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Involvement in Middle school

Following are the observations made by the teacher( BBL):

  • Ms Beatrice had visited class VIII A and taught them prose “The Takur’s Well”. First,She introduction of the topic was done .
  • Two children were called on the dais to do role play.
  • Read the story aloud and asked the children to predict the rest.
  • Individual activity-students were asked to find out the answer for (WHO( characters), WHAT, WHEN & WHERE) from the paragraph read by Ms.Beatrice.
  • Answers were given by students in turns.
  • Differentiation of comic, tragic, horror, adventure and action was done.

Ms Eleanor had introduced ‘Biography’ to the students of VI B through the topic ‘Anita the Beekeeper’. These were the observations made by Ms. Yolanda.

  • The topic was introduced by an activity.
  • The teacher had asked the students to think of someone(sports personality/family member) whom they would like to be guessed using clues
  • Discussion on the activity- Few students were given a chance to come to the dais and share their clues
  • Reading aloud the biography. Students were asked to take turns and read one paragraph each.

Lesson will be continued in the next class.

Involvement in higher secondary school (FRENCH)

The Oxford teachers Ms Beatrice and Ms. Eleanor observed the FRENCH class of class XI on 17/7/2017 in AV Hall.

TOPIC : NEGATION ( construction of negative sentences )

Positive points given.

  • Teacher spoke in French
  • Translation in English given
  • Chanting/reciting the verb conjugation is done
  • Questioning done and was good
  • Used model sentences to get a answers from students
  • Explained clearly

Suggestion Given

  • Advised children to use a small white board and marker pen /chalk to write their own answers and show it to the teacher as and when they are questioned as some children may hesitate to speak in French.
  • Introduce play way method of learning
  • Teach children to disagree in French
  • Use the white board for dictation.