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Involvement in Theatre Fest

DAY - 1: 22.07.17

Beatrice and Eleanor were on cloud nine at the thought of staging one of Shakespeare’s plays involving class XI and XII students. They ( OT’S) were well prepared to take off with the auditions which they so meticulously planned. After the students assembled in the Computer Lab, each student was allotted a number chart , which they had to pin on. Following that, the students were exposed to the synopsis of the play through a powerpoint, wherein they were introduced to the plot of the play and the characters, thus allowing them to be prepared to involve themselves in the play. They were then instructed to move to the stage where the shortlisting had to take place. For this the two teachers allowed the students to unleash their creativity and drama skills, so as to enable them to choose the appropriate student to play the role of the character/s in the play.

DAY - 2: 24.07017

Beatrice and Eleanor announced the names of the students shortlisted for the staging of the play along with the roles they would be donning. They thus prepared the students and kindled their enthusiasm and interest. In the meantime, they (OT’S) continued to work on their script to enable them reach its completion.

DAY- 3: 25.07.17

The students were relieved from their classes and the two teachers handed each student a copy of the script . The students , now aware of their roles got into a reading of the entire play to enable them connect to the role and get a hang of the plot. This practice went on in the AN session.