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Workshop on Art and Science of Maps

Date: 04-08-2018 (Saturday)

The teachers of Social Science department, Mrs. Priya Shankar, Mrs.Yolanda Mcpherson and Miss Bhagyalaxmi attended a one day workshop conducted on Map making, GIS and GPS on 04.08.18(Saturday) at YMIA, Mylapore. The history of Map Making in India was discussed by Dr. Indira, a retired professor of Geography.

She elaborated the steps involved in Map Making along with the contributions and steps taken in other parts of the world. A brief lecture on the process of GPS was handled by Dr R.Geeta - Professor , Queen Mary’s College.

The process and importance of GIS (Geographic Information System) was taken up by Mrs. R. Geetha. The uses of GIS in different fields and the availability of job opportunities were discussed to create awareness among the teachers which in turn would benefit the student community.

Mr Arun, a retired army officer led the afternoon session. He introduced the concept of Ariel navigation which requires precession in measurements and marking of maps with strategic points. An activity was conducted which enabled the teachers to have a hands on experience in marking a place and measuring the distance.

Workshop on Art and Science of Maps Workshop on Art and Science of Maps
Workshop on Art and Science of Maps Workshop on Art and Science of Maps
Workshop on Art and Science of Maps Workshop on Art and Science of Maps

Musical Workshop

Date: 04-08-2018

The students of T.I took part in a Musical workshop on "How to understand and appreciate our great music" conducted by Rhapsody and Music Forum at Music Academy on 4.8 2018

At the start of the session, the orator Dr. Sundar addressed and exhibited the gathering on The Growth of Classical Music from Devaram, Tirupugazh and several Krithis of Shri Thyagarajar, Shri Muthuswamy Dhikshidar and Bharathiar.

The second half of the session Smt. Jayanthi Kumaresh (VEENA EXPONENT) explained the subject 'Kaleidoscope of Ragas'. She further explained how the moods of a Raga change accordingly.

The workshop was concluded with an edifying lecture by Smt. Anuradha Sriram (MUSICIAN) on the topic "Why to learn classical music". She expressed the importance of learning classical music.

The workshop was enlightening and provided our students with massive importance towards learning classical music.

Mock Drill Training

Date: 28-06-2018

Venue: AV Hall

Time: 2:30 pm. To 4:00 pm.

Organiser: SN, MUP, JN,KRK

Resource Persons:

Mr. Perarasu,
Senior executive , Safety dept, TI cycles.
Mr. Manikandan,
Senior Executive, Safety dept, TI cycles.

"Safety begins with team work"

The session was organized in order to strike a chord concerning potentially hazardous situations in our work place and to manage them effectively.

It was also to glance again and amend the standards of operating procedures of mock drill and to ensure execution of procedures during mock drill.

Mr. Perarasu endowed with a brilliant presentation highlighted the need for mock-drill and procedure for quick evacuation.

He illustrated on:

  • Most common types of emergency situations
  • Identifying locations for safe and quick evacuation (internal and external factors of emergency)
  • Phases of mock drill
  • The responsibilities of staff and students during the mock drill
  • The resource representatives provided template on standard operating procedures for the safety of the school
  • The programme also included methods to handle disasters in the case of fire. The programme reiterated the responsibilities of the staff members in order to handle emergency situations.
Mock Drill Training Mock Drill Training
Mock Drill Training Mock Drill Training

Dealing with failures - Developing resilience in school children

Date: 26-06-2018

Venue: The Residency Towers, T. Nagar

Members present: Mrs.K. Chitra, Mrs. D. Parashakthi, Mrs. Meera Gopi

The key speaker of the session Dr. V S Ravindran, dealt with the need to build resilience in school children and discussed ways to build the same. He stressed on the need for schools to design a curriculum that would help students cooperate in learning and growing. He advocated a school environment that promotes hope, a growth mind set and persistence. He added that childhood experiences mattered most for every child. A good diet and physical activity is key to building resilience. Non competitive activities, parenting programmes, awareness through parent teacher conferences etc. are practices in the school reiterated by the resource as well.