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February Month

Adding Feathers to the cap of T.I. School

To commemorate the National Science Day and the National Innovation Day, Agni College of Technology, Thalambur, Chennai has been honouring Schools in Tamil Nadu, which empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that support them as life-long learners, to participate in and to contribute to the global world and practice the core values to create social harmony in the society. T.I. School received the "AGNI GURUKUL AWARD", the award for outstanding Schools on 24.02.2019. The school was assessed on various criteria in the form of questionnaire which was submitted online. To quote a few- Teaching and learning, Inspiring and Engaging others, Beyond the classroom, Outcomes and benefits. The Chief guest was Ms. Kavitha Ramu, IAS officer. The other guests of honour were Dr. Sultan Ismail D.Sc, Kalaimamani Thiru. Sugi Sivam.

Dronacharya award, The Award for Outstanding Teacher, was received by Mrs. K. Chitra, Vice Principal and Mrs. Radha Ganesh, PGT Biology.

Adding Feathers To The Cap Of T.I. School Adding Feathers To The Cap Of T.I. School
Adding Feathers To The Cap Of T.I. School

Trip To Uthirameru

"Catch them young"- With this thought, the Management had provided a golden opportunity for the students of T.I school to learn from their ancient past. Students of class 8 embarked on a journey to Uthirameru on 09.02.2019 to learn about the ancient electoral system, gain knowledge and compare it with the present Democratic set up. Students enjoyed the scenic beauty of the village side with farmers moving towards their field. Students experienced the joy of moving from the highly polluted urban to the fertile expanse of the village.

The first temple visited was Vardharaj Perumal temple which had lot of different sculptures and storied sanadhis surrounded by inscriptions on the walls. The other temples which were toured were Kailashnather temple and Vaikunda Perumal temple. These temples also bear inscriptions which depict the selection process of leaders to govern the towns and villages.

The importance of inscribing on the temple walls explained the transparency of the selection process. This was explicitly brought out by the guide Mr Anand from REACH Foundation. Students also visited the Murgan temple and a large mud structure of Duryodhana laid on the ground. The children also got an insight into the importance of the tradition followed in the village .The students were filled with a deep sense of pride as the learning had impacted them to a great extent.

Trip To Uthirameru Trip To Uthirameru
Trip To Uthirameru

Work Shop – Bio Diversity And Puppetry

Forty students of std VII – IX who are a part of the Theatre and Nature Club along with Mrs. Ambili Unnikrishnan, and Mr. Arun attended a workshop on 28.02.19 conducted by Dr. R Banumathy , a nature enthusiast who taught children the art of making puppets and using them in the context of bio diversity. The morning session involved a power point presentation on bio diversity and the art of puppet making. The work shop enabled every child learn the art of making puppets and use them in a group activity which involved articulating the need for conserving bio diversity in the form of a role play using puppets.

Bio Diversity And Puppetry Bio Diversity And Puppetry
Bio Diversity And Puppetry Bio Diversity And Puppetry
Bio Diversity And Puppetry Bio Diversity And Puppetry

Green School Program Climate Change Education Program

The Climate Reality Project Foundation conducted a training programme for the teachers of T.I.School on 23/02/2019 to create awareness amongst the community about the climate change and build capacity inside the school. It was conducted to train the teachers to understand climate change and importance of sustainable development, so that they enable the students become sensitive on the climate change .The training was conducted by Dr Arul Aram, Professor Anna University. He spoke about the founder former US President Al Gore. This programme will provide broader platform and act as a learning lab for the students.

Green School Program Climate Change Education Program

Birla Planetarium

An educational trip to Birla Planetarium was planned for students of class VIII (A and B) on 25/02/2019.The science exhibits on display were self explanatory, students were curious to experience each display. This was followed by a thrilling 3D show which made the children squeal in awe. They viewed the nine planets of the solar system with their special features. The students were eager to play in the park were the play things worked on simple physics.

The trip was scientifically educative for the students and they enjoyed a lot.

Thinking Day Rally

Thinking Day is celebrated annually on 22 February to commemorate the birthday of Scouting and Guiding founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell and of Lady Olave Baden-Powell, his wife and World Chief Guide. As a part of celebrations, Scout and Guide organizations across the country conduct rally and various competitions for scouts and guides.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides, Ambattur Educational District conducted Thinking Day Rally on 22nd Feb 2019 at SRM Higher Secondary School, Ambattur.

10 Scouts and 5 Guides with a Lady Scout Master Ms.Durgadevi N participate in the Rally. . Around 600 children from various schools of the district were also a part of the rally.

The rally was organised around the neighbourhood of SRM School, Ambattur to spread the message ‘Scouts and Guides, the messengers of Love’ using placards and banners.

Knotting , Group singing and Drawing competitions were conducted for the scouts and guides after the rally. Our students had an opportunity to participate in the competitions.

The programme concluded with a valedictory function at 3.00 pm.

Thinking Day Rally

Workshop TREE – Teaching Re imagined

The workshop was attended by Mrs. Meera Gopi and Mrs. Venitia Edel Section heads of the Primary and Kindergarten. The workshop was a half day session which was designed as a panel discussion in the first half and a hands on in the second that lead teams to be a part of designing an action plan for community engagement.

The panelists for the first half of the session were

  • Mr. Mick Purcell, Principal, KC High
  • Mrs. Maheshwari Kalpana K, Headmistress, Chennai HS, Kottur
  • Ms. Archana Ramachandran, City Director, Chennai – Teach For India

The panel discussion revolved around the need for developing empathy and social responsibility in students by way of designing community engagement programmes. Mrs. Maya Thiyagarajan’s power point presentation set the base for a thinking process in each of us on the lines mentioned above.

The discussion evolved around the following statements

  • empathy is the foundation for all teacher pupil interaction
  • be the listener not the talker
  • importance of being non judgmental
  • no child left behind (NCLB)
  • practice what you teach
  • make caring common

The things that we could focus

  • build support systems for teachers (happy, positive and contented teachers)
  • build reading habit in teachers
  • partnership with other schools
  • community engagement – Chennai volunteers
  • kindness week
  • work on areas of student strength
  • provide the same message to children with everybody on the same page (parent, teacher, admin staff)
  • How to make an action plan (copy attached)
Workshop TREE – Teaching Re imagined Workshop TREE – Teaching Re imagined

Astronomy Club Activity

The students of Astronomy club participated in a guest lecture and a night sky gaze along with 13 teachers on the 12th of February 2019. Mr. D. Vijay Kumar, an amateur astronomer, made a presentation of the children different celestial bodies. Interesting astronomical facts were a part of the power point presentation. This was followed by a night sky gaze by engaging a high definition telescope of 8 inches which aided spotting a few celestial bodies. The telescope was tuned to locate the craters of the moon and the planet Mars. The students located the orbiting ISS and the Orion constellation .

Astronomy Club Activity Astronomy Club Activity
Astronomy Club Activity Astronomy Club Activity
Astronomy Club Activity Astronomy Club Activity
Astronomy Club Activity Astronomy Club Activity
Astronomy Club Activity

Trip to Adyar Poonga

The students of class 9 visited Adyar Poonga on 25th February 2019. There were 72 students and 3 teachers in total. Adyar Poonga is a river restoration or an eco park. A resource person Mrs. Gomathi guided the students through the journey deep inside the nature and exchanged reams of information. The students enthusiastically and curiously aided and gathered loads of information. Two documentaries were screened which showed the strong perspective on nature and the evolution of man. The students were able to gather knowledge about the indigenous flora and fauna species, and also indulged themselves in identifying birds.

Nature is a painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty. So, let us save it! It is a common saying "He that plants trees loves others besides himself."

Trip to Adyar Poonga Trip to Adyar Poonga
Trip to Adyar Poonga Trip to Adyar Poonga

Green School Project (GSP)

GSP is a self-assessment programme. It helps schools audit their use of resources and map their consumption and wastage. The exercise involves collection of information under the following heads:

  • Air
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Land
  • Water

The school is noted for bringing about measurable change in the management of resources within the school premises and has been adjudged in the green category

Digital Learning (DL)

The digital LEARNING magazine has ranked TI School as one of the top schools in India for the year 2018 based on a survey conducted by them in November 2018. They have extended an invitation to the school leadership to attend a School Leadership Summit which will primarily focus and deliberate on concerns and challenges and concerns in diverse areas of education.