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Lesson Plan

Topic – A Poison Tree (Poem), (6A& 6B)

Learning Objective: To get the students involved learning a poem through freeze frames.

Motivation: The teacher asks the students to recall the meaning of freeze frame and also instructs them to make some freeze frames of the last poem ‘The Statue’


The teacher reads the first stanza of the poem ‘The Poison Tree’ and asks the students to underline the difficult words.

Students’ response: They underlined difficult words like wrath, foe, deceitful, wiles, stole, veiled

Teacher explains the meaning of the words to the students and also gave the right pronunciation.

Teacher repeats the same for all the four stanzas.

Activity time: Students to be in pairs. Boys to make freeze frames for the first two lines and the girls for the last two lines.

Teacher questions the students and elicits the meaning of the poem.


The teacher recalled the concept by guiding the students through the poem.

Learning outcome:


The teacher questions the students on the idea of the poem ‘A Poison Tree’.

Students respond :

  • Poison tree is grown and the fruit is eaten by the enemy.
  • Can’t control anger
  • The character feels happy on seeing his enemy stretched out.

Teacher asks the students whether the tree is real or it represents anything?

Students respond- it is the anger(wrath) that has grown into a tree and it bears a fruit.

The enemy eats it and dies.