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April Month

IBM P-Tech Programme Orientation Programme - on 27th April 2021

IBM P-Tech Orientation Programme started with an introduction to the course by Ms. Yamuna of Ez Vidya , followed by a demonstration on accessing the IBM portal for self paced learning by Mr. Thiagarajan of Ez Vidya. He explained about cyber security, its significance, the topics available under cyber security in the portal and method of accessing and completing the course. The session ended with a demo on the ways of evaluation of modules completed by students. The session was helpful for the students to access topics of their choice at ease.

Climate Reality - Earth Day 2021

Climate Reality commemorated Earth Day 2021 by conducting a Webinar on 15/04/2021 and 16/04/2021from 11am to 1pm through Zoom.

The Biden administration has decided to convene a global climate Summit on Earth Day. On these similar lines Earth Day was convened. In this a panel for Climate Literacy Conclave for South Asia, the panel of speakers representing these countries including India voiced on environmental policies and the steps taken in their respective countries.

India emphasised on "My future my voice youth" where India has created courses for college student on Environmental studies, global warming and various projects which can be shouldered by them.

Through education to make school students aware of the Environment and the ways it is being disturbed.

On another platform our school Principal was invited to share his expert view through a 5 min video on Climate Literacy, showcasing impactful work done for climate change and talk on the challenges ,benefits and solutions. This has been put on the enclave's website. Which will be showcased in Glasgow COP26 UN climate change.

Global Action Days

Together, We can Change the World from Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) had invited schools to participate in an interactive webinar on Global Action Days 2021 conducted on April 7th 2021.

The discussions were on the topics

  1. My Actions Matter
  2. Global Action Days
  3. Handprint

It's a campaign to engage youth through the treasure Earth app in small positive actions (Hand prints) to become more compassionate with Earth.

The concept for the campaign is to mobilise the power of our network and demonstrate how small individual action can have a great impact on our own and our Earth's wellbeing.

This has to be carried out by roping in student volunteers to work on

  1. Protecting Bio Diversity
  2. Reduce environmental pollution
  3. Empower Climate action

through the Treasure Earth app. The span of the program is from 19th April to 16th May.

Report on SHARP – NGO

Sharp NGO had organized a webinar on 07/04/2021 through Zoom for the benefit of the students on Food and Safety. This was conducted by the Sharp Resource person Ms Rithika Thapar highlighting on hazards of junk food and benefit of natural and nutritive food.

42 students from our school had enrolled for the awareness program. It was a friendly session. A quiz was conducted based on the information shared on the power point presentation.

This was a student interactive program where stories were narrated to convey the message for safe consumption of food and stay healthy, and it was also to imbibe the healthy thoughts in the young mind.

Report on SHARP – NGO