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July Month


How would a world without science be? No room for new inventions; No room for creativity; No room for innovations; No room for cool technologies. Sounds boring right? BORING. That’s exactly how science is generally being stereotyped. But science is not all you see in the text book. To emphasise on that fact, was conducted a two-day Interschool Science carnival – EPISTIMI.

EPISTIMI was conducted on the 29th and 30th of July, 2022. The two-day carnival was formally inaugurated by Dr. D. Senthil Kumar, Principal, TI School. Mrs. Cresentia Bartlette, Vice Principal, TI School then delivered the welcome note. Further, the head of the Institution Dr. Senthil Kumar addressed the gathering on adversity, quotient, intelligent quotient, emotional quotient and social quotient.

The two-day carnival comprised of various interesting activities that provided the students with unconventional ways to approach science. Students from various schools took part in EPISTIMI enriched themselves with knowledge on science.

The first day of the carnival was composed of activities like Poster Making, Model Making, Guess who am I? and Paper presentation. And the second day comprised of activities like Exposition and Quiz. Most of the activities were conducted for the students of classes 6-10, whereas ‘Guess who am I’ was conducted for classes 4 and 5. The student who had taken part in the above-mentioned activities were put into an arena to deal with science leaving all the traditional methods aside.

The activities conducted in the two-day carnival had given the students a chance to implement their life skills such as creativity, innovation, logical thinking, and time management. All the activities conducted during EPISTIMI were well received by the guest schools and also the students. Students who participated in the two-day carnival with full zeal and enthusiasm. Further, the students were also involved in the planning and smooth conduct of the event, thus gained experience in the zone of event management.

EPISTIMI, the two-day science carnival had come to an end with Dr. Bharathy, Head, Department of Biotechnology, Gurunanak College had addressed the people who gathered for the felicitation with an insightful talk on mental health and Mrs. Vyjayanthi Sridharan, Head of the Department delivered the vote of thanks.

Glimpses of the feedback from the other schools were given for the event.

Students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. Further, the students (non – participants) acted as volunteers for smooth functioning of the event and teachers from various department served as facilitators for successful completion of the event. Finally "EPISTIMI'' served as a platform for creativity and innovation in all branches of science.


Report on Math Workshop

A workshop for grade 1 to 10 teachers was organized on 30th July, 2022 at Regenta Central Deccan, Chennai. K V Lakshmi and S P Kannammal attended the Math workshop with manipulative for teachers.

The resource person Mrs. Meena Suresh made a presentation on the topics Base Ten operations, Metric conversion using Abacus, Skip counting, Fractions, LCM and HCF using peg board, Rotational symmetry. Integer, Identities, Area of irregular shapes, Area of polygons, Algebraic Expressions and Pythagoras Theorem.

A detailed discussion and hands on experience was given on how to use Math kits so that the children could visualize the concepts they learn. A few Math games were taught which can be used as attention grabbers to keep them engaged in class. Most of the activities taught are followed in our curriculum.

Learning Outcome:Through these activities, Mathematics can be learnt in a joyful way and also children can improve their reasoning and thinking skills.

Report on Math Workshop Report on Math Workshop
Report on Math Workshop Report on Math Workshop

Utility of Scrap - Hardware Demo to Students

Students of Class XI were provided with an opportunity to dismantle and assemble the CPU components in the month of July 2022. In the beginning, a demonstration on exploring the CPU component was given by the service engineer Mr. Janardhanan. A detailed explanation on the main component of the CPU was shared and doubts regarding the same were clarified by the computer science teachers.

Then every student of Class XI had hands on experience in dismantling the CPU components like RAM, CMOS battery, Heat sink, Microprocessor, Hard disk and SMPS. Finally, they assembled the components in the appropriate location of the CPU tower case and Motherboard. The learning outcome of the activity to make every student dismantle and assemble the CPU components was achieved.

Utility of Scrap