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Antarctica Glaciers and Global Warming

T.I school provided an enormous opportunity for 35 students on welcoming the courteous family of Scientists - 'The Anandakrishanans' on 16th June 2018 at the Tamil Virtual Academy Auditorium. The students of STD 9th and 10th participated in this event and explored possibilities to enhance their knowledge.

The session commenced with Dr. M. Anandakrishanan presenting his son Dr. Sridhar Anandakrishanan to the gathering.

It was a moment of pride when the students were informed that a glacier in Antarctica has been named after the Anandakrishanan family.

He discussed with reference to the global warming and Earth's climate system and its related effects that make the glaciers melt and slide into the Ocean. In turn the sea level rises that leads to flooding in coastal areas. He divulged his experiences in Antarctica.

The enlightenment was thriving and encouraging for the young minds of T.I.

The event was concluded by quenching the curiosity of the students (Question and answer session).

The guest lecture was unquestionably an inspiration for the young minds.

Antarctica Glaciers and Global Warming Antarctica Glaciers and Global Warming