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August Month

Preparing School for Competency-based Education

The staff of TI School attended a two-day workshop on 8.8.2022 and 9.8.2022 on shifting from testing of rote memorization to Competency Based Assessment. The workshop was conceptualized in sync with importance emphasized by New Education Policy-2020. Members from NABET-QCI- Dr. Gaurang Tiwari, Assistant Director NABET-QCI, Dr. Bhaskar Chaudhary, Dr. Mamta Aswal and Mr. Arun Kumar Pandey spoke about Competency-based Education (CBE) for bringing about tangible improvement in quality of learning outcomes of students and further making learning outcomes compatible with international benchmarks. The workshop helped the school :

  • understand theoretical underpinning of Competency-based Education (CBE)
  • understand major constituents and pillars of CBE
  • understand the relation among Competency, Learning Outcomes and Behavioural descriptors
  • acquire skills for making learning outcomes measurable by specifying set of learning indicators
  • understand format for framing learning indicators related to Learning Outcomes
  • understand relation between Bloom’s Taxonomy and Dimension of Knowledge
  • acquire skills for developing Competency-based Lesson planning & implementation in Science, Language, Mathematics & Social
  • acquire skills for employing “Criterion-referenced Assessment” tools and techniques in Competency-based Teaching-Learning Process

The workshop focussed on enabling the participants to decode Competency Based Assessment (CBA) in the light of NIPUN (National Initiatives for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy, and SAFAL (Structured Assessment for Analysing Learning).

Social Quiz - 2022

Learning never exhausts the mind. Preparing young minds to excel is a challenge. The thirst to know and gain knowledge is created whenever there is a challenge. The challenge to pit one’s knowledge against the other with the clock ticking is exhilarating.

Quiz poses a challenge on not just how quickly one can retrieve knowledge, but presence of mind and trusting the team. We know quiz is team work, however, the knowledge of one person can be a game changer.

Preliminary Round:Every child from class VI – VIII was given the opportunity to participate in the preliminary round of the Social Quiz. Five teams were formed by taking the top 5 scorers from each class making 25 children finalists. The children were given time to get to know the team, training and tips on how to prepare for the quiz. The members of the team were called for special meetings and instructions were given to aid in their preparation.

Final Round:The finals took place in the school auditorium. It began at 10.00 a.m. Students from class VIII were called to witness the quiz and learn by listening. The teams were introduced and they were cheered by the audience. The quiz had 7 rounds- History, Civics, Geography, Economics, General Knowledge, Visual and Rapid Fire. Questions posed to the audience were also well taken. The atmosphere was charged with learning and excitement.

The members of the Winning Team- Cholas for the year 2022 are: Jhanavi K -6 , Deva Sri S - 7B, AparnaRaghavan - 8B, and the Runner-up Team –Pandya: Anna Jose - 6A, Aishwarya M J- 7A, B Thaarine T G - 8B

Books as prizes, along with certificates, to acknowledge and encourage the winners and runners -up were given. Every member of the team who made it to the finals was appreciated and they received a participation certificate.

The Social Quiz – school finals ended that day, but this marks the beginning for our preparations for the Murugappa Quiz.

Glimpses of the activity

Social Quiz - 2022