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June Month

World Environment Day

Class 2 students celebrated World Environment Day on 22/6/22 Wednesday.

A Power Point Text on The Importance of Keeping the Environment Clean, Conserving Water and Food, Being Aware of Bio-degradable and non-degradable waste was presented to students. Videos relating to Nature and Environment were screened. Teachers explained the importance of the day. A Short film 'The Climate Crisis', an educational video on How To Take Care of The Environment and The World Environment day Anthem was screened. Students enjoyed participating in a quiz and colouring pictures related to the day's celebration.

World Environment Day World Environment Day

LKG Parent Orientation

LKG Parent Orientation for the academic year 2022-2023 was held on 18th June 2022 in two batches (09.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m.) at AV Hall. Parents of Ninety-five children attended the meeting.

Mrs. Rekha started the session by welcoming parents and children. The Kindergarten teachers introduced themselves to the gathering.

This was followed by the presentation by Mr. Shankara Narayanan (Senior Librarian) on the various quality Initiatives of the school taken by the school and Accreditation standards that the school has achieved over the years to sustain itself at the top in the field of education.

The Kindergarten teachers briefed the parents about the Vision of the school, Mission of Kindergarten, Curriculum, Objectives, Assessment, Curricular and Co-curricular activities. The teachers also reinforced the importance of having and maintaining a routine at home.

Mrs. Rekha shared her thoughts on the topic of 'Nurturing the Genius kids' and Mrs. Anita (KG section head) shared a few words on parent-child relationship when a child enters school life.

Mr. Bharanidharan (Counsellor and Special educator) spoke on positive reinforcement as an integral part of parenting technique. Mr. Senthil Kumar (Principal) presented his thoughts about the school and also addressed the queries raised by the parents. The session concluded with a vote of thanks.

LKG Parent Orientation LKG Parent Orientation
LKG Parent Orientation LKG Parent Orientation
LKG Parent Orientation LKG Parent Orientation