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December Month

Christmas Programme

The festival of Christmas celebrates the glorious advent of the son of god, Jesus Christ.

The Christmas Programme for the academic year 2018-2019 was celebrated on December 21st, 2018.

The festival of Christmas was celebrated with gaiety.

The tiny tots of KG wing sang carols and commenced the show; thereafter the children of LKG and UKG presented dance performance.

The children sang in very festive mood "Jingle Bells" and danced to the numbers like "rocking around the Christmas tree" and "I am a happy Christmas tree". The whole school echoed with the holy hymns recited by the students, followed by a skit on the Birth of Jesus Christ.

The children were energized on the arrival of Santa Claus, followed by cake cutting and distributing gifts to our little munchkins.

Christmas Programme Christmas Programme
Christmas Programme

ISA - 2018 The Grand Culmination

"Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and the more self-confidence you will have."

- Brian Tracy

The International School Award is an accreditation ratified by the British Council for schools which bring an international dimension to teaching and learning. Our school, being an avid promoter of knowledge, had received this award twice, for the periods 2013-2016 and 2016-2019.

"Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit."

- Jawaharlal Nehru

The "ISA Project Day 2019" - a part of the ISA accreditation for 2019-2022 - which took place on the 12th of January, 2019, was a grand culmination of the sheer hard work which the students had endured for almost a year. It aimed at making everyone aware of the culture of different countries.

"Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality."

- 14th Dalai Lama

"The Space Launch", "Waste Wise Management", "Folklore Hunt", "Math in Textile Designing", "International Cuisine", "Democracy and Fundamental Rights" and "Monuments Galore" were the seven projects exhibited by the students. The parents enjoyed viewing these wonderful presentations. They were also entertained by the students with interactive games and quizzes. The chief guest, Mr. Logi Dharsan Thanraj, Deputy Director - Malaysian Tourism Board, conveyed that he loved the way in which the informative presentations were explained. Mr. Brian King, Teacher Delegate, USA, said that he was fascinated by the detail-orientated, perfectly descriptive projects. He also admired the synchronisation between the students. Mr. Narayana Hariharan, Chief Executive - AMM Foundation and Ms. Belubavathi, Senior Project Manager - British Council were the other guests who had livened up the place. The students had a wonderful time with them. In sharing their knowledge, they developed their self-confidenceand curiousness.

"The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people."

- Anonymous

Learning the ways and culture of different countries opens one's mind. It expands their knowledge by not limiting their opinions to one particular region. With "ISA Project Day 2019" and the effort taken to make it successful, the students had gained a new perspective. They not only understood the different aspects of our country, but also came to know about the various facets of many other nations.

- K. Yuvaraj, S. Nithies IX - A

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 1

ISA -2018 Folk Lore For Classes Two and Three

'The Hungry Lion' a famous folk tale by Gita Wolf-Illustrated by Indrapramit Roy was introduced and read aloud to the students of Class 3 by the teacher in charge of the library. This was a great motivation to the students to read folk tales. The students chose folk tales of India and England to read during their library hour. They sat in groups of five to read their choice.

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 1 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 1

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 2

Students shared about the characters that appeared in folktales they had read in the library during activity 1 and also they spoke about the morals they had learnt from those stories

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 2 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 2
ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 2

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 3

Students watched videos of folk tales from Malaysia, India, England and Australia. Then they got into groups to design a poster for the story of their choice. Malaysian folk tale 'The Devouring Rock'

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 3 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 3
ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 3 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 3

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 4

Students watched videos on folk tales and compared stories like 'The Jack and the bean stalk' - English version and 'The magic seed' - Indian version. They brought out similarities and differences using a Venn diagram in their scrap notebooks.

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 4 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 4
ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 4

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 5

Grand parent of Iyyappan of class 4 narrated a few Panchatantra stories.

Students of class 3 listened to them and participated in a discussion about the morals they learnt and made masks of the characters in the story.

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 5 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 5
ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 5

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 6

Collaboration with other subjects

Science through Folk Tales - Factors that help Germination

This topic was taught through a story from 'Bodhi guru' collection of folk tales by the science teachers of class 3.

The lesson was well received by the children. Diagrams were drawn by the children to show what they had understood.

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 6 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 6

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 7

Collaboration of Tamil in folk tales

Students of Class 2 enacted the famous folklore of India "Akbar and Birbal" during the morning assembly

ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 7 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 7
ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 7 ISA - 2018 Folk Lore Activity 7

Math Power Point Presentation held on 06.12.18 (Thursday)

Around 20 students of STD X (A and B) were part of this presentation. They were grouped into 6 groups and there was a distinct presentation on the field trip to A I Enterprises. They presented the information on the designs in textiles using Fractals and Fibonacci Sequence for four countries - India, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. The similarities and differences in the designs of different countries were showcased.

The field trip included different processes that involved designing, manufacturing, defect finding and the production of final product and was well internalized and well explained by the student.

Math Power Point Presentation Math Power Point Presentation
Math Power Point Presentation Math Power Point Presentation

Widespread information was sourced by the students and innovative ways were well appreciated by the parents, teachers and students.

International School Award (ISA)

As part of International School Award activity design, students of Std IV participated in teams and made charts on various monuments of India, the UK, Indonesia and Nepal. Students were also exposed to the unique features of monuments and the magnificent beauty of the monuments. Two teachers observed the same and gave their observations and appreciated the students’ work.

International School Award (ISA) International School Award (ISA)

Christmas celebrations at the primary section

The celebration was a part of assembly time and the Christmas message was given by Mrs. Priyalatha. The birth of Jesus was enacted while all students of classes I – V participated in singing the carols. Santa's entry brought in the excitement and fun element.

Christmas celebrations at the primary section Christmas celebrations at the primary section

Life skills Week at the primary section

Students of STD I - V were asked to learn their residential address and phone numbers of their parents as an obligation and protective measure considering their safety.

Life skills Week at the primary section

Students of Std I were taught to tie their shoe lace as a measure to make them independent. Parents were also instructed to help their children learn to tie lace on their shoes. These activities were assessed in school by the respective class teachers.

Life skills Week at the primary section

Table etiquette an imperative life skill was taught to the students of Std II. They were asked to bring sliced fruits with napkin and spoon. The basic table manners rules were shared with children. The learning is in practice during lunch and snack time.

Life skills Week at the primary section

'Making your bed' was a life skill taught to students of Std III. Children were asked to clear the bed, spread the sheet and tuck it under the bed, fluff the pillows, place it and add finishing touch. It helped children understand the need to maintain a clean, orderly and comfortable room.

Life skills Week at the primary section

Students of standard IV were educated to oversee first aid necessities to a person in need. Students exercised ways of offering first aid in case of mild cuts and bruises.

Report on 'School Principal Conclave' SRM campus, Ramapuram on 8th December 2018

'School Principal Conclave' was attended by Mrs. Mary Bennett and Mrs. Sreelatha on 8th December 2018 at SRM campus Ramapuram. It started with 'tamil tai vazhthu' and lighting of kuthivilakku followed by welcome address by SRM Dean (E&T). He stressed that very less percentage of children go for higher education after Higher secondary schooling.

He requested all the Principals of different schools to create an awareness programme for career options in school level.

Dr.A.Kanakaraj State president, focused on present educational system. He said that we have plenty of teachers but less educators. He insisted that we have to create more educators for better education, Mr.K. R. Nandhakumar, State General Secretary focused on the hardwork, headed by Dr.K.Arivoli.

Presidential address was given by Dr.R.Shivakumar,Chairman ,SRM Group of institutions Ramapuram& Trichy Campuses.

He shared the challenges faced by the teachers. He said that expectation of parent ,teacher and Principal do not match. Also alleged that we, as teachers ,were not able to bring holistic development and were not able to bring full potential of a child.

He mentioned that SRM groups of institution are carrying out Social responsibilities by helping Government and people during disasters.

Dr. K. Arivoli , Director, State Council for Education Research &Training addressed the gathering on the role of principal in the implementation of new curriculum.

Dr.K.Arivoli is the brain behind the New Revised syllabus in Tamil Nadu. He insisted teachers to create happy children .

He said that they are already started training teachers to identify ‘learning disability’ of children. He requested teachers to impart quality teaching. He also mentioned that if the concepts are trained the way it has to be, then there will be nil requirement for NEET or IIT coaching for children

Dr. C. SylendraBabu IPS, additional director General of Police(railways) held the entire audience by his inspirational speech. He empowered the Principals &teachers for better schools. As per his conviction 21st century discovery is ‘complete transformation’ and ‘Principal’ is considered as a very important person in the school and to be a role model. He expressed that “leader is not someone who leads others, but leading ourselves in action” He quoted the messages of Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. He said teachers and principal should be a learner.

School Principal Conclave School Principal Conclave