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July Month

Fruit Salad Activity - 27/07/22

The Fruit Salad activity for Lower Kindergarten was conducted on 27.07.22 .

The activity started with a brief introduction of various fruits, nutrients they contribute and benefits to health.

Students took turns to explore the colour and texture of fruits. They were able to identify the name of fruits and respond to the questions asked by the teacher. A demonstration of washing, cutting and mixing the fruits to make fruit salad was done by teachers with step-by-step instructions. A song (This is the way I wash the fruits…) was sung by the teachers during the activity.

Fruit salad was served to students. Students participated in a 'Colouring the fruits' activity.

Fruit Salad Activity Fruit Salad Activity
Fruit Salad Activity Fruit Salad Activity

Healthy Me - 25/07/22

'Healthy me' an awareness activity on oral hygiene was conducted for UKG on 25th July 2022.

The session started with a brief explanation on the steps to be followed to maintain oral hygiene with the help of a chart. Few songs about brushing the teeth were taught to children with action. A story on oral hygiene was narrated using puppets. A video of the same was played to reiterate the skill.

The session concluded with an activity where children chose their favourite food and then the teacher pasted pictures of the same on a chart and spoke about the need to eat healthy food.

Later children shared their views on the topic. They assured to follow the same at home.

Healthy Me Healthy Me
Healthy Me