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May Month

Faculty Development Programme - R Programming Webinar

Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai in Association with Spoken Tutorial, IIT Mumbai conducted a webinar on R Programming on 14th May 2020(Thursday) and 15th May 2020(Friday) from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm followed by an assignment from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Ms. Uma. M of the Computer Science department attended the webinar. The programme was organised by Dr. R.Bhargavi, Associate Professor, Vellore Institute of Technology.

About R Programming:

R is the most widely used language by data scientists and machine learning experts as it provides a free software environment for Data Science, Statistical computing and Graphics. As of February 2020, R ranks 13th in the TIOBE index( a measure of popularity of programming languages).

Session details

Day 1 started with an introduction to R programming and R studio, followed by self paced learning session with the help of 12 video lectures of Spoken Tutorials, IIT Mumbai on R programming. 12 different forums were open to post queries related to the lectures, which was attended by Dr. Bhargavi. An assignmentto enhance the hands on experience on R programming was challenging.

Day 2 started with self paced learning on advanced levels in R programming followed by a quiz based on 22 video lectures of day 1 and 2. Dr. Bhargavi ended the day with a session on data science and Artificial Intelligence with a sample R program that enables the computer to identify any number in any form.

E certificates were issued to teachers who qualified the assignment and quiz.

Learning outcome

The session provided hands on experience in learning and gaining knowledge on R programming. It further gave me more insight into R programming. In total, the learning served as a motivation to extend this programme learning to help students who are interested to benefit by it.