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How to use the XSEED Super Teacher App

Technical expert and academician Ms. Megha Rawat from the XSEED Team conducted a webinar on 17/4/2021 @10.00am -11.00am on the use of Super Teacher App []. Teachers handling XSEED curriculum from KG to Grade 8 were part of this webinar. A video was showcased to elucidate the function of the Super Teacher App. Step by step instructions to download and install the app was oriented to the team. After installation the important steps to have the app fully functional using the unique license code was explained by the facilitator. The Teacher's view and the Student's view of the app was guided through the session and the teachers were given assisted directions to map the lesson plans and the 5A's in teaching learning. A demonstration on a Kindergarten session on science time invited active participation of teacher participants while they typed the answers on chat during the riddle time.

Teacher's View:-

  • Teacher summary which include a gist of aim, action, analysis, application and assessment.
  • Aim includes resources needed for the day, keywords (feature includes a voice over to pronounce the word and the meaning).
  • Action includes a video (if any), and the activities to be done in pairs.
  • Analysis includes activity discussion, activity explanation, generalized discussion, generalized explanation, Higher Order Thinking questions and HOTS explanation with a PDF of the content reader, and a teacher tip to make the class more interactive and exciting.
  • Application includes notebook time, PDF of the worksheet in the workbook, teacher tip and teacher differentiation tips during physical classroom, homework time and the various assessment questions to probed.
  • Assessment includes the three rubrics to gauge students on Approaching, Meeting and Exceeding.
  • Teacher reference with links related to the topic dealt.
  • My notes feature – to add on ideas or reminders.
  • Q & A section is a unique feature in every lesson plan of a topic to encourage teacher ask burning questions (if any) which will be directed to the XSEED academic team and a response from the team will be directed immediately.
  • After the completion/ execution of every class, teacher to rate the stars on the lesson plan and swipe right.

Student's View:-

  • The student view can be showcased during physical class using a projector or during online class using the cast projector button found at the top right hand side of the app. 
  • Facilitator suggested no further preparation of PPT required.
  • The app then changes to landscape and be screen shared.
  • Play video option can be screen shared.
  • Click on thumbnail to open the resource in full screen.
  • The app is currently not operational on laptop (the teacher asked the same in the Q&A session in the webinar and XSEED technical team replied it will be available shortly until then screen mirroring on to laptop is the only option)

A video on how the app can be screen mirrored on to laptop was explained.

Laptop - google chrome browser - let's download - run - click the consecutive four next - click install - finish.

Mobile - play store - let's view app download - accept permission - detect computer and mobile on same network - share mobile screen on laptop.

XSEED knowledge base has all the videos to install the app, step by step guided instructions to do lesson plans and assist students through the joy and journey of learning.

XSEED Super Teacher App

Report on Faculty Development Programme

Smart Manufacturing with Robotics and Automation webinar

Department of Electronics(Robotics) - Murugappa Polytechnic College, Chennai conducted a webinar on Smart Manufacturing with Robotics and Automation on 18th and19th May 2021. Ms. Uma. M, Ms. Durgadevi N and Ms. Sivasankari U from the Computer Science department attended the webinar through Microsoft Teams.

Session details

It was a 2 days program organized into 4 sessions. It startedwith a Welcome Speech by Mr.T. Karthikeyan- ,Dept of electronics, Murugappa Polytechnic, followed by a session on IoT(Internet of Things), Automation, data exchange, basic components of robot and programming 6 axis industrial robot, miniature robot, pick and place application in miniature robots and role of IoT in Smart Factory Automation. The Resource persons were Mr. Kalidas and Mr. Muruganandam the Faculty Training Officers, AGIIT Private Limited who have hosted 120 seminars and have completed 150 real time projects in robotics industry.

E certificates were issued to teachers who participated in the programme

Learning outcome

The session provided an opportunity that helped us to gain knowledge on 6 Axis Industrial robot, programming in industrial robot, miniature robot in Smart Factory Automation.

The programme gave an insight to Industrial robots and served as a motivation to extend this programme learning to help students who are interested to benefit by it.

Report on Faculty Development Programme