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August Month


The Kindergarten section celebrated the Onam Festival on 30.8.2019, Friday. The ambience carried the essence of Kerala. Children came in traditional dresses with handful of colourful flowers for their class 'pookalam' activity. Mrs. Usha elaborated on the mythological story of The Legendary King Mahabali visiting Kerala. Children eagerly listened and the entry of little Arjun of LKG A as King Mahabali filled the air with excitement. The children danced, clapped and moved to the beats of the traditional song of Kerala's boat race. *Class Pookkalam* was the day's highlight. The Class Teachers guided the children to help in the preparation process to decorate their pookkalam. Children exhibited their skills in sorting flowers and separating the petals. They were then encouraged to place them within the outline. After completion, children celebrated their efforts and accomplishment and also visited fellow classes and exchanged appreciations. The fragrance of the season came alive with the joy our children experienced.

Thiruvonam Thiruvonam

Toppers' Felicitation – The Silver Lining to all their Efforts

The 27th of August was certainly a day out of the ordinary for the students of classes 10, 11, and 12 who had outperformed their boards(2018-19). The Toppers' Felicitation Program was conducted with great resplendence presided over by our Correspondent, Mrs. Meenakshi Murugappan and Chief Executive of AMM foundation, Mr. Narayanan Hariharan. The high flyers were awarded certificates and accolades as a way of acknowledging the impressive standards achieved by them. The students, by and large, were honoured for every nuance of their effort, and their parents were gratified in more ways than one. It was followed by a speech delivered by Mr. Narayanan Hariharan, wherein he so appealingly put that marks don't in any way define one's destiny and that it's their choices that do.

Class 10
School First Mohesh B 483/500
School Second Valliappan R M 482/500
Class 11
School First Nakshatra S 560/600
School Second Ceayon Prasadh K 538/560
Class 12
School First Sangeetha S 580/600
School Second Poojasri V U 579/600

"Success in life comes only when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong, that obstacles, failure and loss only act as motivation."

Toppers Felicitation Toppers Felicitation
Toppers Felicitation Toppers Felicitation
Toppers Felicitation Toppers Felicitation
Toppers Felicitation Toppers Felicitation
Toppers Felicitation

Inspire Camp

The department of science and technology, Govt. of India, had organized the INSPIRE science camp, at the SSN college of Engineering, Kalavakkam.

It was a 5 day (03.08.19 to 07.08.19) stay over there. The objective of the camp was to inspire students to undertake research as their career. The word INSPIRE stands for INNOVATION IN SCIENCE PURSUIT FOR INSPIRED RESEARCH.

Each day there were 4 sessions in which various scientists and professors gave talks and inspired the students.

Among them, a professor by the name Dr. T.S.Lakshmi Narasimhan conducted a chemistry quiz in the written form. In that test P.V.Anuvarshini of class 11 secured the 2nd rank among 209 participants and was shortlisted for the final quiz on the spot, which was a pair event. The quiz involved topics like mathematics, IT, sports, medicine and many more.

She was placed 1st in final quiz with a along with a student from Bala Vidhya Mandhir who was her pair in the quiz.

She was also informed that the first 10 students who were shortlisted will be taken to ISRO, Sriharikotta, Andhra Pradesh.


Mohesh B XI-A
Varun Sai P XI-A
Anuvarshini P V XI-B
Megnath B Trivedi XI-A
Harini S XI-A
Inspire Camp Inspire Camp
A snap with Mr. K. Viswanathan, Scientist (ISRO)

Awareness Program on Hepatitis B&C

T.I Cycles conducted an awareness program on Hepatitis B&C on 3/8/2019 at T.I Cycles factory. Volunteers from classes VIII and IX were a part of this awareness Program. The students escorted by four teachers along with the employees of T.I Cycles formed a Human Chain from T.I cycles to T.I school. The liver specialist addressed the gathering at the T.I cycles factory and brought about an awareness of Hepatitis B & C and suggested some steps and measures that every individual should take to avoid contacting this virus.

At the end of the session, Dr. Bharathi addressed the teachers at the auditorium in T.I school and created an awareness on Hepatitis B&C and also invited teachers for the vaccination camp which was organized at T.I cycles on the same day.

Awareness Program on Hepatitis B&C

Public Speaking and Healthy Positive Competition

The purpose of Declamation is to inculcate in our students the skill of public speaking and the ability to address the audience with confidence and enthusiasm. WE, at TI, have never neglected this particular art of public speaking. Once again, a team comprising of two students from class 9 and 12, Mohitha Goutham and Priyadarshini. S who participated in the 2nd Declamation Contest held at Elite Matriculation Hr. Sec School, Red Hills and carved a place for themselves thus proving their proficiency in the language.

It was a very tough and challenging competition. Our students participated with zeal and enthusiasm and faced it wonderfully well - as Priyadarshini bagged the second place at the senior level winning a cash prize of RS 3000 and Mohitha received a participation certificate at the junior level. This was indeed a great achievement.

Priyadarshini. S of class 12-B redelivered the speech of Nick Vujicic on "Never Give Up." And Mohitha, Emma Watson's speech on "Gender Equality."

Overall, this competition enlightened the children's minds and paved the way to march ahead confidently with the right way of using the language which is the need of the hour.

Well done, Priyadarshini and Mohitha. We are really proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Public Speaking and Healthy Positive Competition

Xseed Education Conference

X Seed Education conference was held on August 10 - 2019 at Sir Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Concert Hall, Chennai. The participants were Mrs. K. Chitra, Mrs. K. R. Vishalam, Mr. Usha Gopinath and Mrs. Yolanda Rosalin Mcpherson

Mr. Ashish Rajpal, Founder and CEO, X SEED anchored the live interview sessions with Educationists, School Principals and Students (Who finished schooling) on XSEED curriculum. Among the student participants, Sangeetha of T.I. School(2018-2019) shared how learning through XSEED curriculum helped her to learn and gain information through understanding and also inculcated the ability to think independently. Mr. Anustoop conducted a live interaction through Video conference with Mrs.Wendy Horn, Innovative Educator and Global teacher Prize Finalist, South Africa,. Mr. Matthew Hood, Founder and Chief Education Officer at Ambition Institute , Uk and Dr. Yew - Jin Lee, Faculty Member at National institute of Education, Singapore and threw light on the needs of 21st century learning skills and the basic skills required by the teacher today. The session also had a live classroom demo to select the XSEED super teacher among the top three finalists who had already been shortlisted.

Xseed Education Conference

Community Lunch - Class VII

The Community lunch for class VII was held on 2nd August 2019(Friday) from 11.15am to 12.30 pm. A circular was prepared and sent to parents with list of items to be brought for the event and a detailed instruction regarding the event. Parent volunteers were invited to participate in the event. Class Teachers briefed the students on the importance of the community lunch. The event commenced with a prayer followed by parent volunteers and teachers severing the delicious food items. Children enjoyed the food with their friends and the teachers around. Finally students thanked their parents and the parent volunteers for their support and contribution.

This activity provided an opportunity for the teachers to witness the spirit of togetherness, building socializing skills. It also paved way for developing interpersonal skills like acceptance, appreciation and sharing among the students. It was day filled with joy and gratitude.

Community Lunch - Class VII