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November Month

Commerce Carnival – 2014

GK Shetty Vivekananda vidyalaya Junior college celebrated Commerce Carnival on 22.11.2014. The objective of the programme was to inculcate creativity and learning in children. They also conducted various competitions.

  • Akshaya of XII C won the First Place in the seminar, topic – ‘Make in India’
  • Priyadharshini of XII C and Jaishree of XI C won the first place in the Quiz competition

Timetable for class X and XII

Revised Time Table for class X and XII as per Govt Order -
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Timetable for I to IX

Summative 2 Timetable for I to IX -
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The spirit of children’s day was extended

The spirit of children’s day was extended and culminated on 22nd Nov 2014 with lots of fun and games.
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Regional Mathematics Olympiad

Hari Prasad of X A of our school is qualified for taking the Regional Mathematics Olympiad to be conducted on 7th Dec 2014.

Mrs. Sheela Ragavan was conferred with the Doctoraldegree (Ph.D)

We are happy to share the news that our Principal, Mrs. Sheela Ragavan was conferred with the Doctoraldegree (Ph.D) in the study of “Accelerating academic performance of adolescent students through intervention for reducing examination stress and anxiety.
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“Kids 2 Kids”

An initiative by “Kids 2 Kids” by our children on children’s day
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Navarathri celebration

Navarathri celebration by our little ones
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Science Expo

First prize for best model in science expo
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“Kadavul Vazhthu”

Thirukural Oppovithal potti for class III on 12th Nov 2014

Teacher Empowerment Programme

Teacher Empowerment Programme by Mr.Stephen and Mr.G.N.Radhakrishnan held at our school on 21st and 22nd November 2014 for teachers from all the four schools of AMM Foundation.

Safety and security of school

Chennai Police organized a meeting at Commissionerate building, Vepery, on 17.11.14 to discuss about Safety and security of school going students. The meeting was chaired by Mr. P. Thamaraikannan, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police. About 500 schools participated in the event. The Heads of the institution shared the safety measures practiced in their respective schools. Our school Safety Coordinator Mr. K. Ravikumar, attended this meeting representing our school. In the course of the event, our school’s name was registered under the Police department to take any kind of assistance with respect to safety of our children at any point of time. The ‘Escort ID’, issued to our students took a special mention in the meeting and this practice followed in our school was highly appreciated.

Nature club is organizing a camp to “Indira Gandhi Wild life Sanctuary” from Dec 27th to Dec 31st.

Nature club is organizing a camp to “Indira Gandhi Wild life Sanctuary” from Dec 27th to Dec 31st.

The camp activities include

  • Trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Awareness on wilderness of the wild
  • Talk by naturalist
  • Nature related activities

Children will have an opportunity to visit Perambikulam sanctuary too( 2kms away from Indira Gandhi Wildlife sanctuary).

The school is planning to have a presentation for classes 6, 7 & 8 after the trip.

'Leader Talk'

Mr.Gautama, Director, The Chennai Education Centre (Pathashaala & Outreach) Krishnamurti Foundation India, had an Interactive session with the XII Std students and all the teachers on 15th Nov 2014.

Mr.Gautama shared his perspective in the “Learning Process”. The key points delivered by him to the students who will be entering a new world in a few months were

  • Learn to be independent
  • You are 18 only once. So make the best use of it
  • Learning happens not only in school but everywhere around us
  • He quoted the life of a flower seller. What we learn from him/her?
    • Hard work
    • Persuasion
    • Patience
    • Perseverance
    • Contentment
  • He also narrated the real incident of a girl from Kakinada, AP, who got a job with a great difficulty. She is a daughter of a farmer. She completed her, but did not get a proper job, so she persuaded her higher studies. So he advised the students it’s not only education we need to concentrate but also there are a other few areas where we need to focus and they are
    • Improving confidence level in us
    • Soft skills
    • Spoken English

These parameters will automatically lead you to a good job when concentrated along with the academics.

He concluded by saying “the job of a school is to open the heart. You should develop the ability to think and generate solutions. People give value to you and not your degree. So start developing the life skills to be successful in life”.

Interaction with teachers

Mr.Gautama also had an interaction with our teachers. It was an informal interactive session where views and opinions where shared. The key points that was summarized by him were

  • 21st century teachers are the bravest , so learning and thinking has to happen in school
  • Do not funnel the children into the direction of the societal expectations
  • When we make a mistake, it’s a good practice to apologize to them
  • We have to create space for every child and ensure that every child in the classroom is an active participant
  • Allow the children to make mistakes after all learning comes from doing mistakes

He concluded by saying “we are not working for today, we are working for tomorrow. So concentrate on educating children with ethics and values as they are our future.”

Kids2Kids Kids2Kids
Kids2Kids Kids2Kids
Kids2Kids Kids2Kids
Kids2Kids Kids2Kids