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Parent Orientation Programme - LKG

The programme was scheduled for one hour (2.30 - 3.30 pm) and it commenced with a warm welcome by Mrs. D. Parasakthi (KG Coordinator), followed by a video presentation of the school and a session for awareness on Quality initiatives presented by Mr. Sankara Narayanan – Accreditation coordinator.

Mrs. Parasakthi explained explicitly on the learning methodology and why play way methods of learning are essential in moulding a child's social and emotional skills. She also explained the parents on the goal of the school and the techniques adapted by teachers in order to make the child psychologically safe and secure were explained to the parents.

The importance and learning elements through activities like sand play, water play, dough kneading, pebble walk, eurhythmics and movements, nature walk were elucidated to the parents.

Parent Orientation Programme - LKG Parent Orientation Programme - LKG
Parent Orientation Programme - LKG

The session was aptly wrapped up by the Principal, where he spoke about the progression of the school and the vision the school holds and is responsible for. Also, the parents shared their views and clarified their qualms at the end of the session.