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September Month

Field Trips

Educational Trip to Dakshina Chitra

To appreciate the rich cultural diversity of the southern states in India, an educational trip to the living heritage museum – DakshinaChitra was planned. As scheduled, the students of class VI were taken on 20th July, 2023. Prior to the trip, the students were briefed about the place they were to visit. 85 students, 4 teachers and 2 parent volunteers set out on the trip in two buses.

Students were taken on a guided tour round the heritage houses. Students were briefed on how the buildings were relocated to DakshinaChitra. Students understood the importance of artefacts and the lifestyle of people who lived during that period.

The bullock-cart ride provided a fun filled experiential learning about the olden days’ mode of transportation. An entertaining puppet show was organized to showcase the theatrical skills of the people in the past. Children burst into peals of laughter as the puppet show was a blend of learning and entertainment.

Children visited the Craft Bazaar post lunch. They were allowed to conduct the simple transactions independently. The teachers hovered nearby to help if needed. Seeing children negotiating and planning their purchase and buying items for their parents brought a smile on the teachers’ face.

It was a learning experience one would always cherish.

Field Trips
Pearl Museum - Mahapalipuram

“Nothing teaches us more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences”

The much awaited day for students of Class VII came to pass. They were out on field trip to Pearl museum on 18.08.2023. It was an excellent opportunity to visit the largest seashell museum in India located at Mahapalipuram. Travelling to different countries and collecting sea shells from all over the world, the museum is now a home to 6000 different species of sea shells.It was an amazing experience where we could see some colourful mineral rainbow, seashells as small as coriander seeds, huge and rare collection of seashells with different sizes and shapes. The students were explained the process of pearl culture. The students were taken to a fish aquarium where they experienced foot spa. Followed by that the students had a thrilling experience in the Dinosaur park and the scary house in the gallery. The lunch time of the students was also spent meaningfully in an art gallery. The children were allowed to shop. Elegant jewellery and artefacts made from sea shells attracted the students.

The bullock-cart ride provided a fun filled experiential learning about the olden days’ mode of transportation. An entertaining puppet show was organized to showcase the theatrical skills of the people in the past. Children burst into peals of laughter as the puppet show was a blend of learning and entertainment.

Field Trips Field Trips
Field Trips Field Trips
Field Trips

Class 3 was taken for a field trip to the Rail Museum situated at the Integral Coach Factory, Villivakkam on the 11th of August 2023.

The students viewed a clipping' The History of Railways' and answered pre-activity sheets. They also enjoyed a train song 'Chai Chai…' They boarded the bus at 9 a.m. and reached the museum at 9:40 a.m.

The students were taken to various spots at the Museum.

  • a) The Art Gallery: A display of photographs of Indian Railways during the time of the British and after Indian Independence.
  • b) The Mountain railway engine: A display of 'Pinion and Rack' that grip the engine and the carriages from slipping down the slopes and an explanation by the teachers.
  • c) Fowler Ploughing Engine: An exhibit of the first-ever engine that ploughed fields.
  • d) Museum: Exhibits of ancient and modern engines, coaches and bridges, and a double purpose furniture- a ladder and a chair (more than a century old) used in engines to save space.
  • e) Levers that change tracks.
  • f) Officers were completely made of wood and used by the British.
  • g) A joy ride on the children's train.

The class returned to school at 2.00 p.m.

Field Trips Field Trips
Field Trips

The students of standard II were taken to the Arignar Anna Zoological Park on 18thof August 2023.

This field trip was designed in an effort to make the students understandthe habitats of animals and to gain knowledge on the features of animals. A video on wild animals was screened on the previous day. Children participated enthusiastically in the discussion that followed the movie and their knowledge about wild and domestic animals.

Children were taken by a safari van to go around the zoo and they had great time witnessing each and every animal. The highlight of the trip was to see the tiger much closer than usual.

The field trip ended with a follow up activity that emphasized on the important details of animals in the video and the animals they saw in the zoo.

Field Trips Field Trips
Field Trips Field Trips
Field Trips

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Experiential Learning Day

Gurunanak College Biotechnology hosted an engaging Experiential Learning Day for 27 students on August 29th, 2023. The event aimed to deepen their understanding of core biotech and molecular biology concepts. The event aimed to enhance the students' understanding of fundamental biological processes and their applications through hands-on activities and experiments.

The day featured interactive sessions on gene inheritance, pivotal experiments by Avery, Hershey, and Chase, and the chemistry of nucleic acids. Practical sessions included DNA isolation, staining, media preparation, and thin-layer chromatography. The activities demonstrated DNA replication, transcription, translation, and the role of tRNA in the genetic code. Additionally, modern techniques like plant tissue culture and DNA fingerprinting were introduced. The hands-on approach significantly enhanced students' grasp of theoretical concepts, offering a valuable blend of theory and practice for their academic and professional growth.

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

Math Presentation-XI and XII

The department of mathematics conducted a multimedia presentation on various topics in mathematics for classes XI and XII to develop the mathematical spirit and curiosity in students and to enhance their presentation skills. Around 25 suggested topics were displayed in the classroom to enable students to choose a topic of their interest.

Students prepared for 3 weeks in groups, to explore on the chosen topics and prepare a multimedia presentation. The math teachers of XI and XII conducted the preliminary round between 11th and 18th of August 2023 and evaluated the presentations on fixed parameters choosing one group from each class for the finals.

The final presentation was held on 21st of August 2023 at the AV hall. Mr. J. Nithyavel, BT Mathematics, SRMHSS and Mrs. Bageerathi Krishnakumar, M.sc. Mathematics, consented to be the the chief guest. Miss. N.Rama welcomed the Chief guests and other dignitaries and addressed the gathering. Students’ presentations included the following topics.

  • 1. Math for your heart
  • 2. Hillbert experiment on infinity
  • 3. The concept of chaos and fractal
  • 4. Matrix and network problems
  • 5. Calendar and guessing solution in math
  • 6. Using statistics and analysis
  • 7. Math in sports
  • 8. Famous Mathematicians

The participants were enthusiastic to present their slides creating lots of interaction and a joyful learning environment. They fashioned a learning platform for themselves which can transfer knowledge and stimulate their thinking process. The students responded to the questions asked by the guests and the audience which provided them an opportunity to learn and respond. This helped them to give reasoning and convincing arguments to justify his/her own conclusions in a mathematical context.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Gitanjali of class XI B.