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August Month

Story Telling Workshop

The workshop on "Story telling" was organized by Dr. Eric Miller (Director, World Storytelling Institute) from 14th June to 2nd August, Sundays, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm India time through the Zoom application.

  • Introduction
  • Animal Fables
  • Rhythm in speech and movement
  • Personal – experience stories
  • Fairytale
  • Epics
  • Performance by participants

Dr. Eric began the session by giving icebreaking activities like story composing, breathing exercises and rhythm. He encouraged participants to list out the magical element in the story that they have chosen and to narrate the story in their style, in the breakout room with the co-participant.

Thereafter Dr. Eric shared his views on "Story Performance"-Elements of the story, Vocal and Physical warm - ups, Stylized speech and movements, Story mapping and aids, and the use of stories to teach academic subjects, The Opening and Closing formulae.

Our learning from this workshop was that narrating stories to children enriches their imagination and develops critical thinking and problem - solving skills because they see life through a fantasy where one can overcome obstacles and see miracles happening. Stories are the counselors for life which give moral lessons and virtues. One can relate his/her own life, dreams, and anxieties to the stories he/she reads or hears.

This reminds us of how innate our parents and grandparents were as storytellers. A dynamic classroom moves beyond boundaries, imaginations and can transform the space into a world of wonder.

Kids Safety

"Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent."

Teachers from the Primary Section attended the webinar on 08.08.2020 at 5.00 pm. This webinar was an insight in wiping away all the misconceptions that one had on injuries in toddlers. Dr. Shyam briefed on the kinds of injuries and burns that must be handled with utmost care and wisdom. In the name of safety, the doctor requested that a child should not be abused too. The use of antiseptic liquid like dettol on burns was strictly prohibited. The ways of checking if an injury is sprain or fracture was briefed by Dr. Ganesh. Different ways of lifting an infant was suggested and lifting up a child by the wrist and elbow was condemned. Immediate first aid to be given during a dislocation or fracture until an expert doctor takes care was addressed by Dr. B. VidyaSagar. Dr.David V Rajan addressed the gathering and answered the Q&A's . Dr. David V Rajan and the other eminent doctors used case studies to address issues related to sport injuries. A child only after the age of 15 must be allowed to engage in any competitive sports activities require a special mention. The regular sports activities that is undertaken by school to help the child stay fit must be done with proper safety guidelines for age groups3 to 15.

Kids Safety Kids Safety

Webinar on NEP – A Report

Mr. D. Senthil Kumar, Principal and Mrs. Crescentia Bartlett, Vice Principal attended a webinar on 13.08.2020 on "National Education Policy" convened by AMM foundation. The speaker was Dr. Venkatraman. The speaker highlighted the aims of the policy such as

  • Equitable access to highest quality education regardless of social economic background (Access, Equity and Inclusion)
  • SDG4 as reference point which would require the entire education system to be configured to support and foster learning, so that all the critical targets and goals of SDGS of the 2030 agenda could’ve achieved.
  • Preparing students to be ready for the future as the future jobs may be new ones and of a different type.
  • Demand for new sets of skills based on equity and integrity – there will be a need to bridge the gap between 'what is expected’ and 'what is the reality. ‘
  • Universalisation of Early Childhood Development , with an important focus on Foundation Literacy
  • Introducing vocational skills at an early age and helping students to acquire skills through practice.
  • Flexible approach to selection of subjects
  • Lessening the burden of subjects

Math Webinar

A Math Webinar on the topic 'Approach to teaching fractions – Misconceptions and More' was held on 19th August 2020 by Mr. Anddhrendhu. Teachers handling Math, Mrs. K Vijyalakshmi, Mrs. Geetha Rajan, Mrs. Jayashree Narayanan, Mrs Mary Bennett and Miss Rama were a part of the webinar.

The workshop laid focus on the methods that have to be adopted to teach fractions using concrete examples and by preparing relevant aids. It also spoke about identifying possible misconceptions that students can have in their understanding of fractions, analyzing the reason for such misconceptions and suggesting methods to address those misconceptions.

The webinar included methods of teaching fractions using squared paper /grid sheets, area models, dot papers and paper folding. The webinar gave insights to define fractions in two different ways which can be used in overcoming misconceptions children might have while learning fractions.

  • Using area model: The fraction indicates the ratio of given parts to that of the area of the whole
  • Using Set model: Fraction indicates the number of objects in the subset of the defined set of objects.

It is a feel good factor that few of the strategies were already in place from classes III to VII in our school.

Misconceptions are a natural stage of conceptual development and it is important that the teacher is aware of them and addresses them to the extent possible is the take home. We are grateful to the management, Principal and our section heads for making us participate in this webinar.

Math Webinar Math Webinar
Math Webinar