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Ms. Eleanor and Ms. Beatrice were a part of the morning’s assembly at the primary section and were impressed about the way students start a day. They reported that it helped children to be calm. They said that the assembly theme – ‘save water’ was of universal importance and children had presented, reiterated the same with flash cards and could be more interactive.

Ms. Eleanor visited standard IV B and was welcomed by students with eurhythmic claps. The session on ‘asking questions’ was anchored by Ms. Eleanor. She encouraged students to ask questions. The students were enthusiastic in asking her about her family, native land, favorite sports, food and hobby. she taught them a ‘Silly penguin song’ and students in turn taught her the ‘ticky tacky too’ song

Ms. Beatrice visited standard II A and the session on raising ‘Wh’ questions was anchored. Students participated with a lot of energy. They were also taught a new song ‘penguin at tea’. Children asked Ms. Beatrice to sing the French national anthem. And they taught her the song ‘if you are happy and you know’

Both Ms. Beatrice and Ms. Eleanor praised student efforts to speak in English and their readiness to learn. The suggested

  • Use of songs
  • Repetition
  • Rephrasing of sentences as techniques that will aid in building spoken language
Helga Todd Teacher Interact Program 2017 Helga Todd Teacher Interact Program 2017