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March / April – 2015

  • The answer booklet will consist of 22 pages for language, 30 pages for maths and science and 30 pages for social studies.
  • The first two pages for language and English will be unruled and the remaining 20 pages ruled.
  • Students to avoid using the first two unruled pages for English – I, Tamil – I and II. However, the two unruled pages should be used to answer the advertisement question appearing in English paper – II.
  • Students to check the top sheet which bearers their photo, name, subject and medium of instruction.
  • Students to avoid writing their name or register number on any of the pages of the answer booklet.
  • Students should avoid using the right side of the page for rough work. Instead, the rough work should be done at the bottom of the page.
  • In case a student writes a wrong answer, the students are instructed to score out the answer using pen and write a note starting “This answer is struck out by me”. Students should not sign.
  • The unused sheets to be struck off using the note “This page is struck off by me”. No signature is required.
  • In case additional sheets are required, the students are instructed to inform the invigilator when they reach the second last page of the answer booklet.
  • The exam duration is from 9.30 am to 12 noon.
    • At the stroke of the first bell at 9.00am, Children should enter the room leavening their footwear outside and to be seated in the places allotted to them.
    • The second bell will ring at 9.10am twice.
    • At 9.15 am the question paper will be distributed and students are expected to read the question silently.
    • At 9.25 am, the fourth bell will ring and the answer booklet will be distributed. This is the time where the student should check all the details on the top sheet and sign where mentioned.
    • At 9.30am, the fifth bell will ring indicating the commencement of the exam.
    • A bell will ring every half an hour i.e., 10.00am, 10.30am, 11.00am, 11.30am and at 11.55am a warning bell and 12.00 noon a long bell will be heard indicating that the exam has come to an end.