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Online Workshop

Ramanujan Museum for math conducted an online workshop on 16th of April'2020 for pre primary teachers to emphasize the introduction of numbers and place values. The workshop was presented by Mrs.Meena Suresh and was attended by 63 Math teachers from various schools across the city, including Mrs. Vishalam and Mrs.Vidya from TI School. The presenter explained the nuances of associating numbers to objects and how it is perceived by a child. Importance of teaching base 10, tens bundle and place values were explained well. Frequent revision of conversion of place value to standard form and vice versa for a given number was emphasised. Teachers frequently revising and keeping a track of student awareness of all four forms of representing numbers,i.e. standard form/ place value form/ expanded form/ word form, was one of the key take-aways for the attendees.

Online Workshop Online Workshop

Four forms to represent a number

Concept of base 10

Online Workshop

Introduction of 100 and beyond 100