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November Month

Career Guidance Program

"A career is not just about earning an income, It is about pursuing the essence of our life"

We the students of XII A&B and our parents had the opportunity to take part in Career Guidance Program by Technocrats India College Finder (TICF) held on 21st and 28th November 2020 through Microsoft Teams Application. The experts from TICF Mr.D.Nedunchezhian and Mr.RS.Rajesh shared deep insights on each field like design, engineering, medical; arts. The experts were immensely experienced and professional. They enlightened us with many career options which were unfamiliar to us.

Apart from imparting an enrichedknowledge about various fields they also gave numerous students' experience which motivated us a lot .Many of us were stuck only to JEE and NEET but their thoughts enlightened our minds and they exposedus to many new paths. The way they explained each field was exemplary. They also talked about robotic arm, Neon the artificial human which were new and fascinating to us.

Many of us were in a state of confusion but they clarified all our doubts like a guiding angel. Overall this program gave us a better framework to plan for our future and it also helped us greatly in deciding on the career path which will lead us to success.

Report on ACER

"Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body"

ACER – Australian Council for Educational Research conducted a webinar on Assessing Reading Comprehension which was conducted in two sessions dated 27.11.20 – 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM and 28.11.20 – 2.00PM to 5.00PM respectively.

Ms Bagiya Lakshmi B and Mrs. Smitha KP were a part of the webinar with 40 participants.

In this session, we the participants were introduced to ACER, the ACER approach, and the workshop outcomes. We understood the purpose of assessment and we were given opportunities to reflect on our current assessment practices and opinions. In this hands-on session, we identified the most important ideas in a reading text and we learned what is important in such assessments.

We were then acquainted with the sub-skills of reading comprehension and through an activity, understand which types of questions can be used to assess each sub-skill. This session helped us to identify appropriate text for use in assessment through examples. We understood common errors that are made in assessments of reading comprehension.

In the final session, we were introduced to the principles of creating high-quality questions. We also got an opportunity to apply these principles by creating our own questions. We were led through the process of creating a scoring guide to ensure objective evaluation and received a hands-on training in creating one. As a final step, we created checklist to review our own items for quality.

Report on ACER Report on ACER
Report on ACER

Webinar on ACER

"Learning without thought is labour lost: thought without learning is perilous"

ACER – Australian Council for Educational Research conducted a webinar on Effective Online Teaching which was conducted in two sessions dated 20.11.20 – 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM and 21.11.20 – 11.00 AM to 5.00PM respectively and Mrs. Smitha KP was part of the webinar with 17 participants. The session started with an introduction by the teachers from schools across India. This brainstorming session focused on the differences between face-to-face and online teaching, and advantages and disadvantages associated with online teaching. Introduction to various tools that can be used while teaching online through synchronous and asynchronous modes was done. Participants were introduced to contemporary trends in digitizing educational content. The facilitator explained how existing content can be repurposed for virtual learning environments.

Various applications for creating videos, story boards, online quizzes, etc. were discussed as well. Through hands-on activities, participants were encouraged to create a learning design for any topic in their respective domain areas. In addition, participants were provided with details of open educational resources. The facilitator helped the participants to explore high-quality open educational repositories specific to their needs. Other important topics such as copyright issues were discussed as well. Curating online educational resources using different web-based applications were actively discussed too. Learning to structure the online lessons using the 'community of inquiry'- (collaborative constructivism) framework was the highlight of the session. The three components of the framework: teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence were discussed in detail. Specific guidelines for collaborative group work in an online classroom was provided. Guidelines for on-ground realistic ways of integrating online teaching at the institutional level was presented.

Pedagogical tools suggested are :-








Storyweaver: and






ACER Webinar ACER Webinar
ACER Webinar

A Report on KG Department Children's day Celebration

Children's Day was celebrated Online. Students of the KG Department enthusiastically participated in the events. The celebration was from the 9th to the 11th of November at 3:00pm.Students of LKG spoke on the topic 'My Favourite Toy', while the UKG participated in 'A Fancy Dress – People Who Help Us'. The three day celebration was a fun filled experience both for children and the teachers.

Children's Day Celebration Children's Day Celebration

Report on Film Club

Report on the movie links sent on 13.11.2020 to classes 4&5 and classes 6-9.

Movie for the fortnight for classes 6-9 was 'Magic' - a short film based self-motivation and making an effort to achieve success.

For classes 4 & 5 was 'Damian and Kwibi' - a movie based on human bonding with animals and response questions were based on the emotions and the students' connect with pet animals.

Links of the clippings were sent to students through SMS on 13/11/2020. Students were encouraged to share their opinion about the clippings by filling up a form link attached to the same. Yet to receive responses from classes 6 – 9. 8 students of classes 4 & 5 have filled in their responses in the forms.

Report on Film Club Report on Film Club
Report on Film Club

Junior Art Club 2020-21

Making of paper Dahlia

The activity started on November 7thfor Grade 4 with school prayer. Mrs.Vijayalakshmi introduced students to the term 'arts' and she briefed about the benefits of practicing arts as a hobby or leisure time activity. She also made them aware of lesser known facts about the Dahlia flower - the flower of the day. This was followed by flower making demonstration by Mrs. Vidya. Students were introduced to the nuances of holding and using paper for craft activities. Students were monitored and helped by the teachers with repeated instructions. The demonstration was followed by a video presentation of the making. Ms. Kannammal took the session forward by showing and explaining different ways in which paper dahlia can decorate their houses. She briefed about the home assignment for which students need to browse and find one other easy flower making method. As a part of the assignment, students have posted pictures of the completed flowers. The same was followed and completed in session2 for students of Grade 5.

Navarathri Celebrations 2020

Career Guidance Program for Commerce, Nov 2020

Career guidance program for the students of Commerce, was conducted through Microsoft Teams on 7th November, 2020, by Mr.Rajesh, Vice President, Technocrats India College Finder, Chennai, (an educational consultancy firm).

The session began with information on various courses available for students of Commerce after schooling and a note of caution on the choice of private universities which do not possess the necessary accreditation or are involved in legal issues.

Information on courses extended from undergraduate courses in Economics, Actuarial Science, B Com, Humanities program in IITs, Hotel Management, Fashion Design, Visual Arts, Music and Dance, Law, NDA, CA, ICWA to MBA and other post graduate courses.

Mr.Rajesh also enlightened the students about the entrance exams and its pattern.

Finally, there was an interactive session wherein students and a parent clarified their doubts about a few other courses and the colleges that offer the same.

After the session, the link for the feedback was messaged to the parents.

On the whole, this career guidance session was informative and useful for the participants.