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July Month

Inauguration of Heritage Club - 2019

"You don't stumble upon your heritage. It's there, just waiting to be explored and shared."

– Robbie Robertson

With great pride and happiness, the members got together for the inauguration of the Heritage Club on 05/07/2019 (Friday) at 1:45 PM at the auditorium.

The event commenced with a prayer song followed by the welcome address by Varun (12A ), the President of the Heritage Club. He touched upon the significance of temples like the Konark and their rich heritage.

Mrs. Nirmala, our beloved former Tamil teacher graciously consented to be the chief guest. She addressed the gathering pointing out that "heritage", contrary to popular belief does not always refer to magnificent temples alone but encompasses many other aspects of human existence such as traditional food and attire. She also spoke about Lord Athivardar at Kancheepuram Varadaraja Perumal Temple and about the pond in which the idol remains immersed for 40 years.

Mrs. Mary Bennett, the coordinator of higher secondary section presented a memento to our beloved chief guest. This was followed by Bharatanatyam performances performed by Bhargavi and Pragathi of 7A and 7B respectively whose themes were introduced to the audience by Vishal (9 B), the Vice President of the Heritage Club. He spoke about the significance of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and the Peacock which were the central themes of the dance performances. Vishal also delivered the vote of thanks and the event ended on a high note with a photo session.

Inauguration of Heritage Club - 2019

Theatre Club Inauguration

"Club activities help us to be more creative and innovative. It gives scope for a good social life by making us feel self confident. It not only keeps us united but gives us learning experiences."

"Acting is not about being someone different, it's about finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there."

The Theatre Club was inaugurated on the 5th of July 2019 from 2.45 to 3.45 pm at the AV Hall.

Our club inauguration commenced with an inaugural speech by Aishwarya, the club President. Our chief guest for the day was Mrs. Sheeja Nair, our ex-teacher and co-ordinator of Theatre Club. A few slides on 'Miming' were screened to help the members develop the skill of acting in terms of body language. Following this, the students were involved in an activity based on 'MIMING. 'Various situations were given and children brought out expressions without using dialogues. As Horace said in Latin long ago, "The goal of all story - telling is to entertain and instruct." In line with this saying, the students also viewed a clipping of Charlie Chaplin. The screening of Mark Antony's speech from the fil m, 'Julius Caesar' drew the attention of the members on the significance of communicating important things to the audience through the character.

The chief guest then engaged all the members by her mesmerizing skills. Theteacher co-ordinator of the club listed out the activities planned for the year.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest stressed the importance of communication and encouraged us to participate in as many activities as possible and and work as a team with dedication and co-operation to keep the club lively. The office bearers, The President and the Vice - President promised to put up quality performance for the students.

The Vice - President concluded the inaugural function with the vote of thanks. The chief guest was a great source of inspiration for us to showcase our theatrical skills.

We thank the Principal for the support and opportunity provided to the T'ites for their all round development through this club.

Theatre Club Inauguration

Art Club Inauguration 2019-20

Art Club Inauguration was held on 03.07.2019 in our school in AV Hall. Miss. Valarmathi Subramani, Visual Designer (Cognizant Technology Solutions) inaugurated and unveiled the activity board 2019-20.

She also presented a Power Point on Lines and colours, Market trends and Software Graphic design in Art field. Students actively participated and interacted enthusiastically.

The President of Art Club presented the Welcome address and the vote of thanks note was rendered by the Vice-president of Art Club.

Mr. K. RaviKumar (Incharge of Art Club) presented the year's plan to the members.

Principal, Vice-principal, Teachers of Art Club attended and graced the occasion.

Art Club Inauguration 2019-20 Art Club Inauguration 2019-20
Art Club Inauguration 2019-20 Art Club Inauguration 2019-20
Art Club Inauguration 2019-20 Art Club Inauguration 2019-20
Art Club Inauguration 2019-20 Art Club Inauguration 2019-20