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October Month



The Subra Suresh distinguished lecture is proudly organized by office of global engagement, IIT Madras .The guest lecture was conducted on 20.10.’22 at Music academy, Chennai .The topic is ' Is there life out there in the universe ?' delivered by Nobel Laureate Prof . Didier Patrick Queloz. The following students participated in Guest lecture Prithivi .T and Charan.S – X A, Sandeep prince – 11 A, Anirudh .D. Dhavey and Hemchand – X11 A, Thanmaya .R , Mohnish priyan and Dharshini . K.M – 9B accompanied by Ms.G.Reena

Didier Patrick Queloz is Professor of physics at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) and a Swiss astronomer.He has been the incumbent Jacksonian Professor since 2021 at the University of Cambridge, where he is also a fellow of Trinity College, and part-time professor at Geneva University. He is at the origin of the ‘exoplanet revolution’ in astrophysics in 1995 during his Phd with his supervisor Michel Mayor, announced the first discovery of a giant planet (51 Pegasi b) orbiting a sun-like star, 51 Pegasi. For this spectacular discovery he received the 2019 Nobel prize in Physics.

In his lecture, he described how knowledge of Exoplanets and their composition would help us understand the origin of life on Earth and also how he thinks it is possible for other earth-like planets, capable to host life, to exist in our vast Universe. He used many graphs in the presentation to explain the types of planets we have discovered by comparing them with the planets of our solar system. He also explained how the atmosphere on Earth formed and what it should contain to be suitable for life as we know it. He gave an evolutionary scale on how Earth was before, how it became what it is now and how life adapted to Earth and its conditions to make use of the resources found here. The lecture ended with a Q&A session where the attendees were allowed to ask questions. The students found it more interesting and innovative too. Finally, the participants were provided with participation certificate.

Didier Queloz is a brilliant astronomer. The flow of knowledge found in his works is also found in his lectures. In the lecture, he presented his research on exoplanets on the topic of ‘Exoplanets and life in the Universe’ in a very appealing way. Didier’s presentation showcased many of his top-class research and made the attendees understand the basics of exoplanets and its importance towards the origin of life.


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Grandparent Story Telling Session

Grandparent story telling session was conducted by the Kindergarten from 10th Oct to 14th Oct ’22.The objective was to enhance moral values , learn traditional songs, games and understand the importance of healthy food.

About 56 grandparents participated. The efforts taken by them to bring the stories and games for children were exemplary and appreciable.

The children were overjoyed to have their grandparents narrating stories, playing games and singing songs.

Grandparent Story Telling Session Grandparent Story Telling Session
Grandparent Story Telling Session Grandparent Story Telling Session
Grandparent Story Telling Session Grandparent Story Telling Session