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January Month

Report on IAYP Activity - Service at Hospital

As part of The International Award for Young People (IAYP), 15 students from class X and XI took up "Service at Hospital'' at Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital as service for society activity on 1st February, 2020.

Mr. Prince (AO) gave a brief orientation on the various facilities available in the hospital. Students were divided into pairs and were assigned to various departments like Female medical care, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Pharmacy, X-Ray and at the token counter.

The students had a fruitful experience and returned home with a sense of fulfillment.

IAYP Activity - Service at Hospital

Republic Day Celebration Report

TI School witnessed the celebration of the 71st Republic Day on the 26th January, 2020. Students, Staff and Faculty members were filled with a feeling of patriotism and dedication. The celebration started with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Principal. The Vice Principal, Mrs.K.Chitra in her speech spoke about Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and his dream India. She motivated the students to follow the path of the great visionary and work towards the welfare of the community. Following the speech prizes for the Marghazi Kolam Competition and Over all Championship were distributed. Eagle house was declared the winner and the runner up position was taken by Peacock house. The program ended with the message to create a great nation through collective efforts from all individuals. Sweets were distributed among all the guests.

Republic Day Collage

Republic Day Collage

Report on INOVIT

Vellore Institute of Technology conducted a national level competition, INOVIT 2020 on January 24th and 25th. More than 3000 students from different districts and states had participated. Adithya Sai.S.D, Keerthi Vasan, Nithish .A, Varun Sai.P, Lesselyn Dhanraj .A had participated in this competition. Nithish .A, Varun Sai.P and Lesselyn Dhanraj.A presented a working model on "Water Conservation and Management" and won the fourth place with a cash award of Rs .1000/-.


Rewarding The Winners - Intramurals Prize Distribution

"Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to earn it. " - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Prize distribution function is a pride day for students. It gives them the chance to show their worth. Some students achieve in the field of sports, some in studies, and many others.

The Intramurals prize distribution for the senior category was held in our school auditorium on 25.01.2020. The students gathered in eager anticipation to culminate their efforts and sportsmanship. The students took part in the games which was held before the day of prize distribution with great enthusiasm and gave their best. The prize winners were awarded with medals and certificates. The students were filled with happiness and encouraged the others who got the prizes. The prizes were distributed to the students by our teachers. The air was filled with great joy and excitement.

Margazhi Utsav 2020

Margazhi, a tamil month considered as divine month, devotees offer their prayers to the Almighty in the form of pooja, music events, bhajans etc… Margazhi kolam, is one of the predominant things practised in this month to start the day. During this month the earth becomes close to the ozone layer; it is believed that women who draw kolams will inhale pure oxygen early in the morning in margazhi.

It is also believed that drawing 'kolam' outside the doorstep ushers in goodness and prosperity while also making the place look beautiful and welcoming. Drawing these beautiful patterns every day symbolises the celebration of life, giving a positive start to the day. 'Kolams' are believed to help channelize positive energies into one's homes and workplaces, while destroying negative energies at the same time. It has a cleansing and calming effect on the mind and body of the woman, who is then ready to face the rigours of the day ahead.

The Heritage club of our school takes immense pleasure in celebrating this tradition as 'Margazhi Utsav' every year in the month of January.

This academic year it was celebrated on 14th January 2020, Tuesday at 8.30 am. The significance of the Tamil month margazhi was showcased through songs, kolam contest and a few kindergarten children dressed up as the Tamil god 'Krishna' and goddess 'Andal.'The Kolam contest was an open event with a duration of 1 ½ hours for various categories like grandparents, parents, students and staff of TI. 96 students, 50 parents and 15 teachers actively participated in the contest.

The lot systems were arranged category wise to choose the layout. The representatives of each team picked their lot and all the contestants moved to their respective venue.

Irrespective of their age each person in the group actively took part in the contest and enjoyed the team work. Though it was stated as contest, lot of sharing and caring was witnessed among the groups. Students deeply engraved themselves while drawing the kolam. This symbolized their creativity and problem-solving skills as they involved themselves inmaking complicated patterns that appeared symmetrical, when viewed from any direction. Throughout the event our choir group sang songs on various gods and goddesses. The environment was filled with divinity and serenity.

To appreciate the effort of all participants, our school decided to award prizes to all participants along with the winners.

Margazhi Utsav 2020 Margazhi Utsav 2020
Margazhi Utsav 2020 Margazhi Utsav 2020
Margazhi Utsav 2020 Margazhi Utsav 2020
Margazhi Utsav 2020 Margazhi Utsav 2020

Report on 'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest

The language of the soul,
Flows to refresh the being and
Pours to reach the heart's content.
It meanders like the river,
Gushes like the waterfall and
Trickles within each soul
Creating universal peace that spreads.

Classical music is the oldest of all art forms which has its history from the Vedic ages. Through many eras it has evolved in various aspects to meet the modern day culture. Truly believing that the ocean of art kindles creativity and imparts virtuosity in the younger generation, TI school conducted a Music Fest that intended to provide an undiluted aesthetic experience.

"GANAMRUDHAM"- the Music Fest was organized on 11.01.2020. Chief Executive AMM foundation, Mr.Narayanan Hariharan presided over the function and inaugurated the Music Fest by lightening the kuthuvilakku. The students from classes IV to IX participated and presented group singing and instrumental music. They performed classical kruthis of various legendary composers in various ragas. Students also presented songs that they had learned during Rhapsody classes.

'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest 'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest
'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest 'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest
'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest 'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest
'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest 'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest
'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest 'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest
'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest 'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest
'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest 'Ganamrudham' - Music Fest