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July Month


True giving from the heart is an expression of love. - Cara Stein(Writer)

‘Kids to Kids’ collection for the month of July was held on 20.07.2023 (Thursday). Seven IAYP volunteers from class X B, coordinated it in a smooth way.

The students contributed the following items:

Raw Rice - 1 Kg, Onion -8.6 kg , Potato - 9.6 kg ,Toor dal – 8.5 Kg, Yellow moong dal -1 kg and Boiled Rice-45 kg

The contribution will be donated to HOPE public charitable trust, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai.

HOPE strives to improve the living conditions of challenged community by providing Special Education and Rehabilitation services for the intellectually impaired and special needs children.

Report on Kids to Kids


“Every child should have time for arts, music, sports, drama, robotics, school newspaper and the like, not to mention recess and play.” - Chris Gabrieli

On July 19th, a remarkable Drama Fest was held at KFI, where numerous schools participated to showcase their talents and creativity on the theme of social issues. The fest aimed to raise awareness and address pressing concerns faced by society. The TI crew of 25 participants from class XI and XII focused on relevant social issues: drug addiction, toxic parenting, and self-validation, all of which deeply resonate with the present generation.

‘Threads of Resilience’ was the title for the presentation. It revolved around emphasizing the importance of resilience in overcoming life's challenges, particularly when dealing with the social issues we had chosen. Our skit unfolded a compelling story that brought these issues to light, leaving a profound impact on the audience.

The performance commenced, and our actors delivered their roles with passion and conviction. The narrative portrayed the struggles faced by individuals affected by drug addiction, the detrimental effects of toxic parenting on young minds, and the pursuit of self-validation in today's fast-paced and competitive world.

Following the performance, a panel discussion was organized. We were invited to share insights into the title, creative process, and the talented cast. The discussion was handled by our team, and they eloquently elaborated on how they researched and empathized with the issues to portray them authentically on stage. The audience appreciated the efforts made by our team to tackle such sensitive topics with grace and sensitivity.

The Drama Fest was a resounding success. It not only showcased the artistic abilities of the participating schools but also highlighted the power of theatre as a medium to address crucial social issues. Each performance brought a unique perspective, which further enriched the experience for everyone present.

The day was filled with emotions and pride. Seeing our team's hard work and dedication culminate in a powerful skit and panel discussion was truly gratifying.

Overall, the Drama Fest at KFI was an exceptional event, bringing together schools, students, and teachers to shed light on social issues through the art of drama. ‘Threads of Resilience", contributed to the meaningful discourse and will be cherished as a significant milestone in our school's journey towards promoting awareness and change in society. - Shilpa.S

Report on KFI - Drama Fest


“You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.”-Morgan Wootten

NSN group of schools conducted KALAMELA’23 an inter-school competition on 08/07/2023.From our school students of classes IX-XII participated in various events and bagged many prizes.

List of Prize winners

S.NO Event Student’s Name Class & Sec Prize
1 Adapt Tune Rohan Ramesh XII C 3rd Prize
2 Any Working Model Mukesh Priyan G
Yoheswaran G K
2nd Prize
3 Hair Styling KavyaSree D V
Janet Joyce V V
2nd Prize
4 RJ Akshara K
2nd Prize
Report on NSN - Kala Mela Report on NSN - Kala Mela
Report on NSN - Kala Mela Report on NSN - Kala Mela

Film Club Screening

A thousand thoughts are lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write.

The video clipping “PENA” (PEN) was screened to the students of classes VI-VIII on 12/07/2023 (Wednesday) by Mrs. Usha. The session started with a discussion on the purpose of the film club. After watching the clip, the students were engaged in a discussion. The following points were discussed by the students:

  • The pen is the tongue of the mind.
  • You must get an education.
  • You must learn to protect yourself with the pen
  • Right to education
  • Help poor people.
Film Club Screening Classes 6 to 8 Film Club Screening Classes 6 to 8
Film Club Screening Classes 6 to 8 Film Club Screening Classes 6 to 8

Film Club Screening

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever waste.”

The video clip - ‘Karma’ was screened to the students of class IX by Mrs. Bhagiyalakshmi on 28/06 /23. The session started by recalling the movies they had watched earlier and the purpose of the film club. After watching the clip, the students were engaged in a discussion. Students shared their experiences on feeling happy by helping others, being kind and supported people around them. The following points were discussed by the students.

‘Being kind’

  • Words have power.
  • Be kind to everyone.
  • Be loyal and honest to a person who trusts us
Film Club Screening Class 9

Film Club Screening

The smallest act of kindness will make a huge difference in this world. But how far do we execute it? What is more valuable than putting a smile on the face of someone we don’t even know? The satisfaction we gain from being kind to others is something that will make us understand our true value. And the kindness we spread is what weighs our character. The short film – ‘BE KIND’ that was screened for the students of classes VI, VII and VIII conveyed the above-mentioned values in a simple yet effective manner.

A formal inauguration of the Film Club was done by Mrs. KP Smitha. The purpose of the film club was discussed. Introduction to the student council member – Ms. Daksha of class XII was done during the session.

The short film screened by Mrs. Vyjayanthi made the students understand the value of being kind to others and how it makes this world a better place to live. The students actively participated in the interaction that happened after the screening of the short film. They shared what they felt about the short film and the importance of being kind.

Some of the points that were put forth by the students were:

  • Kindness should be given to everyone irrespective of who a person is or what their life is.
  • We should help people with whatever we have.
  • Our little acts of kindness can change the whole world.
  • Spread love.
  • Even the poor should gain access to what they wish for.

The short film created an arena for the students to actively participate and share their thoughts on the message that was conveyed through the film.

Film Club Screening Classes 6 to 9 Film Club Screening Classes 6 to 9
Film Club Screening Classes 6 to 9