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Parents Into The 'Realms Of Learning'
Morning session (9.30 am to 11.15 am)
Parent Orientation Programme - LKG

“Key to the child’s success in school life greatly depends on the positive involvement of parents”, and parents’ involvement becomes better with their children when they become aware of the School’s practices. In line with, the school had organized a ‘Parent Orientation’ programme for the parents who have admitted their children into LKG this academic year.

The programme was scheduled for two hours and it began with the video presentation of the school, followed by awareness on Quality initiatives presented by Mr.Dushyanthan – Accreditation coordinator. The vision of the school and the learning methods adapted by different sections were explained to the parents.

The significance and learning dimension of activities like sand play, water play, dough kneading, pebble walk, eurhythmics and movements, nature walk were elucidated to the parents.

The CPA (Concrete --> Pictorial --> Abstract) approach of learning and MLT (multi level teaching) method of learning were shared with the parents.

We also spoke to them on the importance and impact of a ‘healthy routine’ in making better learners.

The structure of the day’s activities, a few educational websites to teach phonetics clubbed with other general instructions were shared for the benefit of the parents.

The session was aptly wrapped up by the Principal, where he spoke about the evolution of the school and the vision, proper use of technology by the 21st century generation learners.

As positive inputs to parents he shared a few tips that would create a better link between school and home.

Parent Orientation Programme Parent Orientation Programme
Parent Orientation Programme  
Awareness On Teaching Phonetics - UKG
Parent Orientation Programme Parent Orientation Programme
Parent Orientation Programme  
Afternoon Session: (1.30 pm to 2.30 pm)
Awareness On Teaching Phonetics - UKG

As a continual improvement this academic year, the annual scheme of work has been uploaded on the school’s website.

We felt it is important that the parents clearly understand the method of teaching phonetics as it builds the ability of children to listen, speak, read and write.

Parents of UKG were invited to school for an interaction the teachers of UKG. They briefed the parents on the graded steps involved in reading and writing with a demo / practice of pronouncing individual sounds, consonant vowel combinations, reading high frequency words, number names and reading simple phrases. The parents were also guided on methods of involving children in writing letters, words and phrases.