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August Month

Film Club Screening

“Perseverance” and “Wings” were the clippings screened to students of classes IV and V on 9.08.2023 by Mrs. Rashi Pareek between 2.50 p.m. and 3.15 p.m. The session started by recalling the rules to be followed by the students during the session and the purpose of the Film Club.

The following points were discussed and highlighted by the students:

The students contributed the following items:

  • We should not get scared of any situation.
  • Animals can also get good ideas.
  • Be brave and help people when they are in trouble.
  • Do not give up in any situation.
  • Believe in ourselves.
  • Spread love and kindness.
  • We should encourage others.
  • Help disabled people

Do not judge people for the choices they make when you do not know the options they had to choose from

This quote was dealt with during the screening of the video clip ‘Bhatti’ on 09.08.23 (Wednesday) between 3.20 and 3.55 pm for students of classes 6 to 8 by Mrs. KP Smitha. After watching the clipping students were engaged in a discussion. They shared that we are too quick to judge people based on their looks. But looks are deceiving. We need to listen to what they have to share and then conclude. Students also shared instances where their capabilities have often been judged by their parents or friends. This clipping also gave insights into how many children must work hard to meet their daily needs and we must be grateful for the little things in life. Students concluded that they will not judge anyone without knowing the whole story.

Film Club Screening Film Club Screening
Film Club Screening Film Club Screening
Film Club Screening Film Club Screening
Film Club Screening

Junior Heritage Club Activity

Junior Heritage Club conducted its activities on 5/8/2023 for Students of Std 4 and 5. Teachers spoke to students about Traditional games of India. The students were divided into small groups to play various games like Snake and Ladder , 5 stones, Mancala, Tug of war, Mulberry bush, Orange juices Lemon. The students actively participated and enjoyed it.

Junior Heritage Club Activity Junior Heritage Club Activity

Junior Nature Club Activity

The Junior Nature Club conducted its activities on 05.08.2023 for Grade 4 under the topic ‘Colours in Nature’. Teachers gave awareness on primary and secondary colours and a video on the same was screened. Children enjoyed their hands on activity using colours. Students were curious to learn about the pigments present in nature. Turmeric and Beetroot was mixed to arrive at a new colour. Discussion on Mehndi, Beetroot, Turmeric and burnt coconut shell was carried on.

Junior Nature Club Activity Junior Nature Club Activity

Students of Grade 5 visited the KG Block to observe different plants and identify medicinal herbs. Students participated in a discussion on medicinal ingredients in our kitchen and its benefits. Children listed out few medicinal plants that they know. A video on medicinal plants was screened.

Junior Nature Club Activity


Students from the theatre club of T I School visited ‘The School’ (KFI) on the 7th of July 2023 with the teacher co-ordinator Ms.Bagiya Lakshmi. The workshop was informative as well as fun-filled with various new experiences and interactions. Gitanjali R,Sai Nandan E from class XI, Shilpa, Shri Deepak, Ameyaashri, Sandeep Prince, and Thiyagaraaja P K of class XII were the students who attended the workshop. Mr. Swaminathan, who led the workshop, is a talented actor, and a part of Shraddha Theatres. He shared many valuable tips and tricks regarding the art of theatre. The students were grouped to present a short play on a given topic.

The presentations were unique and a great portrayal of the teams’ unity, creativity, and presentation skills. The School‘s “Festival and dialogue” event was scheduled on the 19th and 20th of July 2023. The event involves all students’ groups presenting a multilingual 30-minute skit on topics based on social awareness.

Overall, the workshop left the students feeling confident and full of knowledge. The workshop was a great opportunity to share skills and learn new concepts.

Theatre Club