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December Month

54th Annual Conference of AMTI

The 54th Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI) was held in Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari from Dec 27-29, 2019. E. Niveditha and S.R. Madhinidhi of IX A were selected from our school to participate in this conference. They were accompanied by Jayashree ma'am and Rama ma'am. Our teachers presented a paper on the topic "Constructivism in Math learning", which was appreciated by all. Niveditha and Madhinidhi presented a paper on the topic "Visualization in Mathematics". We also participated in the Quiz conducted by Atmaraman sir. The 3-day conference included lectures by eminent mathematicians and presentations by several schools. Students learnt many mathematical problem-solving techniques, such as pigeon hole method. It was an enriching experience for the attendees.

Annual Conference Of AMTI Annual Conference Of AMTI

DL Shaw Award

The QCI-DL Shah Quality Awards were launched in 2007 and are positioned PAN-India as recognition for successful projects of an organization. This has resulted in continuous improvement of processes and increased stakeholders' satisfaction. The awards are given for specific projects and have to be submitted in the form of case studies.

TI School relished the opportunity of enrolling for this award on the project titled, "SUSTAINABALE DEVELOPMENT". A detailed report of the project was submitted online to QCI. After screening, the school was invited to present the project on 12th December 2019. Mr. Arunkumar represented the school and presented the project at QCI Office, New Delhi.

Google Cs First Workshop

Google CS First Workshop for educators was conducted on 23/12/2019(Monday). Mrs. Uma .M and Mrs. N. Durgadevi participated in the programme. The workshop emphasized on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Google Products and Scope for Software Engineering followed by a sharing session on Google CS activity done in each school. Teachers were felicitated with certificates for Google CS Activity.

Google CS First activity, a way forward to improve the logical thinking of students, aids the student to think in line with 21st Century skills. The workshop also focused on the generation living in the era of Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities of tremendous development in the future.

Interaction With Commissioner Of School Education ,Tamil Nadu

Mrs. Mary Bennette. C.F, PGT Mathematics interacted with the Commissioner for School Education TamilNadu, Ms. Sigy Thomas Vaidhyan on the 12th of December 2019 at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Ashok Pillar on "How to improve quality in school education".

Points shared by PGT's

  • To bring in CDs instead of links provided.
  • Government students should be provided with breakfast.
  • Can think of In-house camp to develop interest towards subject.


The Joy Of Being An Educator

"He who has a 'Why' to love' can cope with any 'How.'

True to this quote, the 11th EDUCARNIVAL - 2019 was conducted at IIT, Delhi from the 12th to 14th of December. I, Mrs. Crescentia Bartlett was deeply privileged to have participated in this carnival which focused on the Excellence that cannot be designed but by coming together ,sharing and interacting on the best practices that leave a mark for the school as well as the teacher.

Dr. Harish Chaudhry, Prof. IIT Delhi was the Conference Chairman and his team EduExcellence worked together so meticulously to make this Carnival a very fruitful, informative and a value added one.

The Carnival attempted to unravel the following aspects

  • Creating an environment for joy and happiness.
  • Participating meaningfully in the education process.
  • Getting inputs through feedback, appraisal, appreciation and training to achieve mastery of the subject matter and the teaching- learning process.
  • Experiencing the joy of being an educator
  • Making a remarkable difference in the life of a student
  • Being self- managed and accepting one's situation, roles and responsibilities.
  • Dedicating oneself to service.
  • Teaching moral values.
  • Being good and kind as a teacher and doing justice to the choice a teacher has made.

The Carnival also threw light on 'School Health and Education' and 'Critical Thinking.' Speaking on the occasion, Prof Ganguly addressed the need for teachers to be good and effective and go a step beyond the ICT which will go a long way in moulding children. He emphasized on the significance of teachers to reinvent themselves, tap the talents of students, assess the student's interest and touch the life of a student by giving something that a child remembers for life.

By critically reflecting on

  • What is a good school?
  • What is good learning?
  • What is a good teacher?
  • Are we doing a better job?
  • What is this child capable of?

We, as a school will leave a mark behind . From Sachin Tendulkar to Roger Federer, everyone keeps a mentor and coach to keep up with the rigor and demands of the competition. It is very important to get an outsider's perspective and a friendly critic of our work. The take home message is, " the real competition is within ourselves, it is imperative that we make a feedback loop which will help us become a better teacher tomorrow and each coming day."

Educarnival - 2019