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November Month


The Computer Science Department organized a dynamic and engaging event, the "TI WIZ QUIZ," on 29th November 2023 with 5 teams of 20 students form classes IX to XII. Students of class XI got an opportunity to witness the event. The quiz aimed to assess and enhance the participants' knowledge in various domains, with a focus on the themes of Digital Readiness, Analytics & Insights, Complete the Pattern, Connections, and Borderless Learning.

The quiz comprised five distinct rounds, each focused on a specific theme:

  • Digital Readiness: This round explored participants' understanding of digital transformation, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies. Questions covered topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and the impact of digitalization on various industries.
  • Analytics & Insights: Participants were challenged with questions related to data analytics, business intelligence, and data-driven decision-making. The round aimed to evaluate their grasp of statistical concepts, data visualization tools, and the application of analytics in real-world scenarios.
  • Complete the Pattern: This round tested participants' logical and analytical thinking skills. Participants were presented with incomplete patterns, sequences, or coding snippets, and they were required to deduce the missing elements based on underlying principles of logic and algorithms.
  • Connections: Visual thinking and associative skills were put to the test in this round. Participants were shown a series of images, and they had to identify connections between them. This segment encouraged creative thinking and the ability to draw correlations between seemingly unrelated concepts.
  • Borderless Learning: Focusing on the evolving landscape of education, this round delved into concepts like online learning, global collaboration, and the impact of technology on education. Participants were challenged with questions that assessed their awareness of educational trends and the role of technology in facilitating borderless learning experience.
  • Result of the event

    S.no Name of the students Class and Section Position
    1 Nikhilesh Nair S
    Aiswarya Raj S
    Rohith B
    Sandeep Prince
    IX A
    X B
    XI C
    XII A
    2 Santosh Kumara Kesari S
    Tanay Varghese Mathew
    Hemashree T
    IX A
    XI A
    XII C

    The event saw enthusiastic participation from students across various academic levels. The dynamic nature of the quiz kept participants thoroughly engaged, promoting a healthy spirit of competition and collaboration.

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WizQuiz WizQuiz

TiE Pioneer Event

On the 27th of November 2023, a team of six exceptional students from class XI participated in TiE Pioneer Event held at IIT Research Cell, Chennai. They showcased their innovative mobile app focusing on digital healthcare for differently-abled individuals. Their selection out of a staggering 58,000 students from across Tamil Nadu exemplifies their dedication and proficiency in this domain.

The event served as an engaging platform for these talented individuals to present their groundbreaking project. Their enthusiastic presentation captivated the esteemed jury panel, who warmly received their ideas and solutions. The jury's positive reception stands as a testament to the depth and potential impact of the students' work.

Beyond the presentation, the event proved to be a valuable learning experience for our students. The meticulously organized event provided an enriching environment that fostered learning not only in entrepreneurship but also in the art of effective presentation skills. Participants gained insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, expanding their horizons and equipping them with practical knowledge crucial for future endeavors.

TiE Pioneer Event