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October Month

Report on Bodhi Career Programme

Bodhi career guidance programme was conducted by Dr. N.Raj Mohan, Director, Bodhi, Mrs.Kalavathy and Ms.Ramya, for class 10. The orientation regarding career sure testwas conducted on 20.10.'20 for X A and 21.10.'20 for X B through Microsoft teams for both students and parents. This orientation gave a clear explanation for the need and importance of career sure test. During the session, questions were raised by the parents regarding career sure test and it was clarified by the resource person. On 23.10.'20 (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.), students of XA and 23.10.'20 (2p.m. to 4p.m.), students of X B took up this career sure test.

On 7.11.2020 at 4.00p.m. a parent - student interactive session was held through Microsoft teams withthe resourceDuring that session , the resource helped to interpretreports of two students as examples. This gave a clear picture about how to elucidate the test report.Further various integrated and different courses such as specialization in law, specialization in army and naval force for arts stream students were shared by the organisers. For students interested in science stream interdisciplinary courses such as mechatronics, chemical engineering, nanotechnology courses quick job yielding courses such as air steward, air hostess and hotel management (specialization degrees) were discussed during the session .It was an eye opening and an interesting session for the participants of this programme.

Navarathri Celebrations, 2020 at TI School

In this universe, 'Nothing is significant' or 'Everything is significant'.

The remarkable aspect of life is that things, both big and small add meaning to our lives. So, even something as small as a needle has significant utility in one's life as does a house.

Ayudha Puja recognises this functionality and efficacy of tools, books and devices we use in our day to day life.

Preparation for Navarathri, the festival which expresses devotion to goddesses Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati began on the 16th of October in TI School. Teaching and non-teaching staff of the school arranged the Golu with fervour and devotion.

On the 23rd of October, the celebrations concluded with Saraswathi/Ayudha Puja performed in school in the presence of the Principal, teachers and non teaching staff.

Teaching staff members of the Heritage Club dismantled and packed the Golu on the 28th of October with prayers thanking God for the successful completion of Golu and hoping for a successful one the next year.

Navarathri Celebrations 2020 Navarathri Celebrations 2020
Navarathri Celebrations 2020 Navarathri Celebrations 2020
Navarathri Celebrations 2020

Webinar by Karadi Path

Every 'c' in Pacific Ocean is pronounced differently – Excite the reader in you!

The webinar was hosted by Karadi Path to launch a new venture in reading named ZOOMER-hybrid acceleration reading programme. Mrs. Meera Bai Gopi, Mrs. Priyalatha and Mrs. Smitha KP were part of the webinar on 30th of October 2020 at 5:00 PM. Preethika Venkatakrishnan – Vice President of Karadi Path Education Company hosted the show and invited Owen Henkel – Dept. of Education, University of Oxford to officially launch the space themed ZOOMER e - reading app. This app mainly is to accelerate the reading in children.

Owen Henkel summed up three predominant factors to look for in reading

  • Reading is a complex process that involves mapping between written language and spoken language.
  • Encouragement and engagement to read.
  • Immediate feedback to readers to help them in proper pronunciation.

The invigorating panel discussion on READING AS THEATRE OF THE MIND was with Mukta Chatterjee (Executive Director, Centre Point Group of Schools) as the moderator who brainstormed the similarity of theatre of the mind to a live theatre show. The panelists were Anushka Ravishankar (Children's writer), Chitra Soundar (Children's writer), CP Vishwantah (CEO and Founder Karadi Path) and Owen Henkel.

Can reading aloud hamper learning efficacy? How reading impacts one's consciousness? The popular kill joys in reading in children.

The above points were briefly discussed by the panelists. The importance of reading aloud, silent reading by children and model reading by a proficient reader was discussed too. Debate on reading stories and understanding mathematics and science concepts and how illustration and picture book help in reading were debated too. One doesn't need to read books to become successful was the final debate in line where Chitra Sounder pointed out that reading and comprehending plays a major role in day to day life. Mr. Vishwanath expressed that teaching grammar and then reading the language may not be a successful strategy in accelerating the interest to read. Encouraging children to listen and read can help in making them get a hold on the language.

Webinar by Karadi Path Webinar by Karadi Path
Webinar by Karadi Path Webinar by Karadi Path

Sandwich Making Activity

As a part of Life Skill Activity for the students of UKG "Sandwich Making Activity" was conducted on 10.10.2020 between 4 to 5 pm. Students enthusiastically participated and prepared healthy vegetable sandwiches. Children were introduced to a range of basic cooking skills like peeling, chopping of vegetables, spreading butter and sprinkling pepper on bread slices.

Parents were very supportive in arranging things and encouraging children to participate in the activity. It was good to see children turning into little chefs and feeling proud to say "I made it myself" with a feel of accomplishment. This helps a child to become self-confident. This activity helped children in learning how to be self-reliant and improve their speaking skills.

Teachers in charge were Mrs. Usha Gopinath, Mrs. Dorothy and Miss. Krithiga.

Sandwich Making Activity Sandwich Making Activity

Junior Astronomy Club – 2020-2021

The Earth from Space

The club activities started with a prayer for grade 4. Students were introduced to the term astronomy by Mrs. Smitha and also guidelines to be adhered to during the session were given to students- digitally raise hands in case of a doubt, chat platform can be judiciously used etc. An animated video on space was screened. Mrs. Manjula Menon introduced and differentiatedastronomers from astronauts and cosmonauts. Astronauts share their joy and their perspective of the Earth from space in a video which was screened to students. Mrs. Krishnaveni oriented the group on telescope from the olden times to the new space Hubble. A video on space Hubble was screened too. Homework (browse on astronomers of India)has been assigned and student led PPT topic was shared with instructions, to be hosted by students in the next astronomy club.

Junior Astronomy Club Junior Astronomy Club
Junior Astronomy Club Junior Astronomy Club

Report on "Ingenium"

Jatayu Charitable Trust organised an online competition "Ingenium" as a social initiative to impart the importance of environmental changes and green environment to students and teachers. We had 156 registrations for various events including students (LKG to 12) and teachers. Teachers Incharge were assigned to render support to students to take part in the competition confidently. The results were announced through online on 15/10/2020 in "Ingenium Winner Announcement Ceremony".

The results are as follows

Competition Name Class
English Elocution (Classes 3-5) Chehal R 4
Amizhdhini 5
Wealth out of Waste (Classes 6 – 8) Pramodhana V 7
Drawing (Classes 9 & 10) Sahithya T 10
English Elocution (Classes 9 & 10) E. Niveditha 10
Dinesh Krishna 9
Tamil Elocution (Classes 9 & 10) Poorvika V 10
Calligram (Classes 9 & 10) Sahithya T 10
English Poem (Teachers) Mrs. Kannammal

It was a great opportunity for students and teachers to exhibit the talents.

Mrs. C. F. Mary Bennette

Scouts and Guides

All faith prayer

Ambattur Educational District conducted 'All faith prayer' in view of Gandhi Jayanthi"GANDHI DHARSAN" on 02.10.2020.Scouts and Guides from our school and their unit leader Mr. K. Ravikumar participatedin the online session.


Tamil NaduState Bharat Scouts and Guides conducted the 63rd Jamboree- on-the-Air in the presence of Dr.Elangovan ( State Chief Commissioner) on 17thOctober 2020. It was an online session.

The Scouts and Guides shared their views like prayer song, community songs, yells, claps etc with theother participants from differentstates.

LKG - Parent Orientation

The parent orientation session was held on 23.10.20 at 3.00 pm through Microsoft Teams. The Head of KG DepartmentMrs.Venitia started the session by greeting parents.Thirteen out of thirty four parents attended the meeting.

A video on school was played, followed by the presentation on Quality initiatives , awards won by school, and different activities carried out in school by The Head of KG - Mrs. Venitia.

Later teachers briefed on Curriculum and other activities followed in KG.

1. Mission, Curriculum, objectives, Assessment, Water play activity - Mrs. Prasanna

2. Sand play , Material play - Mrs. Candida

3. Routine - Mrs. Shanthi

4. Pebble walk and Music and Movements - Mrs. UshaGopi.

5. Art, Audio visual, outdoorplay - Miss. Krithiga

6. Clay moulding ,Dough kneading, General requisites - Mrs. Anjana.

At the end , the session was open to parents to get clarified on doubts in terms of academics / activities.

Gandhi Quiz

Gandhi Study Center conducts a quiz to commemorate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhiji and the winners are felicitated on Gandhi Jayanti. This year the quiz was conducted online in 2 levels.

27 students from our school participated from Classes VIII to XII . The First level was conducted on 30th September which comprised of multiple choice questions. 9000 students across Tamil Nadu participated in the competition. 148 students were declared winners and qualified for the second level which was held on 2nd October 2020.

The following four students were qualified for the second level.

Name Class
S. Vishal 10B
Sai Nandhan 8A
DhivyaSree 8B
Sanjana 8A

The second level qualifiers were asked to write 3 to 5 pages essay on thetopic 'The inevitable Gandhi – For the Current Generation and Current Scenario! '. The pages were scanned and emailed.

S. Vishal secured the second place in the state level. His keen interest to participate in competitions has made him successful in many occasions.

INTACH - Gandhi Quiz

This year INTACH commemorated the 151st birth anniversary of Gandhi by conducting the quiz online.Most importantly creating awareness about our endearing Bapu around this time was never a compromise. So with this mind set the quiz was conducted on 10th October.

The quiz was conducted for classes VIII and IX with two participants from each school.

The participants from our school wereSai Nandhan and DivyashreeOf standard VIII.

Sai Nandan secured the 4th place in the competition and brought laurels to our school.

Vision Ambassador Training Program

Mrs. Ambili Unnikrishnan, PG Asst English, participated in the virtual 'Vision Ambassador Training Program for School Teachers' conducted by Dr. Anuradha Narayanan, Principal– Elite School of Optometry- Sankara Nethralaya, on October 5, 2020.

Every child must have an eye examination at least once before he/she enters school. Early detection and management of eye problems is crucial in the young children. "According to the WHO, the 5-11age-group is considered vital for early diagnosis of eye problems. Refractive error remains the second leading cause of avoidable blindness and uncorrected refractive errors among school children can adversely affect their academic performance. The vision screening will help in the early diagnosis and treatment of refractive errors and other eye ailments among the school-going children," There are many initiatives to screen for eye problems in children both from the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations. Vision Ambassador Training is one such initiative from Elite School of Optometry, {a college run by Sankara Nethralaya in collaboration with Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani) where in volunteers will be trained by eye care professionals to do a Basic Vision Screening.

The following were highlighted during the session:

1.What is basic vision screening?

Basic vision screening aims to identify

  • Children with vision impairment and
  • Other visible eye problems like squint, ptosis etc

2.How to prevent eye strain?

  • Many of us spend a good deal of our time staring at screens from laptops, computers, smartphones, gaming systems and television. This can put a lot of strain on our eyes and cause eye fatigue. When using your screens give your eyes a break. Use the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away.
  • Use bigger screens instead of mobile phones
  • Blink eyes when experiencing fatigue
  • Take enough rest

3.How to identify a child in need?

The following may be indicative of a child experiencing a vision problem:

  • Eyes turning inward or outward
  • Squinting
  • Headaches
  • Worsening academic performance
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Losing place while reading
  • Avoiding close work
  • Holding reading material closer than normal
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Eyes tiring while reading or doing other schoolwork
  • Turning or tilting head to use one eye only
  • Making frequent reversals when reading or writing
  • Using finger to maintain place while reading
  • Consistently performing below potential

4.How can vision screening be done by teachers?

The training focused on two areas: how to conduct visual acuity screening, and how to teach others to conduct visual acuity screening. Using the screening 'kit', teachers can note down the names of the students who have difficulty in reading and send them for expert guidance.

Film Club

Movie for the fortnight for classes 6-9 'Kuppaikaran' - a tamil short film based on societal discrimination.

For classes 4 & 5 ' Perfect girl' - a movie based on sensory impairment

Links to the clippings were sent to students through SMS on 16/10/2020. Students were encouraged to share their opinion about the clippings by filling up a form link attached to the same. A few students have filled in their responses in the forms.

Students' response – Classes IV and V:

Film Club

Students' response – Classes VI to IX

Film Club

Heritage Club Activity

The Heritage Club of the Primary department conducted a meet online on 12.10.20 for classes 4 & 5.

Teachers In- Charge were Mrs. Rashi, Mrs.Sharmila,MrsKamakshi and Mrs.Sivagama Sundari.

As we hold the responsibility to pass on the heritage to our next generation, the importance and richness of our heritage was shared with the children through a power point presentation. Introduction to Tamilnadu' built heritage was given by showing pictures of ancient monuments like Mahabalipuram , Valluvar Kottam and many more.

Various places of rich cultural heritage of Tamilnadu and its importance were shared with the children. Along with these, a variety of traditional games like Pallankuzhi, Nondi, Gilli Danda, Kho –Kho were discussed with the children. They were curious and excited to know more about these games and expressed their desire to play all these games.

Importance of food and how spices serve as medicines were discussed with the children. Related images, videos and PPT was shown. Children enjoyed the session.

Heritage Club Activity Heritage Club Activity
Heritage Club Activity Heritage Club Activity
Heritage Club Activity