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Investiture function (8.30-9.30am)

Ms.Beatrice and Ms.Eleanor were the special invitees for the investiture function. The observed and enjoyed the proceedings of the entire function. From 10.20-11.40am they had a session with XI &XII std in “debating” skill.

Children showed enthusiasm in discussion and clarifying their doubts in debating skills.

Meeting students of XI and XII std- Introduction of Theatrical Skills

Warm up games- ‘Game 21’ and ‘Blood Potato’ were played.

Work shop on “Differentiation” (2.00-3.00pm)

Work shop on “Differentiation continued on 15/7/17 for primary and middle school teachers. Session started with the recall of methods already discussed

  • Bronze---- silver---gold method
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Open/closed questions
  • Grouping

Later teachers were asked to get into groups, preferably by integrating subjects. Each group was asked to discuss and arrive at different levels of questions catering to Bronze---- silver---gold. Teachers could relate to approaching, meeting and excelling levels.Oxford teachers had discussion with each group and gave suggestion and appreciated their work. They were also asked to bring some resource for extra questions like news paper/ work sheets etc.

Session concluded at 3.00pm putting all teachers in thinking mode to enrich students with different level.

Helga Todd Teacher Interact Program 2017