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Report Of Parent - Resource Interaction

Target Group: Parents Of Std X A&B

Date: 10-03-2018

Venue: Ti School Auditorium

Duration: 10.00am - 12.00 Noon

Resource: Dr. Rajmohan - Bodhi

Teacher In Charge: Mrs. Radha Ganesh

The session commenced with an introduction of Dr. Rajmohan by Mrs. Radha Ganesh.

The resource person elicited from students and parents the meaning of skill, aptitude ,attitude and went on give a clarity on these with the help of a PPT involving famous personalities. He requested student volunteers to share their choice of career and collated the same with the report of the Career Sure Test.

This exercise gave the students and parents a better view of their child’s interest and aptitude.

It was a very lively and interesting session for both the parents and the students.

Lecture By Dr. Pradeep Kumar On Ergonomics "Efficiency is doing better what is already being done."

Date: 09-02-2018

Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. We had with us Mr. Pradeep Kumar from Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital on 9th Feb 2018 to brief us on the same. He spoke about the importance of maintaining the right postures while at work and how it affects our lifestyle. He presented a Power Point to explain the right usage of our body parts to stay fit and healthy.

The PPT was about

  • Common Work-Related - Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • Risk factors of MSD injuries- Work positions and postures How often task is performed
  • Level of required effort and duration of task
  • Methods of protecting against MSDs
  • Ergonomic Control Methods – especially with respect to teaching profession

On the whole, it was an eye opener for all the teaching and non teaching staff and a very important valuable session for all.

At the end of the session, few teachers consulted him for their similar health issues.

Lecture By Dr. Pradeep Kumar Lecture By Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Career Guidance Session - IV

Target Group: Std XI

Date: 07.02.18

Organiser: Global Adjustments Foundation

Resource Persons: Mrs. Usha Ramakrishnan

Teacher Co-Ordinator: Mrs. Radha Ganesh

The final session focused on values in life. Students watched videos which were inspiring. Students raised queries on how to manage time, let go off browsing on the internet especially when exams are fast approaching and so on. They also did a recap exercise on their strengths and weaknesses.

Career Guidance Session Career Guidance Session
Career Guidance Session

Pre-Primary Teaching Techniques and Learning Skills Workshop

Date: 20-1-2018

Venue: Sacred Heart Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Church Park

Resource Person: Mrs. Aparna Athreya

Participants: Mrs. D. Parasakthi & Mrs. Chandrakala Jagadeesh

The one-day workshop on ‘Pre-Primary Teaching Techniques and Learning Skills’ by Mrs. Aparna Athreya was an excellent and effective programme. The programme gave us ideas on

  • How to keep the classroom creative and interesting
  • Planning activities to teach various concepts in such a way that it reaches all types of learners.

The focus of the programme was on Multiple Intelligence (MI). The techniques that we have learnt can be integrated along with our teaching methods, which will enhance our teaching skill. The resource person is an amazing story teller and she has taught us new techniques of effective story telling.

Third Session Of CTT

Date: December 05, 2017

The third session of CTT was held on 05/12/17 at IIIC.

I Can

Date: November 22, 2017

Class: XI students

The third session of "I Can" workshop by Ms. Usha Ramakrishnan for class XI students was held on 22.11.17.

Fire Safety Training

Date: October 13, 2017

Venue: Biology lab and Behind basket ball court

Time: 3.00 pm. 4.00 pm

Organiser: KRK, SN, MUP, JN

Resource persons:

  • Mr. L. S. Guruvayurappan
    Manager, Safety dept, TI cycles
  • Mr. N Muthuraman
    Senior executive , Safety dept, TI cycles
  • Mr. Manikandan
    Executive, Safety dept, TI cycles

The teaching and non-teaching staffs gathered in the Biology lab for the training on Fire safety. The resource persons were introduced by Mrs. Jayashree Narayanan.

Mr. Guruvayurappan made a presentation on Fire safety. The presentation included the types of fire and the ways of extinguishing fire using the methods of starvation, Blanketing and cooling. Mrs. Uma rendered the vote of thanks.

The staffs also gathered behind the basket ball court for getting a hands on experience on how to use the fire extinguisher. The resource persons gave a demo on how to open and use the fire extinguisher. Six extinguishers were used for this purpose which will be refilled.

Fire Safety Training Fire Safety Training
Fire Safety Training Fire Safety Training

I Can - Workshop

Target Group-Std XI

Organiser - Global Adjustments Foundation

Resource Persons - Mrs. Usha Ramakrishnan&Ms Akshaya

Teacher Coordinator - Mrs. Radha Ganesh

The first session of career guidance for students of STD XI was conducted on 09.10.17 in the fore noon session. The resource persons began the session with a motivational talk and videos of success stories of Mark Zuckerberg and many others.

This was followed by an ice breaking session -the students had to perform tasks like a small speech, singing, dancing and share their feelings and experiences of the same .This was further linked to how to overcome stage fear and face challenges.

I Can - Workshop I Can - Workshop

Career Guidance By Technocrat

Target Group - Std XII

Organiser - Technocrat College Finder

Resource Persons - Mr Rajesh For Commerce And Mr. Nedunchezian For Science

Teacher Coordinator - Mrs. Radha Ganesh

Technocrat College finder conducted a daylong session((9.00am-4.00pm) on career guidance for Std XIIA, Band C .0n 01.10.17

Mr. Rajesh conducted the session for the students of commerce stream and Mr. Nedunchezhian for students of science stream .

The session comprised of the various options in choosing a career ,the different entrance tests, the colleges and the universities recognised and funded by the Central Government and the AICTE were made known to both parents and students.

There were queries raised by students and parents on the strategies to be adopted for making it through the entrance tests for which the resource persons gave valuable inputs.

On the whole it was a very informative and interesting session.

Career Guidance By Technocrat Career Guidance By Technocrat
Career Guidance By Technocrat Career Guidance By Technocrat

Best Teaching Practices In School Education
By Jindal Institute of behavioural Sciences, O.P.Jindal Global University

Awareness Programme on "Identifying Best Teaching Practices in School Education for School Leaders" was on Saturday, 7th October, 2017 at 'Hotel Taj Club House', Chennai. Jindal Institute of Behavioural Science (JIBS) is a value based research Institute of O.P.Jindal Global University which is dedicated to understanding, developing and applying human process competencies through continuous experimentation, research and learning related to applied and experimental behavioural sciences.

Mrs. Mary Benette and Mrs. Sreelatha Jayarajan attended the programme.

Session I

First session was conducted by Prof(Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahani, Principal Director, (JIBS). Discussed the experimental behavioural sciences related to parents, teachers and students. He explained that (0-7) age group is the crucial age where they develop and fix the behavioural patterns. After that, as per research, we cannot do much change in behaviour of a child, said Dr.Sahani. Parents & Teachers to shape the child when they are in Primary section. Further discussion s were on

  • Collaborative learning
  • Teaching techniques
  • Self esteem
  • Locus of control
  • Psychotism
  • Neurotism
  • Social desirability

Examples were quoted based on the above concepts. Discussion continued on how it influence the students and the society in general.

Emphasis was given on our role in shaping and developing a better human being.

Session II

Second session was conducted by Dr.Manjushree Palit, Assistant Professor and Deputy Director JIBS.

Main focus was on multiple perspective of teaching and the art of teaching. Reinforcement was given on collaboration of Teacher, Student and the Parent. Discussed in detail the following.

  • Collaborative learning.
  • Value system
  • Setting standards
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Soft skill
  • Teaching techniques

Various teaching techniques were elaborated through power point. Explained about positive reinforcement and Negative reinforcement to bring in values in children. Various teaching techniques discussed were

  • Flipped classroom
  • Design thinking
  • Self learning
  • Gamification

High usage of Mobile phones by the children leads to self distruction. Negative reinforcement can play a role to bring the usage of mobile under control, said Dr.Manjushree.

There was "Question & Answer" session. They collected the queries from participants and promised to respond through our mail ID.

During discussion, they spoke about the educational services available with them and criteria & how to apply.

Certificate of participation was distributed to participants at the end of session.

Programme was worth attending .Great opportunity to reinforce and enrich our knowledge in shaping our future generation.

Best Teaching Practices

I can make a difference

Date: 06-10-2017

Venue: Vidya Mandir senior secondary school, Mylapore.

Organizer: Kuruvila Jacob initiative for promoting school excellence in school education

The third module of the training included presentations on a learning project based on making a difference as a teacher by the teachers from different schools. Mrs. Jayashree Narayanan and Mrs. Priya Shankar participated and presented about their learning experiences on the projects they have worked on under the guidance of the resource persons Mr. Stephen, Mr. G.N.Radhakrishnan and Dr. Sheela Raghavan. There was also a session on intra communication which helps a person immensely when they are aware of what takes place internally and take steps to endorse positive ones while carefully replacing the negative ones.

Be Heard in Australia – Public Speaking Workshop

The only thing to fear is fear itself

That was the motto of Mr.Unni Nair and Ms.Sonali of Excel Pro

The art of public speaking is fast dwindling and ExcelPro strives hard to revive it. In this regard, three students selected in the school round, Pooja S of class XII A, Priyasharshini S of class X A and SriKrithika P of class IX A, underwent a workshop called "Mic On" where a series of activities like Chicken dance ,Improv acting, Inspirational videos and tips on effective public speaking were shared by Mr. Unni Nair.

This workshop was an experiential Workshop for the selected participants post the screening which will help them pick up key essentials to being a Very Impactive Speaker.

The Preliminary round will be held on 14th Oct 2017 at Hindustan International School, Guindy.

Be Heard in Australia – Public Speaking Workshop Be Heard in Australia – Public Speaking Workshop

Courage to Transform

The First session of 'Courage to Transform' was held on 19th Aug at our school. 12 teachers were part of the program conducted by resource person Mr. G. N. Radhakrishan.

Courage to Transform Courage to Transform

Teachers of Tomorrow

Date of activity: 05-08-2017

Time: - 3.45 pm

Venue: Anitha Methodist School, Vepery

Teachers attended: YM,SMP

Objective: To empower teachers in creating a classroom atmosphere to inculcate creativity, collaborative learning, and critical thinking of students

A detailed report of activity:

Resource - Mrs. Ranjani Inderjith and the 'Thulir' team

A lecture about how to modify a teacher's focus on future generation was given by Mrs. Ranjani Inderjith. She emphasized that the teaching methods of today should undergo a gradual change in providing space for inculcating the three 'C' skills that is Creativity, Collaboration learning in a classroom, Critical thinking ability of the students. "Knowledge oriented classes will no longer help the future masses", said Mrs. Ranjani and she added that teachers should be the tools in locating various talents lying embedded in children and encourage them to build on it and develop skills to strengthen themselves to meet the future with confidence.

Activity 1: What should a teacher be to develop a student's with positive attitude?

Activity 2: Group activity. Discussion in groups to come out with ways to build up the self esteem of a child. Ideas came up were as below

  • Adding a positive adjective matching the first letter of a name.
  • Repeating choruses that bring positive thinking about oneself (What I do I do the best).
  • Creating a Wall of fame (Writing about peers positives)
  • Bean bag game. (Chance given to all to answer in class)
  • Entrusting responsibilities

Activity 3: An example to show teachers how informations can be misunderstood by children.


Field trip to Pugulur Field trip to Pugulur

A) Class Room In The Future-Blue print

B) A Teacher To Build A Positive Attitude In A Child

I can make a difference

Date: 7th and 8th of August 28, 2017

Venue: Vidya mandir senior secondary school,Mylapore.

Organiser: Kuruvila Jacob initiative for promoting school excellence in school education

This professional development program was delivered by Mr. Stephen, Mr. G.N.Radhakrishnan and Dr. Sheela Raghavan. Mrs. Priya Shankar and Mrs. Jayashree Narayanan attended the program. This program enabled the teachers to relook at their roles afresh through different types of activities and topics. Through activities the teachers were given opportunities to be empathetic to others and to build a strong foundation for bringing out the best in children. Teachers were also oriented to explore their experience using the skills learnt and present the same in the third module which will be held during the month of October.

Conserve My Planet

Date: 21.07.2017 (Friday)

Time: 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Venue: Schneider Electric India, Guindy

Organiser: Schneider and SHARP

Teachers attended: KSN and AI


The programme focused on enlightening teachers about the 'Conserve my Planet' initiative, its purpose, progress and procedures.

There was an ice breaking session conducted and then had a small quiz on environment, pollution etc. It oriented the teachers towards the purpose of the programme and in which the teacher representatives of 20 schools participated.

Then we had interaction with Schneider electric team about their support to this programme and there was a short video played about their CSR initiatives.

They also guided us as to how to progress in this, i.e. steps to be followed like parents consent, students' registration, guiding children in segregation of waste, creating awareness on saving electricity by becoming green ambassadors etc.

And they also offered to conduct one Gender equality programme to educate children about the importance and purpose through various film shows, games etc.

Model video is also screened to us.

The programme ended with a thanks note and request to schools to follow Reduce, Reuse and Recycle keeping in my their theme "Achieve more using less of the common planet"

Learning outcome:

  • Idea about the programme
  • Skills to anchor the programme
  • Knowledge to share with children about importance of saving our environment
  • Methodology to be followed

Science Teacher's Workshop

Date: 23.07.2017 (Sunday)

Time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Venue: Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Organisers: SOF and IWMA


Teachers attended: KSN

Objective of the workshop is to promote innovative teaching methodology among the teachers which can enhance creative and out of box thinking among the students, improve their learning and ultimately benefit the mankind.

Prof. Natarajan gave a benefitting lecture in which he encouraged teachers to go beyond text book and relate what we read or learn with our immediate surroundings and get more knowledge.

He performed few simple experiments and showed how they are helpful in understanding many complex concepts of Science. He taught how to explain Centrifugal force, Charles law etc., for us to understand the teaching methodology and concept.

He suggested that the class rooms are to be demonstration rooms and teachers to be facilitators so that the children will develop research skills and learn more.

He requested to participate in the Young Environmental Scientist award and motivate children to do creative projects.

Learning outcome:

  • Methods to teach complex concepts with simple methods
  • Need for relating what is learnt with our real life happenings
  • Necessity of making children think more

Class Apart

Venue: Vidya Mandir School, Mylapore

Teachers attended: RP, VPC

Duration - 3 days (17.7.17, 18.7.17, 19.7.17)

Day 1

Resource - Mrs. Geetha Bhalla assisted by Neha & Pooja

Lecture was about different stages of development in the child (from birth to 21 years ).

Mentors spoke about Eurythmy and taught few important movements with rhythm and actions which are important in building childs' ability reading and writing skills.

Day 2

Resource - Mrs. Vasudha Prakash

Spoke about how learning takes place in children at different stages and what are the factors that affect learning.

Day 3

Resource - Mrs. Vasudha Prakash & Mrs. Geetha Bhalla

Learnt about the different senses, disabilities and inclusion in normal schools.

Eurythmy movements / activities were done on all the three days.

Student Leaders

Mr. sankara Narayanan along with ten students of class IX attended a workshop organized by Little Drops on the topic 'Student Leaders' at Ebenezer Marcus Matric School at Ambattur. The workshop included talks and presentations by Dr. S. Varadarajan, Dr. Rajamurali, Dr. Natarajan and Dr. Shifa.

Outcome of the Programme:

Students learnt about

  • Health and Hygiene practices
  • Leadership qualities
  • Measures to save our environment
  • Food adulteration and methods to find out the same

Aggression in School Children

Date : 20.07.17, Venue : GRT Grand, T. Nagar

Members present : Mrs.Mary Bennette, Mrs. Sreelatha Jayaraj, Mrs. Meera Gopi

The key speaker of the session was Dr. V S Ravindran who dealt with traces of Aggression, the possible reasons behind it and ways to address the same. The lecture highlighted the school’s role in conducting regular health check which includes vision, hemoglobin levels and indicators of children who should be referred to clinical psychologists. Ways to handle children with special needs and prevent aggression was touched upon.

In order to achieve the best in students the school needs to determine / conduct :

  • Areas of freedom in decision making
  • Areas that need listening / discussion time
  • Areas of complete decision
  • A structured behaviour policy
  • Parenting programmes

Music Workshop held at Music Academy

10 students from classes VIII to XII from our school attended the Music Workshop held at Music Academy on 15.07.17 (Saturday) from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm conducted by Vocalist S . Sowmya and Violinist D Kumaresh .

The Learning outcome of the workshop :

  • Exposure to elements that is needed to compose music
  • Listening to music frequently will help
    • identify the ragas
    • the different styles of music
    • recognize the characteristic pattern of musical elements

Mrs. Priya Shankar, Mrs. Yolanda Mcpherson, Mrs. Meera Gopi attended a workshop dealt with what Art History

Mrs. Priya Shankar, Mrs. Yolanda Mcpherson, Mrs. Meera Gopi attended a workshop dealt with what Art History is. It helped us know that man expressed himself through visual art, and a study of it, would build the required connect within ourselves and the world outside. The workshop highlighted how art is integrated into every other subject that is taught. The two resources were so willing to spread the benefits and reach out to as many as possible. Points we could consider to add more meaning to our curriculum are as follows:

  • Encourage project based learning of subjects (PBL)
  • Encourage all study by asking WHY? WHAT IF?
  • Study art to draw a connect between different lands / belief systems / ceremonies / public spaces / conflicting and converging cultures
  • Art as a medium to encourage students’ expression
    • Explore the natural world
    • How do you project yourself to the world outside
    • What are your beliefs
    • Voice your views etc. could be assigned
  • An origami sample to help teachers look for more
  • Teaching tool kit – Art Project Grading Rubric
  • A handout of activities suggested
  • An invitation to share through mails

Little Drops – Hygiene for Health Trust

The first meeting of little Drops for the academic year 2017-18 was conducted on 23rd June between 3.30Pm and 5.30 Pm at Dr.A.P.J. Abdulkalam Auditorium, ESSVEE Hospital, Ambattur Chennai 53.

It was a general introduction meeting and plan for the academic year 2017 -18.

The main aim was on “How to inculcate Health and Hygiene among the students”.

The more highlighted topics were

  • Plastic free campus and Toilet cleanliness.
  • Awareness on the danger of plastics
  • Safe and healthy toilet usage
  • Importance for value Education classes.

Chrysalis ICT Workshop

Mrs. S.V. Mythily attended a Workshop "ICT Connect from 01.06.2017 to 03.06.2017 at PS Higher Secondary School, Mylapore.

The workshop was organised by EZ Vidya who designed Chrysalis ICT – “thinking centred” curriculum. Mr. Venkatraman and Ms. Krithika conducted activities to inculcate Creative Thinking among children.

Chrysalis Approach – based on brain based research – creates an emotionally safe environment for the learner in the classroom to learn any new concept being taught. Teachers who teach ICT become facilitators. Facilitator needs to take any lesson from the curriculum for any class (which is comfortable to handle) – preferably Class 4 and he/she has to explain the components with the Lesson – Studio components, and Tech Concepts during this session.

Chrysalis is designed based on the academic theme for each class. Cross curricular approach helps the students to understand the differential application of technology in varied fields.

Introducing NEW CONCEPTS

This curriculum is purely based on Open Source Software.

Open Source software enables the child to habituate responsible computing even at home. New advanced modules like Android; PHP encourages the child to get acquainted with recent advanced technologies at a younger age. Teachers can update their technical knowledge through the new advanced software / applications.

Outcome Based Interventions

Variety of Project time activities helps the students to apply their creativity with technology, and help the teachers to assess the students’ technical understanding at the same time.

Learning Outcome

The workshop provided many inputs where the teachers can make a class room as a think room and students can be given a state-of-the-art learning experience which in turn will develop the child’s Meta-Thinking.

Creativity in Teaching

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

The teachers of T.I. and AMM attended a workshop on “Creativity in Teaching” by Professor Dr. Sultan Ismail, who works with the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India, in the development of a module on vermi composting as a sustainable ecological practice for children.

He addressed the teachers on ‘Effective student engagement, innovative strategies and approaches’

The crux of his workshop was :

  • Think differently
  • Be open minded and more creative
  • Show appreciation, gratitude
  • Teach children ‘How to think’ and not ‘What to think’
  • Follow LSRW
  • Be a spark plug for the child
  • Accept the change
  • Communicate more through body language than words
  • Do not label a child
  • Induce lateral thinking by asking open ended questions
  • Change from “A Teacher” to “The Teacher”
  • Never compare
  • Evaluate properly

He showed simple ways of teaching concepts through small experiments.

The session was an eye opener and we got a lot of priceless things to take home, to implement and cherish in life. We were truly privileged to listen to Mr. Ismail.

Creativity in Teaching Creativity in Teaching
Creativity in Teaching  

CTT was held

The 9th and the 10th session of CTT was held on 4th and 11th March at IIIC.

CTT was held

The ninth session of CTT was held at IIIC on 4.03.17

Student Leadership Programme

Junior Student council attended a leadership programme conducted by resource Mr. G.N Radhakrishnan on 23rd and 24th Feb 2017 at IIIC, Avadi. The programme was to throw light on

  • Leadership qualities
  • How Communication plays a vital role for a leader
  • Real time examples in handling issues/ problem solving

A Class Apart – A kuruvila Jacob initiative

Module three of three has been completed by Mrs. Meera Gopi and Mrs. Priyalatha from February 20th – 22nd 2017. The module focused on the following :

Inclusion identify and dealing with the different types of temperaments, remedial teaching methods and a repertoire of activities, songs and verse that would help the teacher to be ready and equipped. The math through activity and games is an extremely useful one to teach the lower classes. The workshop reinstated the importance of Meta cognition strategies such as mind map, story map, fish bone strategies all of which aid build connection to previous learning.

Career Guidance by Bodhi

Career guidance programme for class X and XII was conducted by, “BODHI” a reputed organization to enable the child to make the right decision in choosing his/her career.

The Fifth and Last Session of 'Ethics and Values'

The fifth and last session of ‘Ethics and Values’ for class XI was held on Feb 6, 2017. The students presented their projects ‘Earn Money the right way’. The objective of the project was to make students understand and experience various emotions and how to handle them.

The fifth and last session of ‘Ethics and Values’ The fifth and last session of ‘Ethics and Values’

Life Skills

The second session on ‘Life skills’ for class XI was held on 15.02.2017 by resource person Mrs. Usha Ramakrishan. She addressed the students on ‘Exam fear, how to overcome it, tips to prepare yourself for the final exam, importance of planning how to remove exam stress, mind management, time management and so on.

Life Skills Life Skills

Report on the workshop on Geogebra

Two teachers, Mary Bennett, Rama attended a workshop conducted by Association of Mathematics Teachers of India on 21.01.17 (Saturday) and 22.01.17 (Sunday) at AMTI, Alappakkam, New Perunkolathur.

The facilitator Dr. Muralidharan is a known Mathematics educator. He has authored three books and more than 65 expository articles on school/college level mathematics. He has been actively involved in the Mathematics Olympiad programs of AMTI for several years. He has worked in the Information Technology industry for more than 25 years and has a keen desire to spread the use of technology in the teaching of Mathematics at school level.

Geogebra – a brief note

  • It is free software which can be effectively used to explain geometric and algebraic concepts visually using graphs and shapes.
  • Aim of the workshop : To teach Differential Calculus effectively using geogebra.
  • Concepts learnt : Graphical representation of functions, limits, three dimensional views. Visually appreciate the change and understand when the function attains maxima and minima. The method to prepare such visuals using the software, the path to download already existing visuals, to include colours to add more effect.
  • Follow up action : As this software can be used effectively in teaching mathematics for class IX to XII, teachers will be met in the first week of March 2017 and elaborated on the same by the teachers attended the workshop and we will see to that the implementation happens in the next academic year onwards.

Temple Research Heritage workshop

5 teachers attended a workshop ‘South Indian Temples’ conducted by Mrs. Chitra Madhavan, an eminent historian and researcher at AMM School on 17th Dec 2016. The outcome of the workshop was : Teachers to undertake project which would project on the culture and heritage through temples

First Aid Training

There was an awareness workshop for teachers on ‘First Aid ‘ by a team of members from ‘Intsky’. The workshop was conducted to create awareness on the basic help to be given for common day today injuries. Safety officer of T.I Mr. Muthuraman and a team of four members from ‘Intsky’ gave us a demo on the first aid to be given in case of CPR, snake bite and bleeding.

Training by Lions Club

Six teachers attended a 3 day workshop at AMM School on “SKILL FOR ADOLESCENCE” (SFA) conducted by Lions Club. SFA was conducted by a professional trainer ‘Mrs. Brinda Ashok’. Sessions included activities, sharing, and teachers’ presentations.

Orientation of the books and how to use the 7 books.

Trainer took each and everyone through the program and everyone got answers for so many unanswered problems faced by the parents/teachers of adolescence. (6-10stds)

Training by KIPS

Mrs. Sivashankari attended one day training at KIPS. The key points of the workshop were

  • Key to success- lecture by Mr. Ravinanda
  • How to teach computer science cramming free way? by Mrs. Tuhina Nanda
  • How to teach in an interactive way using KIPS syllabus?
  • Introduction of new software (ICL, CYL, QPG)
  • Latest updates for teachers (IT)

Teacher training – MDA

The week end teacher training course on Dyslexia conducted by MDA anchored by Mrs. Geetha Raghavan .

MRS. K. R. Vishalam has attended two out of 8 sessions of the workshop on identifying specific learning disabilities in children. A detailed report with an action plan will be evolved in term III.

The sessions laid emphasis on

  • Multiple intelligence
  • Mind mapping
  • Learning styles

A Class Apart – A Kuruvila Jacob Initiative

Module one of three has been completed by Mrs. Meera Gopi and Mrs. Priyalatha. The experience served useful and change in timetable and curriculum design is being thought of for children of STD I & II. A trial version will be conducted and in term II November 2016 and the findings will be studied and presented.

A workshop on ‘Conserve My Planet’ was conducted

A workshop on ‘Conserve My Planet’ was conducted by Schneider Electric for class VII on 7th Oct 2016. A team of four engineering students headed by Mr. Dhirij presented a PPT that explained the need to conserve the natural resources around us. This session emphasized on saving electricity in school and at home. The participants were given a T.Shirt, a badge and cap each. They all pledged together to take possible steps to conserve our earth and to spread awareness about the same in the neighborhood. A take home activity was given and a follow up will be done in the next week

The First session of Ethics and Values

The First session of Ethics and Values for class XI was held on 4th Oct 2016 in two batches.

The 4th session of CTT

The 4th session of CTT was held on 8th oct 2016 at IIIC.

The Third CTT Session

The third CTT session will be held at our school on 17th Sep 2016.

The Fifth and Sixth Session of TEP

The fifth and sixth session of TEP was held at our school on the 9th and 10th of Sep 2016

Xseed training by Mrs. Vasanthi

Xseed training by Mrs. Vasanthi for the new comers was held on 16.07.16. The teachers who attended the workshop are Mrs. Jayshree, Mr.Prem, Miss. Andrea and Miss. Yamini

The first session of TEP 3 conducted by Stride consulting for select teachers The first session of TEP 3 conducted by Stride consulting for select teachers

The First Session of TEP 3 Conducted by Stride Consulting

The first session of TEP 3 conducted by Stride consulting for select teachers of all the four schools was held on 08.07.16. Our Academic Advisor Mr.P.R.Rao and Secretary SRM school, Mr. Rajasekar inaugurated the session at the A.V.Hall.

The first session of TEP 3 conducted by Stride consulting for select teachers The first session of TEP 3 conducted by Stride consulting for select teachers

Courage to Transform, (CTT) workshop

Courage to Transform, (CTT) workshop by resource Mr. G.N.Radhakrishnan was conducted for selected teachers on 2nd May 2016 at IIIC.

Few teachers had a Value Integration workshop

Few teachers had a Value Integration workshop on 25th & 26th June. Mr.Suresh, resource conducted the workshop for teachers to arrive at T.I brand values

Three teachers, Mrs.Vandana Srivathsan, Mrs. Priya Shankar and Mrs. Rashi Pareek attended a Value education workshop

Three teachers, Mrs.Vandana Srivathsan, Mrs. Priya Shankar and Mrs. Rashi Pareek attended a Value education workshop conducted at Bala Mandir Kamaraj educational trust. The session was anchored by Ms. Maya Gaythonde. She taught us method of imparting values through stories from Mahabaratha.

The final CTT workshop was held on 29.03.16 at IIIC

The final CTT workshop was held on 29.03.16 at IIIC. The teachers presented a Power point on how the entire program helped them in molding and shaping them for an improvement in their professional front.

"ThinkEdu" Conclave organized by the New Indian Express

Our Vice Principal and Mrs.Ramya Ramkumar attended ‘ThinkEdu’ Conclave organized by the New Indian Express on February 9 and 10 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.

The theme of the ‪‎Conclave was ‘Should Indian education be Indianised?’ The two day program focused on topics that require immediate attention in the field of education. Academicians, scholars, politicians, and social reformers discussed and debated issues that would make our education system focused towards holistic development and propel our country forward to the path of development.

Multi Grade Multi Level (MGML) Methodologies and their global significance

Our Vice Principal, Mr.Senthil Kumar attended a 3 day workshop on ‘Multi Grade Multi Level (MGML) Methodologies and their global significance held at IIT Madras . The workshop was conducted on 17th,18th and 19th of Feb 2016. Our Vice Principal says ‘It was a great opportunity given to me by our Management. The entire conference was on MGML model adopted by Rishi valley, Chittoor (RIVER). Educators from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Switzerland and Bangladesh shared their experiences of implementing the MGML and challenges unscaling up.There was an insight into ABL in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The session was very informative and invigorative in the field of education’.

“IDEA-TRIGGER Workshop for KG and Preschool Teachers”

Mrs. Ramya Ramkumar and Mrs. Chandrakala attended “IDEA-TRIGGER workshop for KG and Preschool teachers” by Satish Chathanath of Pollen Cubes at Hotel Shelter on 09.01.2016.

IDEA-TRIGGER Workshop for KG and Preschool Teachers  

The final session of Teacher Empowerment Programme

The final session of Teacher Empowerment Programme was held on 27.011.15 and 28.11.15 at our school. Secretary Mr.A.Rajagopal, AMMF, Mr. P R Rao, Advisor-Schools, AMMF, Mr. N. Rajasekaran, Correspondent SRMHSS attended the Valedictory function held at our school on 28.11.15.

Eighth session of CTT workshop

Eighth session of CTT workshop was held on 08.12.15 at IIIC.

Professors from different Universities of Canada visited our school

Professors from different Universities of Canada visited our school and addressed students of class XI about the different opportunities available for Under Graduate studies in Canada .

Advanced School Leadership Program

Vice Principal Mr. Senthil Kumar attended the ‘Advanced School Leadership Program’ which was held at Girivan, Pune from 2nd Oct to 4th Oct 2015.

The program gave an insight into the three dimensions of Leadership

  • Organization / School
  • Academic
  • Personal

The workshop was organized by Shikshanyan Educational Organization at Pune headed by Mr. Vijay Gupta and Ms. Devika Nadigm who have been into the training leaders for two decades.

The entire program was a residential intensive workshop. A few areas worth mentioning would be

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Data Based decision Making
  • Managing once own emotions
  • Stress Management
  • Working with other and dealing with deadlines
  • Plotting of Multiple Intelligence Vs learning style of the learner to understand planning of methodology and differentiated learning and assessment for schools

The last session was on ‘Change Management’ (change in any disturbance in the stethoscope) which helped the group tom understand – How to cope up with the change in oneself / influences from outside.

Advanced School Leadership Program Advanced School Leadership Program
Advanced School Leadership Program

Internship Programme for Std XI B from 25/10/15 to 28/10/15

Students of class XI visited Sir Ivan Stedford Hospital to get hands on experience on Hospital Management and Nursing. Students assisted the staff in the various departments like Wards, Phramacy, examination room, X ray room, CT Scan, Pathology lab etc.

Our Vice Principal and Mrs. MeeraGopiattended a guest lecture “Great Talk”

Our Vice Principal and Mrs. MeeraGopiattended a guest lecture “Great Talk” by Dr. SugataMitra organized by the British Council. The lecture threw light on the fact that children have innate learning abilities and given the right tool and atmosphere, they can rise on a learning ladder quite independently. His lecture was based on his concept “Hole in the Wall” which provided the base for the making of the movie Slumdog Millionaire. We at school can surely bring about a congenial, self learning atmosphere.

Mrs. RamyaRamkumar, Mrs. Sreelatha and our Vice Principal attended the XSeed Conference.

The theme of XSEED School of tomorrow 2015 conference in Education Technology to deliver results for your school. There is an increasing talk about doing something new to prepare children for the 21st century. Then there is also a lot of talk on technology. This is to address the question of what's meaningful technology that answers the need for future. Eminent speakers like Joel rose, Co founder& chief executive officer, New class room innovation Partner, Prof.LS Ganesh,PhD ., Dept.of management studies, IIT madras,Anustup, Vice president of XSEED -all gave very enriching speech to TAP the future using the new technology TAPP the Future."Talk, do more, be better" and "teachers to embrace future" were a few messages to committed leaders.

Impressions Impressions

“Impressions” at Lalit Kala Akademi

Mrs. Vandana Srivathsan and Mr. Ravi Kumar attended an Art workshop called “Impressions” at Lalit Kala Akademi on 15.09.15. The workshop was conducted by Hast Karigar Society, New Delhi. The objective of the workshop was to train the teachers to instil values together and help their students to understand, involve and participate in making traditional arts and build national heritage.

Impressions Impressions

“Passion vs Profession”

10 students from class X and XI attended a workshop organized by ‘Climbers’on 06.09.15. The objective of the workshop was to give students an exposure to different Career Options. Guest Lecture on topic “Passion vs Profession” by Mr.N.Ram, Mr. Sam Daniel and Mr. Veeru Murugappan proved very informative for students.

Passion vs Profession Passion vs Profession
Passion vs Profession Passion vs Profession
Passion vs Profession  

“Child Sexual Abuse”

Our Principal Dr.SheelaRagavan and Mrs. VandanaSrivathsan attended a workshop on “Child Sexual Abuse” conducted by ICTRC at Hotel GRT Grand on 2nd Sep 2015.

“Portfolio of Evidence”

Mrs. RamyaRamkumar and Mrs. AmbiliUnnikrishnan attended a workshop on “Portfolio of Evidence” for ISA conducted by British Council at Residency Towers on 2nd Sep 2015.

“Ethics and Values”

The first Session of “Ethics and Values” by Resource person Mr.G.N. Radhakrishnan was held on 15th and 18th of Aug 2015 for class XI students.

Workshop Conducted by Little Drops

Ten students from classes VI to VII, IX & XI attended a workshop conducted by Little Drops on 7th Aug 2015. The workshop was about the awareness on the need of the personal, food and environmental hygiene. Dr. Raja Murali addressed the children on basic hygiene need. The children interacted well and were able to relate to the key point discussed. Session about girls hygiene by a lady doctor proved very useful for the girls and they were able to clarify their doubts too.

Teacher Empowerment Programme

Teacher Empowerment Programme for teachers of all 4 schools of AMMF started in the month of July 2015 with the first two sessions being held at our school on 24th and 25th of July 2015. Secretary, Mr A.Rajagopal and Advisor schools, Mr.P.R. Rao inaugurated the programme.

Third Module of the workshop "Courage to Teach"

Eighteen teachers attended the third Module of the workshop “Courage to Teach” conducted by Mr.GNR at the IIIC on 29.06.15 The session mainly concentrated on the projects that were given in the first two sessions.

Theatre workshop "Drama and Dialogue 2015"

Two teachers, Mrs. Vandana Srivathsan and Mrs. Cressentia Bartlett and 5 students of class XI participated in the Theatre workshop “Drama and Dialogue 2015” conducted by “The School”, KFI Wednesday, June 24th 2015. The workshop was about the theatre techniques and how can children improvise on these techniques without even much practice.

"Kids for Tigers"

Two teachers, Ms. Reeba and Mrs. Chandrakala attended an Induction program "Kids for Tigers", organized by Sanctuary India in association with Aircel. The program was about the discussion of activities that will be implemented in our school for this academic year 2015-16.

Training Program on REPORTBEE

Teachers handling classes I to XII attended a training program on REPORTBEE, a new software being introduced at school for maintenance of student records in a very user-friendly manner.

MI Kids

A workshop was conducted for Kindergarten and Primary teachers by Mr. Pandurangan of “MI Kids” on 3rd June 2015 on a tool to promote reading and speaking skills in English for children.

XSEED curriculum from Kindergarten to Class VIII

As a continuous follow-up, the 5 step teaching / learning approach was reviewed on 2nd June 2015 by XSEED Education Coach Ms.Amishukla for teachers handling XSEED curriculum from Kindergarten to Class VIII. An Induction programme was also held for the new teachers to handle the Curriculum effectively.

Eighteen teachers attended the First Module of the workshop

Eighteen teachers attended the first Module of the workshop “Courage to Teach” conducted by Mr.GNR at the Mamalla Resort on the 28th and 29th May 2015. The workshop went on very well. We teachers understood the value of understanding others at the same time respect oneself. It was loaded with activities, games, interactive sessions both with our peers and the trainer. The highlight of the workshop was to bring in awareness in “Inner Connect” (connecting with oneself first).

First Module of the workshop First Module of the workshop
First Module of the workshop First Module of the workshop
First Module of the workshop First Module of the workshop

Two students from XI B and XI C attended the 49th AMTI Annual Conference

Two students from XI B and XI C attended the 49th AMTI Annual Conference from 27.12.2014 to 29.12.2014. They were accompanied by two teachers Ms. N Rama and Mrs. Usha. The teachers presented a paper on ‘Integrating History of Mathematics in teaching of Mathematics’, which was well appreciated and the students learnt many concepts through various presentations.


Teacher Empowerment Programme – is a workshop initiated by our foundation for a set of teachers from all the four schools. The workshop was conducted by Mr. G.N. Radhakrishnan and Mr. Stephen which started in the month of June 2014 and the teachers had a total of 9 sessions which were spread out till the month of Jan 2015. The last session was held on Jan 24th at our school. Please find below the report from one of our teachers.

T E P, beyond any doubt has given almost a complete makeover to my personality. I was quite aware that I am a good human being but then I also knew that I lacked mental strength and confidence. So, I simply grabbed the opportunity to attend this workshop when it was offered. Fittingly I got to learn, understand and apply self esteem, emotional intelligence, intra communication and assertiveness. Unlike certain workshops that I have attended earlier, I have got the answer for both ‘what is right?’ and ‘how to achieve the right?’ Mutual sharing and learning, listening to one another, were other highlights of the program. I would always be grateful to our management, heads and the resource persons for this awesome experience.

D. Parasakthi

Murugappa Gurukulam Murugappa Gurukulam
Murugappa Gurukulam Murugappa Gurukulam

"Ethics and Values" - A value Education workshop for class XI students

There is a general concern on the behavior, beliefs and value system that our children hold.

In an effort to understand them better and help them distinguish between “Right and Wrong” with reference to the context, we conducted a workshop on “Ethics and Values” from November to January.

This workshop was conducted in five sessions by an external resource Mr.G.N.RadhaKrishnan, Stride Consulting Pvt. Ltd. It helped them understand themselves better and also developed in them the skill to relate with others around them through interactive sessions, role play and movie screening.

The students also had a different experience by doing a unique project. Everyone were assigned with a task to earn money during their Christmas vacation. The project was very successful and students shared their project and their experience they had while doing their project.

Ethics and Values Ethics and Values
Ethics and Values Ethics and Values

Parenting workshop – an initiative of Value Education

The reality of how our children are growing up today is very different from what it used to be. The world has enormously changed. Stress, fear, peer pressure, bullying, sexual predators, classroom violence are day to day experiences that today’s children need to learn to deal with.

The need of the hour is a type of communication that enthuses them while subtly encouraging and influencing them to make the right choices. As educators, we feel ‘School Cinema’ is a right tool to support us.

School Cinema enables the child to establish and maintain better relationships with his/her peer and share an open and meaningful relationship with parents and teachers. Parents need to how their relationships affect their children, and it’s mandatory for them to learn to build on their parenting skills and understand the importance of bonding with children.

In this regard, our school conducted a parenting session using school cinema as an Effective tool for developing parenting skills and empowering teachers.

  • Two teachers, Mrs.Meera Gopi and Mrs. Ramya Ramkumar attended training for ‘Duke of Edinburg Award’ at AMM school. The objective of the programme was to support children who take up the project, which aims at engaging youth rightly and productively.
  • Two teachers, Mrs.Meera Gopi and Mrs. Ramya Ramkumar attended a workshop on “Awareness on Green School” organized by CII. The programme helped them learn ways and means of making an existing building , green.


Mrs. Mary Bennett along with a few students from class XI & XII attended a workshop on “Empowerment” conducted by IMSC at Tharamani.

Training program organized for NGC teachers

Mrs. Bhuvana and Miss.Reeba attended a training program organized for NGC teachers at Jai Gopal Garodia School, Sanitoirum. The objective of the workshop was to communicate the ways of nature conservation practices at our school.

Create to Inspire

Mrs. Bhuvana attended a workshop on “Create to Inspire” – a capacity and leadership building initiative for schools on sustainable life style conducted by Microsoft and Chrysalis.

I can make a Difference

Ms.Vandana Srivathsan attended a 3 day workshop on “I can make a Difference” organized by Kuruvila Jacob Initiative. Some of the activities like Icebreaker, team building exercise, screening of the movie, role play made the workshop really interesting and interactive.

Enriching mathematics Education

Two teachers (Ms.Mary Bennette and Ms.Rama) of Maths Dept are attending a two day workshop entitled “Enriching mathematics Education” conducted by IMSC (The Institute of Mathematical Science) on 16th and 17th of Oct 2014.

Workshop on “I can make a difference”

One teacher, Mrs.Vandana Srivathsan attended a workshop on “I can make a difference”, a 3 day workshop spread over to 3 months. The first 2 days were held on 19th and 20th of Sep 2014. The programme was conducted by Kuruvila Jacob Initiative and Stride Consulting Inc. The trainers were Mr.Stephen chinnasamy and Mr.G.N.Radhakrishnan. The programme was inaugurated on 19th Sep 2014 by Mr.Murali and Mr.Shankar from Kuruvila Jacob at VidyaMandir School in Mylapore.

Awakened Citizen Program by Rama Krishna Mission

Two teachers Mrs. Rashi Pareek & Mrs. Vandana Srivathsan attended a 3 day workshop on Value Education conducted by The Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi at Sarada Vidyalaya Girls Hr.Sec School, Usman Road T.Nagar. The program was about the curriculum designed for class VII on Value Education. The teachers had a training on how to take it forward with the children and they were given CD and course material for the same.

Student Council 2014-15

Two teachers Mrs. Priya Shankar and Mrs. Ruby Varghese attended the Annual Conference conducted by the Association of Geography Teachers of India. The conference was about "Developments in our Understanding of Earth Science with reference to Geology and Geomorphology" by Prof Dr. Mrs. V. Nagarathinam, Remote Sensing Consultant.

Educational trip to Bangalore

Workshop for High School Maths Teachers was held on 05.07.14 at our school by Resource person Mr.Athmaraman.

XSEED Curriculum from Kindergarten to Class VII

As a continuous follow-up, the 5 step teaching/ learning approach was reviewed on 3rd July 2014 by XSEED Education Coach Dr.NaryanaKumar for Teachers handling XSEED curriculum from Kindergarten to Class VII.


A workshop was conducted for Kindergarten and Primary teachers by 'MI KIDS' on 19th June 2014 on a tool to promote reading and speaking skills in English for children.

Leadership Styles

A workshop was conducted on 06.06.14 on ‘Leadership Styles’ by our Vice Principal for the Section Heads, coordinators and for the Teachers-in-charge of activities, to create awareness on different Leadership Styles that could be used for effective team work.

Continual Improvement Program

As a continuous follow-up, the Continual Improvement Program was reviewed on 04.06.14 for all the teachers who were a part of the training program held in the first week of May 2014.

Training programme on Self development and Goal setting

We, as an educational institution, strongly believe in continual improvement and ensure to make the best of every opportunity that comes our way to improve our skills.A team of 17 teaching staff, along with our Principal and Vice Principal, attended a two-day training programme offered by Mr.G.N. Radhakrishnan and Mr. Stephen Chinnasami (Corporate Trainers) at The Mamalla Resort, Mahabalipuram,in the first week of May '14.

The training programme gave an insight on self development and goal setting. The training sessions focused on self development and also methods to set measurable goals to increase efficiency at work.

As a continuous follow-up, the team has been assigned various projects in personal as well as professional front.

British Council, Chennai - organised a meeting

British Council, Chennai, organised a meeting on 26 Feb '14, to analyse and suggest courses suitable for teachers, which was attended by Ms.T.Bhuvaneswari (Department of English)

Workshop - Differential Equations

Ms.Mary Bennette and Ms.B.Rajeswari (Department of Maths) attended a workshop on 28 Feb '14,organised by AMTI (Association of Mathematics Teachers of India), where the focus was on 'Differential Equations'

Career guidance workshop

Dr.Habib and Ms. Lavanya (Assistant Professors- SRM University) conducted a career guidance workshop at our school, on Bio-infomatics for our students of XII A and XII B, on 10 Dec '13 from 12noon to 2pm.
The experts spoke on 'the emerging trends in the field of life sciences in collaboration with technology', 'contributions of bio informatics in the field of medicine , pharmaceutical industry and agriculture'.

SHARP, in collaboration with Dettol

SHARP, in collaboration with Dettol, conducted a workshop in our auditorium on 27 Nov '13, for our Primary children. The team of resource aimed at conveying the importance of staying clean. A power point presentation was also made by them to reiterate the fact which our institution too believes in.

Mathematics workshop

The following students attend 'Mathematics workshop for classes XI and XII', conducted by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Taramani, Chennai-113 on 29.11.13 at their campus, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.


Training programme was the open book quiz

Our students felt privileged to have attended the training and also shared that the lectures on the following topics were very informative:

  • Rotations, transformations and quaternion
  • Snapshots from transformation geometry
  • Combinatorics
  • Partitions

The highlight of the training programme was the open book quiz to ensure and appreciate the learning that took place.

The Government of Tamil Nadu conducted workshops

The Government of Tamil Nadu conducted workshops on 23 Nov '13, for the teachers (Tamil, English and Science) of Class IX. It involved the guidelines on the prescribed CCE pattern including various classroom activities. The sessions were very informative and interactive.

Dr. K.Sundara Raman, pay a visit to our school

We feel proud to have had Dr. K.Sundara Raman (Principal Scientist and Head), Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Kodaikkanal, pay a visit to our school on 21 Nov '13 at 10am to interact with our Higher Secondary students. The interaction was on the varied career opportunities in Astrophysics that await our students.

Enriching Mathematics Education

Ms. Mary Bennette and Ms. Rama from the Department of Maths attended 'Enriching Mathematics Education' - a workshop for teachers of Maths. The 2-day workshop on 30th Sep and 01st Oct served as a platform to discuss various methods involved in teaching Maths. Our teachers shared that the lectures based on school level Mathematics from alternative perspectives were eye-openers.

Mathematics You Can Touch

Ms. Geetha Ramakrishnan, Ms.Mary Bennette, Ms.Rama and Ms. Rajeswari from the Department of Maths attended 'Mathematics You Can Touch' - a workshop for teachers of Mathematics. The one-day workshop on 17 Sept '13 provided them with a hands-on experience on various activities related to the subject. It will also serve to enrich the 'classroom teaching' methodology and make the learning more lively.

War Horse

Students of VIII & IX hone their public speaking skills under the able training by Mr.Vishal of 'War Horse'

School Leadership Programme

Our Vice Principal attended 'School Leadership Programme' (a Shikshangan Educational initiative) at Pune, from 26th May to 01st June '13. The workshop focused on Personality Leadership, Organizational Leadership and Academic Leadership.

Training programme for teachers on 'Road Safety Education'

The Road Safety Patrol (a unit of Tamilnadu Police Traffic Wardens Organisation) organized a training programme for teachers on 'Road Safety Education', on 06 July '13 at Good shepherd School, Nungambakkam, between 8.30 am and 2.00 pm. Our staff members Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Ravikumar and Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari attended the training programme. The session began with the enrollment of Road Safety Patrol Cadets of our school. Teachers were trained on manual hand signals and word of commands. A power point presentation on traffic awareness was the highlight of the workshop.The RSP Action Plan for 2013-14 and brochures pertaining to road safety were distributed to the teachers.Our RSP team, comprising of students from Class XI and teachers-in-charge, will regularly be trained by personnel from the Traffic Department.