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March Month

Kids To Kids

Students from LKG to Class IX contributed towards "Kids to Kids March 2019" on 7th March, Thursday. The amount collected Rs 6,890.00 was deposited in the name of "Save a life charitable trust", Anna Nagar through the HDFC Bank, Chennai. This amount will be used by the charitable trust to take care of heart surgery and cancer treatment in children.

Kids To Kids Kids To Kids
Kids To Kids

Chrysalis Day 2019

The spectacular day 2nd of March 2019 was indeed an effervescent day full of life with the techies of classes VI-IX presenting their technical skills in the event of Chrysalis Day 2019. Our special guest Mr. Venkatesh from EZ Vidya appreciated their programming skills and creativity. Viewers were attracted by their smart and clear explanation. Children were able to bring out the EZ Vidya components "Look Around, Look Within, Look beyond and Look Deep" to reality.

The participants had exhibited their skills after pondering deeply in the area of their topic and the exhibits were remarkable.

Some of the unique projects like:

  • Body Mass Index, Graphics, Quiz, Think a number etc... using C programming
  • Web pages designed on the topics Safety measures, Technology at a glance etc... using HTML/CSS coding
  • E-posters and banners on various topics using Image editing application - GIMP

attracted the viewers and they became more inquisitive to know about the technical aspects behind the display. The combined effort of the students, teachers and the management made the event a grand success. Moreover, their readiness to work with a smile made the day a real success.

Chrysalis Day 2019