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August Month

Film Club Screening

The video clippings- ‘Believe in yourself’ and ‘Let’s eat’ were screened to the students of Classes IV and V on 30/8 /22 between 3:30 pm and 4:10 pm by Mrs. Rashi. The session started with the teacher briefing on the rules to be followed during the class and the flow of the class. After watching the clippings, the students were engaged in a discussion. The teacher asked a few questions to help students’ understand the importance of believing in ourselves. Students later spoke on the love and respect they have for their parents after watching the film, ‘Let’s eat’.

The following points were shared by the students.

“Believe in yourself”

  • We should not get affected when others bully at us.
  • Focus on our dreams without getting distracted.
  • Grab the opportunity on time.
  • Think big and dream big.

‘Let’s Eat’

  • We should never be rude to our parents.
  • Spend time with them before it’s too late.
  • Don’t show anger on food.
Film Club Screening Film Club Screening
Film Club Screening Film Club Screening

ECA – English Oratorical Competition

Students of Grade 4 and B participated in the English Oratorical competition for the topics “My favourite cartoon character” and “Video games – good or bad”. The students presented themselves with clarity on the topic. My favourite cartoon character was the most chosen topic and they came out with different cartoon characters that impressed them. The students who spoke on the topic of video games were able to clearly distinguish between the harmful effects of video games and restricting the use of screen time. Students also pointed out that it is good to play outdoor games rather than stick on to video games.

Learning objective: Students were able to speak on a topic through preparation and face the audience fearlessly.

ECA – English Oratorical Competition ECA – English Oratorical Competition
ECA – English Oratorical Competition

Report on Field Trip Grade 5

Students of grade 5 visited B. M. Birla Planetarium at Kotturpuram in Chennai on 25-8-22 .Students observed the evolution of transportation through a variety of exhibits that showcased engines of four-wheelers aircrafts.Simple science experiments,. models of ISRO rockets and spaceships were part of the exhibition. Various mirrors were the fun part of the exhibits that students enjoyed. A special show on a hanging globe about pure water being the most important natural resource was screened. The truly scintillating view was a virtual tour of the night sky and the cosmos on a specially perforated hemispherical aluminium inner dome.

Learning objective: Students explored and appreciated the celestial bodies and everything around them that is natural and human-made.

Report on Field Trip Grade 5 Report on Field Trip Grade 5
Report on Field Trip Grade 5 Report on Field Trip Grade 5
Report on Field Trip Grade 5 Report on Field Trip Grade 5

Field Trip – Class I

Children of Class 1 were taken on a field trip to Guindy Children’s Park on 25th of August 2022.

Students watched an animated movie on ‘Zoo Animals’ as a part of pre activity for the field trip. In the park students walked around the park watching caged animals, birds and snakes.

The next day they had a post activity time - a recap story session in school followed by worksheet activity in which they have to locate animal names in word grid, complete the dotted picture of a parrot and identify the animals they had spotted at the park.

Field Trip – Class I Field Trip – Class I
Field Trip – Class I

Report on Field Trip – STD II

Grade 2 was taken for a field trip to the ‘Aringar Anna Zoological Park’ situated at Vandalur on 18th of August 2022.

The students viewed a movie ‘My animal friends’ as a pre-hand activity in school and discussed on different kinds of animals and their habitat.

Students were taken around the zoo in a tourister. The children observed different animals. Children had a watch variety of birds. They also had an experience of watching an Iguana and a variety of snakes.


Field Trip – STD IV

The students of standard IV were taken to the Egmore Museum on 17 th of August 2022. This field trip was designed in an effort to make the students understand the needs of museums and to gain knowledge about the things that are preserved in a museum.

A video on Evolution Of Man was screened on the previous day. Children participated enthusiastically in the discussion that followed the movie and they shared information about pre historic living creatures and animals that have become extinct, and about animals that are endangered in the present. It was an opportunity for the students to connect between the past and the present way of living.

The field trip ended with a follow up activity that emphasized on the important displays in the museum and the students gave their feedback about the trip.

Field Trip  – STD IV

Field Trip – STD III

Class 3 was taken for a field trip to the Rail Museum situated at the Integral Coach Factory, Villivakkam on16th of August 2022.

The students were taken to various spots at the Museum.

  • The Art Gallery: A display of photographs of Indian Railways during the time of the British and after Indian Independence .
  • The Mountain railway engine: A display of ‘Pinion and Rack’ that grip the engine and the carriages from slipping down the slopes and an explanation by the teachers.
  • Fowler ploughing Engine: An exhibit of the first ever engine that ploughed fields.
  • Museum: Exhibits of ancient and modern engines, coaches and bridges and a double purpose furniture- a ladder and a chair(more than a century old) used in engines to save space.
  • Officers’coach completely made of wood and used by the British.
  • A joy ride on the toy train.

Students wrote about their experiences in the museum and made a model of a train as a post activity.

Field Trip  – STD III

Report on 97 Hours Sai Bhajan – Group Singing

On account of Shri Sathya Sai’s 97th Spiritual Year Celebration , Shri Sathya Sai Samithi Trust which is at Ambattur , organized 97 hours bhajan group singing from 08/08/022 to 15/08/2022.62 students from classes 6 to 9 represented our school and took part in this and rendered 12 songs beautifully within the time slot from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm( 1 hour) on 10/08/2022. Students got appreciation from the trustees for their involvement and interest.Finally, they were awarded with participation certificates.


Best Out of Waste

An Extra Curricular Activity ‘ Best out of waste' was conducted for Grade 4 on 2nd August 22’ Students enthusiastically exhibited their talents and creativity in making a decorative piece out of waste materials.

Best Out of Waste Best Out of Waste
Best Out of Waste Best Out of Waste
Best Out of Waste