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January Month

Film Club Screening – 24 Jan 2023

“The Day of results” was the Clip screened to the students of Grades 4 and 5 by Mrs. KP Smitha on 23.01.2023 between 4.00 pm and 4.30 pm. The whole world expects us to excel in academics. But some of us have other talents and might not perform well academically. It is the responsibility of every individual to identify the talent that one has and work towards excelling in that talent. Students who watched the clip shared their personal experiences through chat. The boy in the clipping does not fare well in academics but is a great tabla player – students opined that he would become successful if his parents supported his talent in playing tabla.

Film Club Screening – 24 Jan 2023 Film Club Screening – 24 Jan 2023
Film Club Screening – 24 Jan 2023 Film Club Screening – 24 Jan 2023

Film Club Screening – 13 Jan 2023

Perseverance and faith can bring glory to our lives, never compare yourself to others, and being fearless to be unique were the themes of the film club screening conducted on 13/01/2023 between 4.30 pm and 5.10 pm by Mrs. KP Smitha to the students of Grades 6 to 8. The name of the video clipping is ‘You will be successful in life’ and ‘Pixar Float.’

Students responded to the importance of having faith in all actions we do and that with faith and determination, we can have fruitful results. Students commented on the proverb - Faith can move mountains. Students also suggested that we need to keep trying until we succeed. When we believe in our potential and capabilities along with a strong determination to pursue our dreams, we will always be successful.

Students shared how they are being compared with their siblings at home. They understood that being unique is so good. With great belief in ourselves, even if the situation around is not favourable, people around us will start looking up to us and supporting us. Never comparing or looking down on other people was the take home.

Film Club Screening – 13 Jan 2023 Film Club Screening – 13 Jan 2023