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November Month

Report on Astronomy Club

Students of Grades 4 and 5 were a part of the Astronomy Club activity hosted by Mrs. Manjula Menon, Mrs. Krishnaveni, and Mrs. KP Smitha. Students watched a spectacular video show on the sun, the moon, the milky way, and how the astronauts live in the spaceship on their mission to the moon. Students raised doubts about how many kilometers from the earth to the moon and how hot is the sun etc. Later the students were asked questions in general from the topics that they have already learned.

A video on the first woman space traveller - Valentina Tereshkova and her passion for travelling, the challenges she had to encounter, and her undying spirit to conquer her mission was screened

Report on Astronomy Club Report on Astronomy Club
Report on Astronomy Club Report on Astronomy Club

Skills Builder Programme

TI School is a great example of a school that is fully committed to offering a comprehensive essential skills education to its students. Although the school had been teaching life skills for quite some time, it was not always focused and structured. Hence, along with the Skills Builder Partnership, TI School has been working to ensure that every child builds the essential skills that they need to succeed. Skills Builder provides a well-structured framework to teach the essential skills that the students need in their future. TI School has been part of Skills Builder Global Accelerator programme from 2021.

Journey so far:

TI School sought to make essential skills education a part of the curriculum in a structured manner during the lockdown in June 2021. Classes III, IV, VII & VIII were part of the programme. Skills Builder training and resources were provided to teachers to ensure the language was being used. The framework has helped the staff to check the progress of students and provide a clear starting point as well as a defined teaching sequence. Most part of the academic transaction was conducted virtually because of the lock down and the teaching of essential skills was integrated into the time table, where staff used short activities and videos from the Skills Builder Hub, which require minimal preparation and encourage reflection. Post lockdown when students returned to school, through displays in the classroom, assemblies and Project day the essential skills were reinforced. The students actively participated in the classes and are more aware of the required skills. The school has received the Bronze Award for implementing the required skills in students.

Journey ahead:

The school will continue to work towards embedding the wide range of principles in 2022-23. Students of classes III to IX will be part of the process. Skills such as Listening, Speaking, Creativity, Problem Solving, Staying Positive, Team Work, Leadership and Aiming High will be focussed.

Glimpses of incorporating essential skills

Skills Builder Programme Skills Builder Programme
Skills Builder Programme Skills Builder Programme
Skills Builder Programme Skills Builder Programme
Skills Builder Programme

Junior Art Club 2022-23

Making of Paper Hyacinth

The Junior Art and Craft club conducted an activity, making paper hyacinth flowers, as a part of Children’s Day celebrations on 14th November 2022. Students of class IV and V were part of the activity. Students were given step wise demonstration of the making, right sizing of paper, method of curling and rolling around a stalk. They were guided by the in-charge teachers to make atleast one strand of hyacinth with the materials carried by them. Tips were also shared to beautify the strands as well the ways to place them as decorative ornaments. Video of the making was shared in Microsoft Teams Assignment for a follow up practice.

Junior Art Club 2022-23

Quality Month Celebration

Quality month was observed in the month of November 2022 to create awareness on Quality Initiatives at T.I. School to Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff and other members of the community, to instill the thought of quality in the young minds and to motivate the community to work towards excellence through quality processes.

Activities like Training to Students, Documentary Video on quality initiatives, Awareness on QI to teachers and students, Internal Assessment, Assembly On QI, Innovative Week, Educative chart on QI, Rally to Create Awareness, Mindfulness, Know Your School and Mock Test (NIR)

Student council organized the activities and helped the students to actively participate and know the various quality initiatives from 9th of November 2022 to 2nd December 2022.

Film Club Screening

The short film – Heart touching film based on a true story, was screened online to the students of class VI to VIII on 08.11.2022 between 3:30 pm and 4.10 pm by Mrs. SN Nirmala. After watching the film clip, the students were engaged in a discussion. The following points were discussed by the students

Students understanding of the short film

  • We should always respect teachers
  • Teachers make doctors
  • Teachers feel proud to see students succeed in life
  • Teachers keep learning every day to impart knowledge to students and bring out their talent
  • Help others so that you will be helped in return
  • Teachers are our second parents

A few questions were asked to test the memory and understanding of the students. The thoughtful answers given by the students made the session more interactive.


Report on Film Club Screening Report on Film Club Screening

Report on Film Club Screening

‘TheShoemaker’ and ‘Obstacles in your path’ were screened to the students of Class IV and V on 8/11/22 between 3:30pmand 4:10pm by Mrs. Sharmila. The session started with a prayer song and a recalling of the previous movies they watched. After watching the clippings, the students were engaged in a discussion. Students spoke about a few obstacles they face in their path in their daily life and how they face them.

The following points were discussed by the students.

‘The Shoemaker’

  • Hardwork never fails
  • Do not give up easily

‘The obstacles in your path’

  • Problem lies everywhere. We should be bold enough to face it.
  • We should be willing to see every obstacle as an opportunity.
  • Never get tired if you lose. Keep trying until you succeed.
Report on Film Club Screening Report on Film Club Screening