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October Month

International School Award for the period 2016-19

'The assessment results for the International School Award 2015-16 was announced on 27th Oct 2016. The re submitted portfolio of evidence has been approved and the school is successfully awarded with the International School Award for the period 2016-19'

One more feather to our cap !!!!

We are proud to share the good news that Nishank of class XI bagged the Sir Ramasami Mudaliar Centenary Rolling trophy for the English Elocution Competition held at state level at SRM School on 25.1.2016. We are proud to share that our school is bagging the trophy for the third consecutive year. T.I team Congratulations Nishank. The topic for finals was on ‘Mobile Phones’. He shared his points in the assembly held on 26.10.16. He was honoured by our Principal during the assembly. He also won a cash prize of INR 1000/-

English Elocution Competition Held English Elocution Competition Held

KG – Parent Orientation Programme by our Principal

The school conducted a program for the parents of LKG. The program aimed at creating awareness amongst parents on the beliefs of the Management, quality Initiatives that benefit students and the teaching learning methods. This program was also a platform for us to build a relationship with parents who play a key role in fostering holistic development of children.

KG – Parent Orientation Programme KG – Parent Orientation Programme

Special Assembly by students of class III A on Happy and Safe Diwali.

The safety tips shared by them for safe and clean Diwali are:

  • Always keep the fireworks in a closed box.
  • Burst crackers in open spaces like playgrounds and fields.
  • Discard used fireworks in a bucket of water this way you can avoid people from stepping on to and hurting their feet from used fireworks which are thrown on the ground.
  • Keep buckets of water and blankets ready, in case a fire breaks out.
  • Wear thick cotton clothes while bursting crackers, so as to ensure maximum safety from fire.

Grand Parent Story telling – 25.10.16 (Tuesday)

Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram, grand parent of Iyappan.M of Class II B visited our school for story telling for class I. Since we were celebrating Cleanliness week, he also told stories based on importance of cleanliness.

Grand Parent Story Telling Oct Grand Parent Story Telling Oct

INFOBEE In-House Camp

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

The Info bee club of our school conducted an in-house camp on the 21st and 22nd of October. The camp was filled with thought provoking and knowledge enriching activities. The fire for knowledge was kindled by Mr. Tim Murari, a leading author and journalist who graced the occasion with his presence. Following the inauguration and declaring the camp open by opening the “book”, we had reading together and charades which broke the ice between all of us. Later, we had dinner and a musical and fun-filled camp fire where feet got tapping to the rhythm. Then we had movie screening and later, it was time to sleep, for the next was awaiting us with a whole lot of other activities.

On the whole, the camp was enlightening and entertaining in every possible way.

The crux of the camp:

  • It was thought provoking and knowledge enriching
  • True to the name of the club, we were buzzing around like bees gathering information
  • The media of learning was interesting and enjoyable
  • Our ‘carry-home’ were
    • Learning the names of various books
    • Effective communication through charades and Pictionary
    • Linking facts through connexions
    • The ability to make the right decisions through decision making
    • The craving for reading
Info bee club Info bee club
Info bee club Info bee club
Info bee club Info bee club

Clean School Campaign – 19th Oct 2016

Guest lecture delivered by Dr. Sultan Ismail for class XI science students on the topic ‘Earth sake’ on 19.10.2016 at our school from 10.00 am to 12 noon.

Report on Guest Lecture by Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail

Report by Swetha T and Janani of class XI

Report On Guest Lecture On 19.10.2016, The great lecture started off on at 10 a.m for class XI A and XI B. Yes!! It was a really a great lecture by DR. SULTAN AHMED ISMAIL on the topic “EARTH’S SAKE”.

Mrs. Radha Ganesh Mam listed out his rich profile. We were impressed but still we had a nagging doubt or to be more precise, we decided that this lecture was to be utterly boring. Old and balding, what do you expect. And then Sir spoke. That’s it!!! He had out absolute attention. Every word he uttered was so informative and his sentences were saturated with knowledge.

Sir started off with difference between living and non living things. Without non living thing (air), living things (human, animals etc) cannot survive. He explained about organic and inorganic compounds. The reason and meaning of the Latin /Greek word from which autotrophs, herbevores, carnivores etc were derived. He did not stick on to Ecology but also spoke about vermicompost, plastics and pesticides.He beautifully explained why a dog eats more than an elephant. He touched upon the subjects related to pollution in food items. The food cycle and how manure is formed.

Clean School Campaign Clean School Campaign

To the surprise to non-bio students, Sir taught physics and chemistry too. He informed us of his app “Simple Tasks and great Concepts” which consists of small experiments which explain great concepts. He did some of the experiments during the lecture too. He showed us that science though appears complicated is very simple. He told us to gain more knowledge and be creative. He gave valuable points on how to turn out to be a better human being. Difference between listening and learning, the balance of priorities in youngster’s life and much more. This was wonderful as he did not stick to only biology, but he enriched us with subjects on physics, chemistry and self-help devices. Rather than being tired from a three and a half an hour lecture, the fuel of knowledge and humour fired up our eyes and brains and we were bright like the sun. We left AV Hall suddenly feeling heavy, due to saturation of information in our brains, very much interesting and informative.

All credits to Sultan Ahmed Ismail sir.

Report On Guest Lecture

Winners of the IMS Quiz !!!!

The Institute of Mathematical Science at CIT Campus, Chennai, conducted a program ‘One Percent 2016’, a mathematical workshop for students of class XI and XII.

Hariprasad, Govind Uduppa, Aravindh Perichaippan, Srinivas R of XII A and Swetha of XI A participated in the workshop. The workshop was about ‘Cryptography and gravitational waves’. Interactive sessions were conducted by eminent professors.

40 schools participated, both CBSE and state board. At the end they conducted a quiz and our emerged winners.

Winners of the IMS Quiz Winners of the IMS Quiz
Winners of the IMS Quiz Winners of the IMS Quiz

The students and the teachers Welcomed Mrs. Kamakshi, Academic Advisor

The students and the teachers Welcomed Mrs. Kamakshi, Academic Advisor – AMMF schools on 18th Oct 2016.She addressed the students by motivating them to dream big

Students And Teachers Welcomed MrsKamakshi Students And Teachers Welcomed MrsKamakshi

Essay and Poetry Writing Competition

Essay and Poetry writing competition for classes VI to VIII


  • My dream Clean School
  • Swachh Bharat
  • Green School at T.I

Snapshots taken during the Competition

Essay and Poetry Writing Competition Essay and Poetry Writing Competition
Essay and Poetry Writing Competition Essay and Poetry Writing Competition
Essay and Poetry Writing Competition  

Cleaning the School activity - Primary

Cleaning the campus by students of classes II and III

Cleaning the School Activity Cleaning the School Activity
Cleaning the School Activity Cleaning the School Activity

KG – Clean School Campaign

Teachers interact with children on importance of keep ourselves and surroundings clean.

Cleaning the School Activity

Motivational talk by Students of NSN School

Motivational talk by students of NSN school on 17.10.16. They addressed students of class IX A & B

Motivational talk by Students Motivational talk by Students

Navrathri Celebration

Heritage club celebrated Navrathri from 1st to 11th Oct 2016. Dolls were displayed in 7 steps in the lobby and everyday teachers took turns to do the Puja. On the day of Vijaydasmi, puja was conducted by a priest.

Navrathri Celebration Navrathri Celebration
Navrathri Celebration Navrathri Celebration

Kids 2 Kids Contribution

Through Kids 2 Kids contribution on Oct 6th, the following materials were collected and donated to Arunodayam Charitable trust for Special Children at Kolathur, Chennai.

1 Thoor Dhal 11.80 kg
2 Onion 16.20 kg
3 Potato 17.10 kg
4 Rice 55.00 kg