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Film Club of T.I School to be inaugurated on July 2nd 2018

Film club, like a reading group, is a cherished and ecstatic fête where people can bump into ideas, experiences and emotions that may not be everyday topics of discussion but which have the ability to shape all our lives.

Film club gives an opportunity to be ingenious, reflect, progress and to explore.

Schools are mostly frantic and noisy places. Requests and demands to 'do' things can seem unrelenting – from a student's point of view, Most days are fragmented and repetitive. Coherence, especially in secondary schools, is hard to achieve. It is unlikely that creativity thrives under such conditions.

A film club provides time and space to think, muse and contemplate. It provides stimulation and ideas - to encounter the creative efforts of others.

A film club offers all these things

TI encourages every student to be a part of film club and enhance their ingenuity and become skilled at everything they aspire for.​