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March Month

Math Origami - Math department activity for classes VI to VIII

The department of mathematics conducted the activity 'Math-Origami' for the students of classes VI to VIII to instigate the math skills and concepts that are inherent in Origami.The activity was conducted online through Microsoft teams platform for 4 days(10th,11th , 14th and 15th of March 2022.)

The students were asked to focus on making models during the half yearly holidays. Students made models, prepared multimedia presentation which included the preparation of models and presented to the group of students from classes VI to VIII.

The activity helped participants to come up with a lot of creativity and math skills including spatial visualization,intersecting planes,area and volume,mirror images,symmetry and many more.There were able to identify and learn the transformation of shapes and the mathematical concepts behind it.The models included were platonic solids like cube,octohedron,dodecahedron,modular origami including the shapes of swan,heart,pigeon,dragon and other structures, Transforming Octagon,articulated snake and anti stress Origami toys.It was astounding that the students were able to collaborate their skills in computer science such as graphics,audios and videos.

Mrs. MaryBennette,Head,Secondary and Higher Secondary Section inaugurated the meeting and welcomed the gathering.Mr. Ravi Kumar, Mrs.Uma,Mrs.Kamakshi, Mrs. Vidhya Perichiappan,Miss.Reena and Mr. Arun observered the events. They appreciated the participants and shared valuable feedback. Mrs. Sreelatha, Co-ordinator, Middle school delivered the vote of thanks and appreciated the students' work.

The department of mathematics thanked our Principal and Management for providing this opportunity to explore the Japanese art 'Origami' which is obviously geometric in nature.

Math Origami Math Origami