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March Month

Astronomy In-House camp

Astronomy In House camp was held on 23.03.15 and 24.03.15 at our school. Students enjoyed learning a lot through

  • Power point Presentation
  • Video shows
  • 1000 yard solar system activity

They were able to watch Jupiter and craters in the moon and also other constellations in the sky.

What students felt...

'The camp was amazing and information about black hole was mind blowing'

'I loved seeing Jupiter, moon and other constellations'

'The camp took us to a wonderful journey to the solar system, nebulas, stars etc. Guest lectures by Mr.Ravishankar and Mr. Perumal was very informative.

Astronomy In-House Astronomy In-House
Astronomy In-House Astronomy In-House
Astronomy In-House Astronomy In-House

World Sparrow Day - March 20th

On the 20th of March, also known as World Sparrow Day, who better to have amongst us other than the “Sparrow Queen” herself, Mrs. Sadhana Rajkumar !

She has been relentlessly working toward her goal of bringing back the chirpy, lively brown birds back! She had come to talk to us and inspire us about the importance of these birds that were once living amongst us so happily and freely, but now are quite a rare sight to see.

She has been giving out free sparrow nests boxes to residents in her locality so as to bring back these birds. So far, she has given away 1200 nest boxes! She also feels that there has been an increase in the number of sparrows from when she started her project in 2010 till now.

She also taught us how and where to place these nest and how to make a bird feeder using bottles and plates! Her talk was really an eye-opener for all of us. Few of the teachers also received her nest boxes to take back home and enjoy the company of these lovely birds !

In the end, we presented her with a beautiful poem on sparrows by Kamalesh and a very realistic and amazing drawing of a sparrow by Jerina. On the whole, it was an amazing experience having her here with us and guiding us towards our part in sparrow conservation. Thank you ma’am !

Sparrow Day Sparrow Day
Sparrow Day Sparrow Day
Sparrow Day Sparrow Day

Mathematics club presented a PPT on Energy Conservation for class VI and VII students on 13.03.15 !!!!

Students of class IX and XI prepared a PPT based on the statistics collected from the administration department of our school they gathered the data regarding

  • Consumption of units per day
  • Units saved by following the gurukul teaching
  • Units saved by following 5 minute break and power break

They prepared the Bar chart showing the energy consumed 2013 when compared to last year 2014. They also showed the data collected on how many units we save everyday by following these systems in school.

It was a real informative session which will motivate children to continue to follow these measures to conserve energy for our future generation.

Mathematics Club Mathematics Club

Wealth out of Waste

Students of class VII had showcased their talents by making a lot of innovative items using the waste materials.

Wealth Out Of Waste Wealth Out Of Waste
Wealth Out Of Waste Wealth Out Of Waste

E waste

The Electronic waste is collected every month in our school and sent for proper disposal to reduce pollution.

EWaste EWaste
EWaste EWaste

Sanga Kalam Arivom – an excellent assembly by students of class VII A which took us to the period of Kodai vallal Pari

The students enacted a skit on Pari Vallal and his two daughters Angavai and Sangavai. At this electronic age, children rarely get to know about Kurunila Mannargal. This skit threw some limelight on students about how those days kings were very good in “Donating things to others,”( Dhramam ). Through this skit, they learnt ‘Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give’.

Sanga Kalam Arivom Sanga Kalam Arivom
Sanga Kalam Arivom Sanga Kalam Arivom
Sanga Kalam Arivom Sanga Kalam Arivom

Camlin Handwriting Olympiad Winners

Category 1 ( classes 2 to 4)

First Place: M Sivaranjani
Second Place: Dhivyasree
Third Place: P Yasvanthini

Category 2 (classes 5 to 8)

First Place: S Harini
Second Place: K Sakthi
Third Place: S Anuradha

Category 3 (classes 9 to 12)

First Place: M Sureka of class XI A
Second Place: K Magesh of class X A
Third Place: P Bhuvaneshwari of class XII C

The Bharat Scouts and Guides Ponneri District Association

22nd February 2015- thinking day rally (founder’s birthday) celebration held at Sri Mahaganesa Vidyasala, Ambathur, Chennai-53.

On 22nd February 2015, 15 scouts and guides, 11 cubs and bulbuls participated in the thinking day rally celebration. Four of our school unit leaders Mr.k.Ravikumar, Mrs.S.RamaMaheswari, Mrs. R. Geetha Ramakrishnan and Mrs. Geetha Rajan also participated along with our school students.

The theme of the rally is “THE MESSENGERS OF PEACE”. Based on the theme scouts and guides carried placards, by holding our school banners and spread the peace among the community. The rally was lead by D.E.O and District Secretary of Ponneri District.

After the rally, various competitions were held for cubs and bulbuls and scouts and guides .The following students won prizes from our school.

Cub Section :

Fancy dress competition : D.V THARUN
Arrangement of Cub Law : T.I CUBS

Bulbul Section :

Arrangement of bulbul law T.I BULBULS 1ST PRIZE

Scout Wing - Drawing Competition :


Guide Wing - Community Song Competition :

Our school guides presented the Kashmiri song and won the 1st prize
On the valedictory function along with the rally certificates were awarded on this occasion.

Hues of Joy – Junior Sports 2015!!!!

Junior Sports day 2015 - a day of colorful costumes, rhythmic drills, sportive events and the innocent happy smiles on the 28th of Feb 2015. The programme began at 4.30 pm with a prayer song by the Junior Choir followed by the Welcome Address by our Vice Principal.

Butterflies and Buttercups of class I, II & III was a splendid display indeed. Vibrant and radiant they marked the opening of the day’s events. ‘Joy and Fun’ by the little stars of KG added colours to the great start.

‘Picture Perfect’, a musical performance by class IV & V filled the air with mirth.

Followed was the class games for all classes which thrilled the spectators. Then was the most awaited event, the Prize distribution.

The winners were honoured by our Principal, Vice Principal and a few parents.

The overall Championship cup was bagged by the Eagle House

Yuvaraj of STD V A delivered the vote of thanks.

"Forays 2015"

"Forays 2015" an event to test the Mathematical skills in students was organized by the department of Mathematics of Indian Institute of Technology, on 01.03.15. Our school student, Hari Prasad of X Std stood First in ‘Olympiad Level 2 ‘( VIII – X) .