pom was shared.

A Report on Junior Art Club A Report on Junior Art Club