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September Month

Math Webinar

"Trials with triangles"was held on 16.09.2020 (Wednesday) from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm presented by Mr Vinay Nair, a Math educator who is a part of a few educational initiatives viz., Raising a Mathematician Foundation, Vichar Vatika, School of Vedic Maths and passionate about the education of gifted students and the history of Indian Mathematics and organized by At Right Angles.

The following teachers attended the webinar Mary Bennet, Sreelatha Jayaraj, Jayashree Narayan, Geetha.R, K. Viji, and N Rama

The points to be kept in mind while preparing a(n) worksheet/activity were discussed widely.

It must allow the students to explore the problem, take up the task with enthusiasm with some reward on completion, develop flexibility in visualisation of shapes, to identify and appreciate all possible solutions, make them reframe their reasoning in a better way.

A teacher should be aware that there are so many ways in which a child thinks and how important it is for a teacher to be alert to all the assumptions that a student can make.

After completion students can be allowed to observe for themselves, reason out, connect with the real life objects.

It is a classroom where there is no monologue and teacher to keep coming up with new and innovative ways of teaching even routine stuff.

The session was really an eye opener for a typical teacher and an add on for us.