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November Month

Schram Academy - Inter School Competition

Schram Academy, Ayanambakkam conducted an inter-school art competition, "ARTIST IN ME" on 23/11/2019. Nearly 28 schools participated and our students took part in the competition and won prizes. Kudos to the team!

D.Ragavendra chiranjeevi XI Still life First prize
Sahithya IX Art out of waste Second prize
Saroruha IX Art out of waste Second prize
Vino chrishty XII Art out of waste Second prize
Harish IX Art out of waste Second prize
Schram Academy Schram Academy
Schram Academy

'Prachodya' – 2019

AMM Matric. Hr. Sec. School conducted Prachodya -19 Inter School Quiz Competition –Preliminary round on 8.11.2019(Friday).Around 45 students from different levels participated and students from Level I,II,IV and V were qualified for the Finals. The students were escorted by the two teachers Mrs.Durga Devi and Mrs.Srividhya on the same day.

The students selected for the finals were escorted by the two teachers Mrs.Yamini and Ms.Bagiya Lakshmi on 9.11.2019(Saturday).

The following teams were qualified for the finals from each level.

Level Teams
I Samantha D
Avanees RM
II Pranav Subbaih
Harnitha D
Santhosh Kumara S
IV Kaushik S – 10 A
Yuvaraj K – 10 A
Navin Kumar R S – 10 A
V Adithya sai- 11 A
Megnath B Tridevi- 11 A
Keerthivasan SA 11 A

Finally, Pranav Subbaih, Harinitha D, Santhosh Kumar S of Class V- A under LEVEL-II category won the second prize and received a shield and brought laurels to the school. The other participants including students who participated in the Preliminary round received consolation prizes and participation certificates along with the winners.

Prachodya 2019

ISA Award Function

ISA Award function was held on 29th November 2019 at Taj Coromandel, Chennai. Ms. Janaka Pushpanathan, Director British Council, South India was the Chief Guest for the function. Mrs.Chitra, Vice Principal and Mrs.Mary Bennette, ISA Coordinator received the award on behalf of T I Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

The school worked on seven different projects implemented by a group of teacher coordinators. Three projects out of seven have been in collaboration with countries overseas on the topic, ' Types of Democracy- Fundamental Rights, Waste Wise Management and Folklore Hunt.' Through the various projects initiated, the young learners and the supporting faculty have breathed in a fresh approach towards learning and acquisition of skills. The experience has brought about an understanding of the world at large and has fostered the feeling of collective responsibility. I am sure the knowledge and skill gained by the younger generation is bound to impact the future both in thought and action.

The remarkable part of the whole experience is that it set a tone to explore different avenues from which children could learn.It has taught children to travel beyond books and taste the essence of learning through interactions that have resulted in participating in each other's lives.

ISA Award Function

Green Champion 2019

10 Green ambassadors along with Mrs. Durgadevi N and Mrs. Sreevidya Suresh, Teacher coordinator of 'Conserve My planet' programme participated in 'Green Champion 2019' an interschool competition held at Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram, Kilpauk.

Anusha M of Class VIII participated in the model making competition on the topic 'Waste to Utility'. She was qualified one among the top 5 finalists and was awarded a certificate and a memento as Green champion of our school. Our school was awarded a participation shield for consistent participation in the 'Conserve My planet program'.

Green Champion 2019 Green Champion 2019
Green Champion 2019 Green Champion 2019
Green Champion 2019

A spectacular Display

The kindergarten “Rainbow Riders” Sports day was conducted on Saturday the 16th November 2019. The entire atmosphere of the School had a festive look. The kindergarteners , some of our senior volunteers and teachers were so enthusiastic as the events kick started. The mere presence and interest shown by the parents offered enormous support to the entire events. Their encouragement raised the spirits of the kids. The touch of our little chirpy birds rendering the prayer song, followed by the welcome dance, the toddlers walk, shimmering Rainbow Drill and obstacle games boosted the spirit of sports in children. The program ended with the vote of thanks and children departed with an accomplishing smile on their faces.

Conserve My Planet Programme – Session III

Conserve my planet programme Session III was held on 12th November 2019 from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm in our schoolpremises. Mr. Rakesh from Sharp NGO conducted various rounds of quiz for the selection of 'Green Champion Award'. All the Green Ambassadors of '' Programme 2019-2020 were the participants.

Every participant had an opportunity to take up the preliminary round of selection in written form with 15 questions posed one after other in the form of PPT.

The qualified top 23 students were selected for the next round. In this round students were asked to unscramble the jumbled words related to the topic 'Conserve My Planet'.

10 students were selected based on their score and they participated in the final round of selection for 'Green Champion Award'. In this round students were asked to prepare and present a short speech on the topic given to them within the given duration. They were assessed based on the Content, Clarity of thought and Presentation.

Anusha M of VIII A emerged as 'Green Champion' of our school and is qualified to participate in the Inter school Green Championship programme.


The 9th of November 2019 was a day that buzzed with activity at TI School. The day came into being all because the student community felt the need to think about and care for fellow human beings in a way that is purposeful and soul satisfying. The members Student Council and the Club Presidents planned and organized a student led carnival for which Mr. Logi Dasan Thanrai, Deputy Director Malaysian Tourism Board, was the Chief Guest and the event was presided over by Mr. Narayanan Hariharan Chief Executive AMM Foundation.

The carnival housed various games, a food court and an awareness room on parenting and gadget free time with children. The game corners, (bounce it, brain game, say it loud, Pictionary, hawk I, honey I blow it, balance it, nut stacker, watch your breath, first sit wins, focusita, charades, fix it, bander snatch, defying gravity) mehendi / art corner and food court swayed the young and the old alike as all visitors enthusiastically participated and generously took part in the common cause. The proceeds of the event is to be offered to Arvind Foundation.

Aura Carnival 2019 Aura Carnival 2019
Aura Carnival 2019 Aura Carnival 2019
Aura Carnival 2019 Aura Carnival 2019
Aura Carnival 2019 Aura Carnival 2019
Aura Carnival 2019 Aura Carnival 2019
Aura Carnival 2019 Aura Carnival 2019

Saitech Compettion

Shri Sai Ram engineering college and technology conducted S2T edition, a state level competition on science and technology on November 2, 2019. Around 3000 students participated from three districts. A NITHISH, S A KEERTHI VASAN and ADHITYA SAI S D of XI – A secured the first place in robotics design "BEST INNOVATIVE DESIGN "and they received a cash award of 5000Rupees.