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Involvement in Middle school

Following are the observations made by the teacher (BBL) :

  • Ms Beatrice had visited class VIII B and continued the prose “The Best Christmas Present in the world”. Recapitulated the first and the second part of the prose.
  • Questions were posed to children related to the content.
  • Divided the children in groups and children were discussed to prepare questions among themselves.
  • Chidren were asked to write interesting story on their own.
  • Conducted Quiz competition in class related to the topic.

Ms. Eleanor had visited class VII A and continued with skimming and scanning of the lesson ‘People of British India’. The following were the observations made by the teacher (YM)

  • Introduced the topic by asking the meaning of an Informational text.
  • Activity- to read the text and frame 3 questions each.
  • Pass on the question paper to the other group to find the answer.
  • Repeated the activity.
  • Recalled the concept

Lesson Plan :

Topic – People of British India

Learning Objective : To explain the features of an Informational text

Motivation : The teacher motivates the students by asking the meaning and features of Informational text .

Students respond : the key features are pictures/photographs, title, topic sentence, captions, and graphs

The teacher explains that these are the features that makes an informational text, non-fiction.


Activity - 1

The teacher divides the class into 3 groups and asks each group to frame three difficult/challenging questions to be answered by the other groups.

A sheet of paper was distributed for them to write down their questions.

Teacher walks around and ensures that students write the questions.

Students respond - they write questions.

Teacher reminds the students about punctuating the questions using a ‘?’ mark.

Activity - 2

Students were asked to pass their question papers to the other groups.

Teacher gives them 5 minutes time to skim and scan the text to find the answers.

Students response : using the clues like captions, sub-headings they find the answer.

Activity - 3

Teacher asks the students to pass answered sheets to the other group to check and edit the answers if necessary.

Students’ response : they checked the answers and edited the answers.

Learning outcome :

Recalled the concept of skimming and scanning by assessing their comprehension skill.

Quick evaluation by ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’.