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November Month

Geography Talent Test

Association of Geography Teachers of India conducted Geography Talent Test on 1st Sep 2017.

Manish Kumar V won the Golden Jubilee Prize at the Junior Level and Aditya Sai S D of class IX won the Golden Jubilee Award at the Senior Level.

The award ceremony was held on 18th Nov 2017 at Children's Garden School, Mylapore. They received the award from Ms. Shoba Raman, Principal, Vidya Mandir School.

Safety Science Quiz

  • NDTV Xpress Minds conducted "Safety Science Quiz" for classes IX to XII.
  • 43 students from our school participated in the Online Preliminary round held in the month of October.
  • 80,000 students from all over India participated in the prelims round and only seventy three students were selected for the Zonal round.
  • From our school, four students cleared the online round and entered the Zonal level round held at T N Rajarathinam Pillai Hall on 16th Nov 2017. They received participation certificates.
T.I. Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Participants Names
Vaishali P
Ashutosh Pradeep
Aditya Sai
Misba fazalullah