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The Parent Conference

The Parent Conference – an initiative by the School to keep parents updated on the teaching and learning methods adapted in classroom was conducted for parents of the Kindergarten section in the month of February 2017.

Involving parents in the child’s learning process enhances the self esteem of the child and strengthens parent-child relationship. A consistent approach by the teacher and parent provides children with a structure which helps them learn better and most importantly without curbing their imagination and creativity.

The class teachers made a presentation on the purpose and outcome of learning activities that were transacted during the first and second term. The participation of children in assembly, celebrations, self help skills, field trip, and cleanliness campaign were also highlighted. Plan for the third term was communicated followed by sharing of individual child’s learning progress with the parent.

Parent Conference Parent Conference
Parent Conference Parent Conference
Parent Conference Parent Conference
Title Grade File
Cognitive Skill & Math Skill LKG
Language Skill LKG
Fine Motor Skill LKG
Social and Emotional Skills LKG
Math Skill UKG
Language Skill UKG
Tamil UKG
Self Help Skills UKG